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Mar 23rd -- that was the last posting... *sigh*

Thanks to [ profile] bigfundrew for the nudge a couple days ago... that nudge combined with [ profile] philabearjoe's recent picture of me, and inspired by the fact that [ profile] obsessing7 is still posting... has finally got me to come in to LJ and visit for a spell.

Since March I've poked my head in a couple times and tried to keep up with a few LJ friends... but never got around to making an entry. Sad part is, I know there's been a couple of events in my life when I thought in my head "I should make an LJ entry about this"...

The truth is that I used to journal while at work... but earlier this year, I had an intense project that took away my surfing/journaling time... now, I'm just out of the habit.

So without further ado...
16 Notable Events in the Past 16 Weeks )

Kind of amazing that there was at least one important thing each week... makes me feel good to reflect on them a bit and record them. I'll have to share some pictures of them too -- once I find/upload the pics.

So now we're caught-up to today... I'm sitting at camp right now, recovering from a night of fun "Bear Weekend" partying. Barry and I are on vacation this entire week... we're going to P-Town for Bear Week. I'm excited about going to P-Town for the first time ever... and excited about having a "fire and picnic on the beach" -- something I've always wanted to do. Really looking forward to a fun and relaxing (and "sexy" with all the eye-candy there will be) week!

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Yesterday Barry and I went up to camp for the last time this year. We finalized the winterization of our camper and guest house. All is cleaned and put-away. We cleared the water lines and put a protective tarp over her. It was a little depressing closing for the season, but at the same time (as I stated in an entry a few weeks back), I'm ready for a change and looking forward to the off-season and having my weekends back at home.

Here's some pictures that we took of everything packed away... including a picture of the guest house that we built which I don't think I ever got a picture of it uploaded previously.

The House that Paul BuiltThe House that Paul Built

Here's the guest house that we built. I'm standing on the deck after locking the door.
All Wrapped-UpAll Wrapped-Up

The camper and our FJ. (Barry's locking the shed in the back)
Ready for WinterReady for Winter

The back of our site, with the tool shed and guest house. The back of the fire-pit is in the center of the photo. Also, under the blue tarp is our firewood pile that we got two weeks ago, so it can sit all winter and season.
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OK... so wow... I haven't posted (or read) LJ since mid December... and that was just to grumble about the fact that Winterfest was no-more. So really, I've been out of the loop for almost three months now...
Work has been so busy for me since November... and being that the only time I really read/update LJ is during work hours: hence why I've been out of touch... Here's a quick recap of the last three months:

Work: very busy times... creating huge updates / redesigns to my web time/project tracking system... no time to breath really...
We moved to a new building in mid-December. The new place is really nice. Commute increased from 1-mile/5-minutes to 7-miles/20-minutes. *sigh* Oh well... It was "rough" at first... but totally used to it now and seriously, it's nothing to grumble about.

Thanksgiving was nice... my sister hosted and Barry and I helped with cooking and all.

Holiday Party with [ profile] labelsdc at the start of December was fun.

Got our new living room furniture... HUGE set, but really nice.

Got a real Xmas tree on Dec 9th... Was so nice to go "tree hunting" at the farm and actually saw the tree down myself. Marea and Chris joined me and housemates Ken & Don for the hunt. Marea and Chris also got their tree. It was nice... only thing that would have made it better would have been some snow on the ground and Barry to be there with us.
(Pictures of tree and living room to follow shortly.)

That night, had a good time at Bill & Jerry's annual wine-tasting party. Got snookered. :)

Annual tree-trimming party at Brian's was fun... drink a beer and hang it on the tree. What a great concept... my only concern is: after a few weeks, does the tree start to smell of rotten beer?

Got to visit campground on the 16th... weren't going to do any parties that night, but then decided at last minute to stay at hotel with Ken & Don and go to Pat's Holiday Party. Was fun... drank a lot... The next morning, our drive home wasn't so "fun"... but we made it and recovered over the next two days. :)

Christmas gift shopping went rather well... Barry and I got out several nights and managed to get everything we wanted to get. Spent one evening at Tara's getting some pearls for several of the girls on our lists (family/friends). (I helped her with her website... check it out: Perennial Designs Jewelry.)

Fantasy Football: I lost... darn... so close though... I was doing well, then really bad... then I started to do better... but it was too late... *sigh* Oh well... at least the dinner and cooking part was all done on one night and was rather fun... Todd's new house was really nice and got to play "Wii" as well, which was interesting/fun.

Christmas was very nice... I went to my traditional dinner at Grandmother N's house. That was nice to do... Barry didn't go, as we still aren't technically "out" with that side of the family yet... but I have a feeling that won't be the case for much longer... Barry's been included on my parent's xmas-card-letter for the last two years. And was in the picture they sent to all the family too this year. :) Christmas morning was at my sister's house... she being pregnant (due in March), she didn't want to travel, so all of the family (including my brother) came to her. It was such a nice day: three hours of present opening -- we take turns and really cherish each gift. Took a breakfast intermission to eat "Cheese Strata" that Barry and I made (YUM, new tradition?)... I spent the most of the day putting together my nephew's "Kenex Roller Coaster" -- It was like a big puzzle or like playing with an erector set or legos... FUN!
(Speaking of Christmas Card Letters: Once again I did not send any cards this year... I'm such a slacker... this is the second year in a row without sending any letters... *grrr* I'm so mad at myself... and yet, have I done anything to correct the situation? no... *sigh*)

New Years: Barry and I went to spend the weekend with Frank & David (our neighbors at The Woods). It was such a fun weekend. They hosted us in their beautiful house in NJ. They drove us into New York on Saturday evening... we drove around in their convertible (through China Town and Little Italy, top-down, freezing weather, bundled-up in blankets and earmuffs, playing loud music, people looking at us like we were a bunch of fags out on the town... which we totally were... it was so much fun!)... then we walked around the village and had some drinks... the two of them are very familiar with the gay bars and places to go/see in the city, so I felt very comfortable and it was SO NICE to be in the city again. (Oh how I've missed the city...) We went to see "Drowsy Chaperone" on Broadway and had front-row mezz seats... it was AWESOME! Then went back to the village to hang out and drink until wee-hours of the morning... and flirt with a bunch of cuties...
Sunday (New Years Eve), we slept in and then helped them prepare for their dinner party that night... they hosted a "murder mystery" party. I was "Mary Kay Eternity" -- in drag, I was the wife of Barry (who played "Jim Bob Eternity") -- we were a TV-evangelist-couple from the south (think Tammy Fae Baker)... very fun... wonderful dinner and lots of champagne...
The following day we recovered from our hangovers and just lounged around.
(Pictures of this also to follow soon...)

January was pretty uneventful... just lots of work, rolling out my system changes to the department, including training all 140 associates in the enhancements.

Barry and I got an SUV (replacing his car) on Jan 24... We got a Toyota FJ Cruiser. It's SO awesome... We totally love it. 4WD and high-clearance... it's going to be so cool to have for the summer going up to camp... and for the winter snow... and just in general it's so cool... :)

Last week (Jan 27 - Feb 3), Barry and I went to Breckenridge, Colorado with a big skiing group. Being that I've always wanted to go skiing out-West... when Matt and Tara suggested that we go with this group that they have gone with a couple times in the past, I jumped at the chance. Barry was looking forward to just getting-away for the week even though he doesn't ski, he figured he could sit in the condo by the fire and relax. It was a great week away from things and I got some good skiing in. At first I was disappointed at the conditions, but then we got about a foot of snow on Wednesday and we went to Vail that day... it was the most amazing riding I've ever done (I'm a snowboarder)... That's what I went out-west expecting. It was great. Barry hurt his knee on the first day, which made it difficult for him to enjoy his time, but we managed to go out around the town one day and go out to eat a couple times. He also cooked a big spaghetti dinner for a group of 10 of us the one night. All-in-all it was a fun time. I'm not sure if I would go out-West for skiing again and may just stick to Vermont for my "big snow"... but who knows... perhaps another ski trip is in my future.

Back to work today... and it's actually been a rather slow day... I caught up on my emails, and thankfully nothing pressing or urgent came-up while I was away. Nothing was planned for today so that I could use the day to catch-up... so I actually had some time to post this. YEAH!

One final note: Barry left his job this afternoon... they really dicked him over -- for the last time! I'm so glad he walked... They gave him a bad annual review... and he works SO DAMN hard for them... they had no right to do that. He stood his ground and told them it was unacceptable to get that kind of rating. They really dicked him over about a raise and promotion several months ago... and things have been going so bad for him there since then... and I've told him several times that the stress of that place isn't worth it... But he kept giving them his best and giving them more chances... today was the final straw, and I'm glad he stood his ground... it's the principle of the whole thing... he handed them an immediate resignation and walked out. On one hand, yes, I'm nervous... with only one salary we're going to have to tighten our belts a little and live a bit less extravagantly... but on the other hand, I'm really happy because perhaps it's a blessing in disguise... A chance for him to start new and fresh somewhere and not have this horrible stress that place was giving him. And also... haven't you always wanted to say "take this job and shove it"? Imagine: he actually got to do that today. *cool*

So that's a wrap-up of the last three months... ending on a pretty big note...
Over the next couple days I'll catch-up on some of my LJ friend's journals... so don't be surprised if you get a response to a post from months ago. :)
*hugs everyone*
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I finally uploaded pictures!! Yay me...

These photos are from the "Fall Foliage Train Ride" that we took back on Oct 14th.
Here's some highlights...

I got a pumpkin on my face! :)
More pictures... )

The rest of the pictures can be found in this gallery:
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Not much to report... even though really there's lots to report... Been so busy... both at work (with lots of stuff going on for end-of-year and business reorg and moving buildings)... and at home... Barry and I are closing up / winterizing the camper this Saturday... finally we'll be home on the weekends again... yay! Our house has really been going to hell in a hand-basket this summer and we have so much work to do around here (cleaning, organizing, etc)...

But first a trip is in order... for Barry's birthday we're hoping to do something last-minute... we've been planning for months now that we'd like to do something for him for his 40th birthday... but haven't been able to come to any solid plans. I told him months ago that it could be anything he wanted... and I think that may have been a bit overwhelming... since he couldn't really make up his mind... Originally he wanted to go to Greece... but we thought that my family might be going, so we put that aside and thought of other things. Now it looks like my family won't be doing that trip anytime soon (being that my sister is pregnant among other things)... so we should have done Greece... but it's too late to plan that now. So now we're looking at yet more options and flights... So many ideas, so little time...

So that's the latest with me... nothing... and yet a lot...
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Barry and I had a nice weekend at camp. Weather is definitely getting chillier up there... I can't believe there's only 4 more weekends left. We went to bed early on Friday, and did some errands (like fill Propane tank) on Saturday. Then we hung out with our neighbors (Frank & David) and celebrated Ariel's wedding with some cocktails. (The whole "Ariel" thing is a long, long story, involving humorous incidents and anecdotes with dolls and such -- starting with our neighbors playing with an Ariel [the little mermaid] doll in the stream... culminating into the big wedding reception and her return this weekend.) The cocktails were strong... and I quickly surpassed my limit, and proceeded to get super drunk. The stories I heard the next morning were of me, being "mr social" at the leather party and hugging everyone and being very flirtatious. I wish I could remember -- it sounds like I had a really good time. But, alas, I was "drunk girl" and don't remember anything... and "paid for it" on Sunday... I'm still recovering a little. UGH! I hate when I get that drunk and sick... I'm never going to drink [that much] again!
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It's been over two weeks... I haven't read or posted anything... So far behind, it's one of those times I just have to say I can't catch-up on all of it...
I haven't anything really to say... things have been going OK... busy at work... developing websites for friends on-the-side... camp on the weekends... spending quality time with Barry... :)
So much going on... and yet... so little.
Nervous about this weekend... big Labor Day Show... should be fine... but feeling like I'm not ready... probably because I'm not... I haven't done any rehearsal yet on my own number... and since it'll be a pull-it-together kind of show, we don't have rehearsals really, so I have no idea how it'll turn out until it's show time. But, honestly, I think it will be fine.
As long as the rain holds off...
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Weekend was a blast! So much fun and lots of hot bears... So glad [ profile] labelsdc could join Barry and I. He has some recap and pictures at his post.

Volunteering at Musikfest last night went very well. It really is such a nice time volunteering there -- hanging out with friends and helping-out the great festival. Followed-up the volunteering with some beers at the Brew Works and hanging with friends... and then a 20-piece chicken McNuggets at 3am... Yum Yum!

Dragging at work today... feel like I'm two steps behind... probably because I am. That's all for now... gotta run...
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Barry and I took off Thursday and Friday last week... we decided that because we weren't going to Hershey on Thursday, we'd make a four day weekend out of it. Don't really know if we "should" have taken off... Barry has had so much to do at work and I'm sure taking the two days did not help much for that... but being with Barry for the two days was really nice... He said to me last week, "I don't care what we do, I just want to be with you." That was really sweet... and we did have a very enjoyable time.

I have to say that we "planned" to do a lot more than we actually were able to do... but never-the-less, we did get a lot accomplished and managed not to rush ourselves.

Thursday we spent the day sleeping-in and then went shopping. We went looking for ideas for some statues to place around our campsite and on the new deck... we shopped for a table and chairs for the deck... and we also started looking into ideas for our "water-feature" that we want to create around the tree on our deck. Had massages that evening, and slept in on Friday... Friday, we did our grocery shopping and jetted up to camp... Really enjoyed our day and evening.

Saturday afternoon, my friends Sean & Jen had a big BBQ and pool party at their house in Scranton. We went there and I really had a great time. These are all the people that I just came out to a few days ago. They all basically knew already and all were SO supportive of me. I told Barry, these people are my second family. And seriously, they are... I grew up at Sean's house almost as much as my own house. The kids all have grown so much and don't recognize me... I mean, I haven't seen them in almost three years I think. It really hit me a little hard when this one kid (who's like 11 or 12 now) didn't remember who I was. I've been away from them all for far too long... hiding from them afraid to come out... and there was no reason too. Some of them even grumbled that I should have come out sooner because they missed me. I really look forward to regaining friendships with them... They are all coming down for Musikfest in two weeks... I CAN'T WAIT!

We left the party a little early, but that allowed us to get back to camp before dark and we even threw together some costumes for the "Masquerade Ball" that evening... Barry actually put on a dress!! Too fun! Another friend, Tom, was trying drag for the first time, and with his encouragement, Barry threw on a dress too... and Heidi Ho came out as "Betty Jo Ho, her cousin from Idaho". (I'm hoping for a picture that someone took...)

Barry got wasted... I felt bad for him the next morning... we didn't wake up until 1pm. And therefore missed our opportunity to return some lumber to Homo Depot (by borrowing Joe's truck)... but I think it will all work-out anyway... we're going to keep the big lumber for when we build our guest house next year... not to mention, who knows what else we may build. :)

OK... that's the recap... now it's 1pm on Monday... and I've done basically nothing all day. I've caught-up on LJ postings... and checked my work email... and had lunch... but now I've GOT to get some real work done!
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*phew* It's done... the deck is complete!
I was surprised at how quickly it came together and how well it turned out. I guess, you could say, I impressed myself.
You see, the deck was definitely not done entirely by me... I had a lot of great help! and it couldn't have been done without everyone's help... but the deck was designed and ordered by me with input from Barry... and it turned out exactly like we wanted... It's so cool to have taken-on a project of this size (12ft x 28ft!) and have it come to completion through your own blood, sweat, and tears. (Yes, there was a little blood, a few tears, and a whole-lot of sweat... ;)

Pictures! Click through to the gallery to see more pictures from the three weekends.

Weekend 1: Front deck joists are finished, temporary decking to allow access to camper

Weekend 2: A view of the entire length of the deck, note the temporary step in front

Weekend 3: Paul standing on the front deck (with celebratory champagne in-hand)

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I haven't been very "posty"... Don't get me wrong, a lot of things have run through my head lately that I said, "Uuu, I should post that"... but they were generally little things and by the time I got to the computer I'd forgotten all about them.

Been pretty busy at work too, so that's always a hindrance to posting... darn work... jeez! It's not like they pay me or anything. Oh... wait... yes, they do. Doh!

This past weekend at camp we were able to all-but finish the deck on our trailer. It's AWESOME! I have some pictures... but I haven't loaded them off my camera yet... *sigh* coming soon...

It was supposed to be a hot and sunny weekend... Saturday it rained... no, it poured! virtually all day. That really made it difficult to work on the deck -- but we managed to still work on the part under the awning during the rain... and made-up a lot of time on Sunday. We had Chuck and Jay up to help all weekend too and they were a big help. Along with some other friends that stopped by to help out (like Dawn, Helen, Scott, Ken, Don).

It's been so HOT the past couple days... up into three-digits... and high humidity. Thank god for air-conditioning! So hot... but honestly, I'm not complaining. I mean, if it weren't for the sweat pouring off my face, I would be totally fine with it. I hate walking in and being all sweaty in my work clothes... once I'm done with work I could care less about all the heat.

I love having four seasons. (You take the good, you take the bad... You take em both and there you have...)

In other news... Barry is going to see the surgeon today for a consultation on his knee. Hopefully it goes well, and the surgery will be "quick and easy", and he'll be back on his feet in no time. (Literally: back on his feet.) I hate seeing him in so much pain.

I have my appointment today with the therapist... I'm actually a little nervous... I hope it goes OK... For those of you hearing about this for the first time right now, I made an appointment with a counselor... in the recent past I was overwhelmed with feelings of being caged-in and not being able to express myself or figure out what I need to do in my life... and they've been suppressed now for the last month or so... and I feel better... on the surface... but a little voice has been inside me saying "something is not right and you need to work this out or you will never truly be happy again"... So I'm going for some third-party advice on how to handle the stress I'm feeling from work, the relationship, and life in general. I just told Barry last night... I need him to be a partner in my healing... Don't know why it took me so long to tell him... (ashamed, nervous, worried? yes... all of the above I guess.)

For those who already knew, thanks for the support thus-far. I hope we both heal quickly (his knee / my brain)... wish us luck.
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Last night Barry and I went to Homo Depot and placed the order for all the wood for our deck at the camper. I felt all butch and "buildery" in there telling the guy exactly what we needed and him entering it in the computer. I was doing really good up until the point when I said something like, "what are those concrete thingies called" or something like that... oh well... I can only be butch for so long I guess... LOL!

Anyway... it was easier than I thought for us to make our order and arrange for delivery for this Saturday... I cannot wait... it should be a lot of work, but I feel creative and productive when I actually "get my hands dirty" and build things... so I'm really looking forward to it. I designed the thing from scratch... I'm glad we had the opportunity to help with our neighbor's deck because it really gave the know-how to be able to do ours... otherwise I would really have been floundering.

In other news, Barry and I also went to the Brew Works last night. I renewed my mug membership for 2006... They made a lot of cool new incentives this year. Good god I love that place... I think Barry saw the sparkle in my eye last night when we were there and I was reading about all the cool incentives for the mug members... I think he even started to give-in a little to me about going there more often. I hope so... I hope he wasn't just appeasing me... I hope he grows to love it as much as I do... or at least half-as-much -- that would be enough for any sane person I think. *giggle*

Finally... today... feeling much better than yesterday... Most of the "drama" has been blown-over and I spoke with a couple people about it (including the poor guy that was bashed in the drama) and I feel much better about it.

The heat-pump repairman is here right now... It appears as though the fan outside was possibly not spinning... which would cause problems (obviously)... so perhaps that's all the problem was and we can look forward to a nice cool house again. OMG, it has been a sweatbox in this condo for the past two weeks or so. I cannot wait for it to work again. (I shouldn't talk so soon... I haven't actually got the verdict yet... in-fact, it's been very quiet out there... I wonder if he's OK... Guess I should go check...
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*phew* ... What a weekend...

Barry & I took off Friday and Monday which made for a really long weekend -- basically 6 days at camp... I feel so strange being back at work... it was quite a weekend...

Cut because it's a bit long and rambling... )

So that's about it... theater, drama, fun, drinking, eating, sweating, swimming, insecurity, depression... that about sums it up.

God that sounded worse than I really think it is... feels good to let it out I guess...
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Let's see... where was I?... goodness, last post was a week ago... what to share, what to share...

This past weekend at camp was full of preparations for the show this weekend. Really pulled together a lot of the loose ends and the show has taken shape. I'm really excited about it and hopefully it will come-off as good as we hope. I'll post more about the show after this weekend... for now I'm just too busy getting ready for it to post anything about it.

Saturday, Barry and I took a little break from camp and met Kim in Scranton to see Kathy Griffin. Holy cow she's funny! I used to love her on "Suddenly Susan" and now that she has her own show ("D-List") I caught that and love her humor. It's kind of sarcastic and blunt, and I love how when she is humorous around other people they never seem to "get it"... Anyway, her stand-up in-person was great -- and she kept us laughing for almost two hours! There was some stuff that went over my head -- she loves talking gossip on the stars, and some of the names she dropped I had no clue who she was talking about... but even then, she generally got her humor across even if you didn't know who she was talking about. She makes me want to be a star and know all the star gossip and hang out with her. :)

Well... that's about it... been crazy-hectic getting things ready for camp. We FINALLY went through all the boxes stacked in our guest-room (aka storage room) from when we moved in here 6-months ago... we haven't unpacked them, but at least went through them to check on the stuff and realize that we just don't have the room for most of it... but that I just can't get rid of it... seriously... I can't... someday we'll get through it... everything has it's place, just right now that place is in a box or we're just lazy and can't be bothered to sort it all. Anyway... the point I was getting at is that we're still looking for our Walkie-Talkies for camp and even after all those boxes they are still missing! ARGH! Wish me luck... I'm working from home again today and will try to tackle the downstairs storage room. *EEK!*

At least downstairs will be cool... the heat-pump in this condo just sucks when it gets too hot outside. It really doesn't work all that well... I've been wrestling with it for the last two/three weeks... I think we may need to get a window A/C unit in the bedroom to help the house... sad part is, we would only really need it for when it's really hot (over 85, like it has been)... and it's hardly ever THAT hot for extended periods of time... this past couple days has really been quite the heat-wave and rain-fest. *ugh*
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Just a quick note...

Early morning (OK, OK, so it's 11am... but it IS morning)... sitting in the quiet here at the campground. My honey still snoring lightly in bed. It's a B-E-A-U-tiful day today... Looking forward to a relaxing, nice, warm day at the campground.

Last night we sat and built a fire and watched it burn.

Remember those meds I had to take a week ago that I couldn't drink with... to combat my "intestinal problems"... ? ... well, I'm on it again... the "intestinal problems" came back... This past week they came back with a vengeance... at least I didn't wait three weeks again this time before calling the doctor. He gave me the same prescription to "try again", but if it comes back AGAIN, I will need to see a GI Specialist. (Ugh, oh joy, let's hope it doesn't come back again.)

Well... that's about it... just wanted to check in and update. Barry's moving around now... time to start our day.

Have a great weekend!!
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Should be in bed... but I'm not... Instead I find myself here, uploading pictures of the White Party that our "block" at camp hosted this past weekend.

Weekend went well... Friday evening I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of rum with my coca cola... and quickly proceeded to not remember anything else of that evening. From what our neighbors said, I was funny and touchy-feely and completely wasted. Oh well... at least I don't remember puking. I do remember being hung over... but thankfully not too bad, and once I started drinking Sangria after the party was all setup, I quickly recovered.

After the party, we were both very tired... and Barry's knee is still hurting him a lot... so we sat and relaxed in the camper and watched some movies. Sunday we cleaned up some junk-wood around the site and relaxed a bit too.

Today went fine... but enough talk... here are the pictures... Click through for larger pictures.

Food Table Tree Street View Street View Food Table Great Flip Flops (Not mine... yet...) Street View with Bubbles Shot Table Street View Sangria Ms Woods Leather 2005 Tree Food Table Doing Shots* Lakeview Drive Block Association* Me Tree View Hip Shot Butt Shot

* If you can't see these pictures, it's because they are restricted to only those people that know Barry... out of respect of privacy.
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I just made this white "faux-leather" vest for Dawn at camp this weekend... It went pretty smoothly... hems aren't perfect... but they'll do. I'm happy I got it done... and it looks decent... I don't have to worry about this tonight now. It was worth taking the half-day from work to do this and pack for the weekend with less stress.

White Vest: Front White Vest: Side White Vest: Back

(Sorry for the poor quality pics... had to use my webcam since I left my camera at camp.)
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As promised... here's some photos from this past weekend. Obviously, there are more from the party, but in order to keep privacy, I won't post them... perhaps I can crop some of them... I'll see what I can do. :)

Heidi Ho, Red Dress Heidi Ho, Red Dress
Heidi Ho, all dolled-up and ready for the Red Cock-Tail-Dress Party. Tennis anyone?
Site 8 Site 8
Our site for the weekend.
Flamingo Garden Flamingo Garden
Someone camping on the field setup this festive little flamigo garden. Loved it! LOL!
Woods Entrance Woods Entrance
They put a lot of work into the campground this year... the most significant change is the new garden, fence, steps, and flags at the main entrance. Very nice!
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Had a good, long weekend at camp. Barry and I both got off work early on Friday... it was nice to start the weekend with a bit less stress (than we would have had if we had to pack after a full day of work).

The weekend was spent mostly with our neighbors (Dawn & Helen)... helping them with their deck, but even-more-so just hanging with them and their dogs.

Sunday was the big "Red Cock-Tail-Dress Party"... Heidi Ho made her first appearance of the season... which was fun. Barry couldn't participate because his knee was really bothering him this weekend. I felt really bad for him, and even more-so when I found out just how bad it really was hurting him. Sunday night (after he had a lot of martini and no food) he let his guard down enough to let me know that he was in major pain. I wish there was something more I could have done to help... I wish he would let me help him more sometimes too... but I guess, in reality, it's not like I can go to the bathroom or smoke for him: he's gonna use his knee no matter what... and he's stubborn enough to do what he wants to do and there's no stopping him. *sigh* I wish I could take the pain so he wouldn't have to have it... (Side note: He saw the doctor this morning... strangely [and thankfully] the pain had mostly gone away today. The doctor can't really diagnose it because it's still swollen, so he gave Barry something to take to reduce the swelling and hopefully in two weeks we'll be able to get a better diagnosis.)

The party was fun... and I had a good time overall this weekend... but it didn't really seem like a vacation... I hate to admit it, but I think part of that is because I had to be sober for the entire weekend. There were only a few times when I really was craving a drink... and I'm not sure if "Heidi Ho" was really herself due to not having a buzz to keep her "giddy"... I don't want to think that I can't relax without alcohol... but there's a bit of a factor here where I think that may be the case. I still have 6 more days of this medicine... and 8 days until I can have a beer... I never really craved beer too much, but knowing that I CANNOT have one is driving me crazy... and I SO want a beer. *sigh*

Barry said the same thing about the weekend (that it didn't really feel like a vacation)... so perhaps it's not just because I was sober... although with his knee, he wasn't able to really enjoy himself either. I think a nice weekend for just the two-of-us is needed soon... camp is great, but it doesn't really let us be with each other -- there's too many other people there to that need socializing-with.

OK... well... nothing much else to report. I have a bunch of pictures from the party... I'm glad I took my camera... [subtext: lugged my heavy-ass-camera]... Hopefully will get those posted in the next day or two. Other than that... just work and trying to "catch-up" at home and relax are on my calendar for the next three days.
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Well... I'm about to walk out of the office and begin my Memorial Day Weekend.
Really looking forward to a nice long weekend with incredible weather (*fingers crossed*).

Only sad part is, I began 12 days of sobriety today. "Why?" you ask... well, because, you see, I have complications from the antibiotics that I took for my appendix surgery five weeks ago. They killed off all the "good bacteria" in my intestines, and I've been suffering for the past three weeks... I finally came to my senses (and with encouragement from Barry) got to the doctor and got some medications that are supposed to correct the problems caused by the other medications. I wish I had gone sooner, but alas, I didn't. And now my Memorial Day Weekend must be alcohol-free (as this drug has adverse reactions to alcohol). Oh well... honestly, I'm not that upset... I'm looking forward to having a "normal intestinal track" again (more than you can know)... and, I guess, it will be nice to not have any hangovers... I'll just have to get creative with fruit-juices or something... and perhaps get a sugar-high instead to make me giggly. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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