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OMG... so I wore my "I *heart* Irish Boys" t-shirt to the celtic festival yesterday... what an experience!  It was great... so many people do this double-take when they see it.

I had (at-least) four people take my picture -- two of which I saw them taking with their cell phones (without asking, but I was OK with it)... another one of them, this really cute college-aged(?) guy came up to me and asked if he could take my picture with his friend.  I was a bit uncomfortable, but of-course I said yes.  I was uncomfortable because about five minutes earlier I had this guy come up to me and make a point to read the shirt and then mean-spirited & loudly yell back to his friends, "OMG, it does say 'Boys'... ugh!" whatever asshole.  So anyway, this other guy that wanted to take my picture seemed nice -- assumedly completely straight, but obviously not narrow, or at least good-natured about it.  He introduces me to his friend Shane(?) who was this ADORABLE Irish-looking guy... and said put your arm around him... I have to remember this tomorrow... They were drunk, and good natured about it, and they were cute... I'm such a sucker for a cutie... But what I think I want to remember most about them was as I was walking away from them, they said (without intentions of me hearing I don't think), "That's one brave man" and then they laughed -- but in a really fun way, not a "laugh-at-me" way.  That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... and totally counteracted the asshole from a few minutes earlier.  It's interesting how life can do that... 

Anyway... wearing the shirt all day was a blast... I just kept a smile on my face and I think that's what made it OK to so many people... If I was prissy and mean, I bet I could have gotten into a fight or something about it.  But because I just smiled and laughed at it (at myself) it was a really fun time.  I loved just stopping and standing in the crowd while I would wait for my friends (in line for food or beer or something) and watching the people do little double takes or smile or sometimes even point... LOL!  I guess I do have to admit that I like the attention... *sigh* am I an attention whore?  Oh well, so be it... That shirt is definitely being worn again next year!

I do have to admit though that I only really enjoyed it when my friends were around.  When I walked away once to use the porta-pottie, I felt "alone" and a little afraid of "what if"... being in a crowd, or even with just one friend, made me feel comfortable and accepted... but being alone was really a little frightening for me.  And at the end of the night when I was tired and considering walking home alone because I just wanted to go home, I thought about the shirt and the dark alleys I would be walking through to get home, and I reconsidered and decided that I wouldn't.  Sad that I have to feel that way... practical I guess, but sad none-the-less.  Times like that when I wish gay bashing wasn't a reality.  ...  Well, I hope, that my little shirt may have helped "spread the love" a bit around Bethlehem yesterday.

PS: I'm waiting on a picture from my friend of me in the shirt... I'll post when I get it... :) 
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 Yep, it's that wonderful time of the year again... when men of all shapes and sizes pull their kilts out of their closets and come down to the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem right down the street from my house.  Ahhh yes!!  Kilted goodness all around.

Not sure what it is that makes a man in a kilt SO hot... I'm sure it has something to do with the age-ol-question of "what's under there"... but it also has to do with the sexy legs... 

I went out last night with Carolyn...  It was a great night... drank lots of Hard Cider and enjoyed the views and overall "good-times" with her and some other friends.  Ended the night at the Brewworks, and I really don't remember the rest of the evening (or getting home) -- Carolyn said I spilled my beer... jeez... and they didn't cut me off? silly bartenders... I love them.  :)

I'm sitting here in my kilt... with my "I *heart* Irish Boys" t-shirt... hangover almost gone... waiting for a friend, Kim, to get here and she and I are going to go down to the festival... and repeat last night?  hehehe... 
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Past weekend was Celtic Classic here in Bethlehem. It was awesome!

Friday I went alone and just kind of "chilled" -- it was nice to spend a night out on my own just walking around town.

Saturday Robyn came over with several friends and we all started drinking at about noon... and didn't stop until about midnight. Wow... a lot of fun was had by all... I bought a shirt that had "I *heart* Irish Boys" written on it and wore it with my kilt. I thought I would get some looks... but I had no idea how much fun it would be. SO many double-takes and funny looks and comments. At one point I was skipping along to the porta-pots with Robyn and a woman stopped us and asked me if I knew my shirt said "Boys" on it... Apparently it didn't phase me at all and we both said something along the lines of "Ummm, YEAH!" and then proceeded to skip off to pee. Also of note was the hottie that came up to me and took a picture under my kilt... I of-course ask for reciprocation and grabbed my friend's camera. (I don't think he was too thrilled about that picture being on his camera... LOL! I told him to email it to me.) Then we ended our "kilt-camera-taking" with a kiss. Whoo hoo... kissing a hottie in public while drunk... *jeez* It was a crazy-fun day...

Sunday was MUCH more subdued... I spent most of the day recovering and taking it easy... Went to the fest for some lunch... cut the grass... did laundry... Barry had been at camp all weekend... and I was missing him something fierce when he finally got home. Had a nice relaxing evening and felt all satisfied that it was a great weekend.
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Friday night Barry made pancakes for dinner, which were awesome! It's funny how breakfasts can sometimes make the best dinners. After pancakes, the four of us played pinochle and drank and hung-out... Then we all decided to go to Diamonz to continue the fun evening. It was a good-time out at the bar... Wore my kilt, wheee! Hung out with some people and drank and danced a little... ended up staying until last-call... Leaving was an "interesting" event when Don caused a little drunken-scene because he didn't want to leave... and he ended up being punched by someone. (Drama... *rolls eyes*)

Saturday was rainy and cold -- in-fact it even snowed!! *Blech!* So we did not go up to camp... we rested and watched TV most of the day. Went out to eat dinner (at the Colonial House) then went shoe-shopping to get Barry and new pair of sneakers. (New sneakers for Florida... yay!)

Sunday we got the OK to go up to camp and start work on preparing our site for the new trailer. We started by emptying-out the old trailer of all our personal belongings... and then started dismantling the porch. The dismantling went really quick and smoothly... until the roof... we didn't really know how to "topple" the thing... so Barry just started cutting out supports with the chainsaw. I was a little scared about what might happen... but all-in-all it went well... and we were fairly safe (watching where things would fall and making sure it wasn't "on our head")... Knocked out the last support (and can I just say, a 2x4 can hold a lot more weight than I thought it could)... and the roof came crashing down... Got some help from Ken & Don & Tim and in-no-time the roof and floor were dismantled, and then they pulled the trailer out. It was done... I still can't really believe we totally cleaned the site out in one day... there's nothing left except a pile of wood in the back, and a pile of shingles in the front.

It was a long day of rough work (sore today)... but all worth it... and now I have no worries about us being ready for the new trailer in-time. My only concern now is, "Will the trailer fit?". It looks like it's gonna be tight... tighter than we thought...
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Quick summary:
> Celtic Classic...
> Friends...
> Statewide Young Professionals Conference (ImPAct 2005)...
> Kilts...
> Drunken mess...

Cut because the details make for a long entry... )
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Barry and I got our first fuel-oil delivery today. Whoo hoo! *yawn* But goodness, it's rather expensive... over $300 for about 3/4 of a tank... I wonder how fast we'll use it once it gets cold outside again?

We went to the drive-in movies tonight... Saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Fantastic Four". Charlie was quite good... I really enjoyed it and thought it was well done. Fantastic Four was really cool too... I thoroughly enjoyed them both.

When we got home (at 1:00am), I finally booked our flights for this weekend. Barry and I are both going to go down to GA to visit my parents... We won't leave until Saturday night (7pm), so I'll be able to help his sister move. We'll be flying back on Monday night (with my sister) just to make things a little easier, and also so that Barry and I don't have to take two days of vacation. All should work out splendidly. And the cost wasn't as bad as I had feared... just under $200 each... I figure if we had driven, it would cost about $200 anyway... so it wouldn't have made any sense for me to drive alone.

So, after I made the flight purchase... my adrenaline pumping... now I can't sleep... so I've been surfing the web and such.

I was reading a post by [ profile] jkusters in-which he mentions that he plans on purchasing a Utilikilt at the San Diego Pride Festival this weekend. I wrote him a comment and searched for pictures of me in my kilts... I had almost thought that I didn't have any of me in my kilts... but I found some really good ones...

This picture is of me on my first day with my new utilikilt (Sept2002) (My new "Kilt" icon!)

Here's me and Steven (the founder/owner of Utilikilts) [matching Workman's... although you can see his has been worn a bit more] (Sept2003)

And, I had to search high-and-low to find this one... I think it is one of the few I have of me in my Khaki Utilikilt... "kick'n up my heels" [I was a little drunk at camp last year and they were trying to get a picture of what I was wearing under it] (Oct2004)

There was a time when wearing my Utilikilt made me really stand out in the crowd... but honestly, times are changing, and now they really aren't big news anymore. There are a lot of them being worn here in Bethlehem at our two big summer festivals, and every year it seems like there's more.

I find more and more times to wear them... and wearing them during non-festival times is best... I get lots of compliments. (One time I even had a guy go right under at a bar and start blowing me. *eh hmm* OK, so we were both drunk... and it didn't go any further... but it was fun.) :)
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OMG... What a weekend!!

Friday night, picked up my cousin, Angie (who is basically a female me -- we are same age and laugh and drink the same and share such a great connection). She flew in from Atlanta GA for a trade show in Philly this week (Sun, Mon, Tue)... After freshening up a bit, we went right to the Brew Works and closed-the-bar on Friday night, woke up and shopped all day on Saturday (I bought EIGHT pairs of shoes -- 3 of which were mens shoes -- OMG too funny... I'm really getting into this camp-drag stuff -- it's fun, I do it for entertainment purposes, don't worry, I'm not into wearing women's clothing around town... :)

After shopping, we went to Celtic Fest and drank the night away on Saturday... Then stopped by the Brew Works for some more beer and to say hi to the bartenders (including Aaron, what a cutie!)... then we went to Todd's house for more fun, beer, and naked hot-tubbing!

Sunday, my cousin and I had brunch and I drove her to Philly to her hotel. I came back home, changed back into my kilt (wore a kilt all weekend except for the trip to Philly), and then met up with Ken & Don (and several of their friends) for more beers at Celtic Classic. I was invited to dinner at a beautiful house (two gay guys who live near me -- knew my friends I didn't know them) -- the dinner was incredible. I thought I hated pesto sauce -- and then I tried his... OMG it was incredible!

I was drinking all evening and convinced my friends to go to Diamonz (the local gay bar) on the way home -- Had a blast there -- when we got there, I knew like 4 or 5 people in the bar -- one of whom, Randy, I knew from church and had a crush on (he was with a partner then) -- well, he's single now. We all hung out and drank and sang Karaoke (yes, I even sang, that's how drunk I got)... Eventually almost everyone in the bar (about 20 people) knew me and I had several guys looking under my kilt (one older scary guy reached under and grabbed my cock; but then, one hot guy put his head right under and put my dick in his mouth!! I love kilts! ;) Ken and Don got into an argument -- not sure what, but Ken was upset with Don for something -- being sexual with someone I'm sure without Ken's permission. They got really upset and cranky fast and Ken said "we're leaving"... I asked Randy if he would drive me home and he said he would, so Ken and Don left without me. I hung out with Randy and made passes at him and I should have stopped drinking, but you know me... Once I start and get to "that point" I can't stop myself. Anyway... I got pretty toasted... But at least I remember... I remember Randy driving me home and me asking him if he wanted to come in... And he did, and we got naked and played around for an hour or so -- but we were both "too drunk to perform" and so nothing happened besides me making him feel really good (I hope) and me feeling good... I hope I get to see him again. (No, he's not boyfriend material... He's probably about 45 or 50 and has two teenage daughters and his ex-partner still lives with him... But he's very attractive... And I hope to be able to hook up again sometime when I'm more sober.)


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