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Good lord it's been a long time since I posted... and I've been sitting on pictures from Mardi Gras for almost two months now.

Mardi Gras (back in the first weekend of February) was a great trip. Ryan and Alison were gracious hosts. Had a great time with Kim and them in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Got my pictures uploaded.. here's a sampling... You can also see them all in the gallery.

Getz me some Sonic! Getz me some Sonic!
Yumm! I've gotz to get me some Sonic whenever I get near one. :)
First Beads First Beads
Alison, Ryan, Paul: Our first beads and Ryan got me and him coozies. "Shuck Me, Suck Me, Eat Me Raw"
Fun Times Fun Times
Alison, Kim
Fun Times Fun Times
Paul, Ryan: with the "S Word" that lasted a few nights before getting broken by beads and then stolen.
Waiting in Line Waiting in Line
Paul: waiting in line for breakfast at Mother's with "feather" beads that I caught the day before
Stopping by Brad & Angelina's Stopping by Brad & Angelina's
Kim, Alison, Paul: We stopped by Brad & Angelina's but things were quiet there.
Say Cheese Say Cheese
Bead Heaven Bead Heaven
Rolling around in the beads -- end of the weekend we had probably around 200lbs of beads -- seriously!
Kim & Paul Kim & Paul
Jazz Brunch at Commander's Palace
Ryan & Alison Ryan & Alison

Since Mardi Gras, it feels like a lifetime has passed -- hard to believe it has only been 7 weeks... I've been SO extremely busy at work. Got somewhat of a promotion -- or at least a new job function -- being the admin for my department for a new software package that the company is adopting. I've been frantically developing linkage from my software into this new software so that our business can still function. The timelines for the implementation of the new software has been crazy tight... April 7th is the "go-live" date... I've been working until 2-3am in the morning a couple nights getting everything in order.

Tomorrow I leave for NYC for a week of training. I'm so excited about being in the big city for the week. I love it when the company puts-you-up and I get to be "corporate traveler". I'm hoping to catch a play and shop in the village and meet-up with a college friend. Oh, yeah, and train and work too...
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Yesterday Barry and I went up to camp for the last time this year. We finalized the winterization of our camper and guest house. All is cleaned and put-away. We cleared the water lines and put a protective tarp over her. It was a little depressing closing for the season, but at the same time (as I stated in an entry a few weeks back), I'm ready for a change and looking forward to the off-season and having my weekends back at home.

Here's some pictures that we took of everything packed away... including a picture of the guest house that we built which I don't think I ever got a picture of it uploaded previously.

The House that Paul BuiltThe House that Paul Built

Here's the guest house that we built. I'm standing on the deck after locking the door.
All Wrapped-UpAll Wrapped-Up

The camper and our FJ. (Barry's locking the shed in the back)
Ready for WinterReady for Winter

The back of our site, with the tool shed and guest house. The back of the fire-pit is in the center of the photo. Also, under the blue tarp is our firewood pile that we got two weeks ago, so it can sit all winter and season.
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Work Pumpkin 2007
My team's entry to the Pumpkin Carving / Decorating contest at work as described in my previous entry.
We tied for first place in our department.

There's a piece of pink stationary in the front with "The Job That Ate My Brain" on it... I thought that was very apropos! :)
The items on and around the pumpkin represent the different people on my team.
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Happy Thanksgiving 2006
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I finally uploaded pictures!! Yay me...

These photos are from the "Fall Foliage Train Ride" that we took back on Oct 14th.
Here's some highlights...

I got a pumpkin on my face! :)
More pictures... )

The rest of the pictures can be found in this gallery:
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Took off last Thursday and Friday to spend an extra-long weekend with my honey (aka Barry)... Thursday was his 40th birthday... he didn't want to make a big deal over it, and I knew I needed to let him celebrate it how he wanted -- but difficulty was trying to come to the conclusion / decision of what he wanted... Original plans were for a big trip somewhere, which turned into getting an SUV, which turned into nothing... which I wasn't about to have... so it turned into us spending four days together in stress-free relaxation at home. And shopping for TVs... and living room furniture... to make our house more "our home"...

It really was a very nice weekend... and we enjoyed each other's company immensely. Turning 40 for Barry wasn't a major thing -- at least he didn't give an impression as-such... I think he liked it that way... in-fact, I think the fact that no one bothered him or made a big deal out of it was exactly the way he wanted it.
(Please note, that being said, for my 40th [in 6 years], I want huge celebrations and a big trip... At least, that's how I feel now, LOL! We'll see how I feel in 6 years.)

So, we did go shopping and looked at a lot of High-Def TVs... and learned all kinds of things about them... and came to our decision -- and actually ordered it online (Amazon had cheapest price by-far [over $600 cheaper than anywhere else, including brick-and-mortar stores]). So here's Barry's birthday present:
Samsung LNS4692D 46" LCD HDTV
Samsung LNS4692D 46

It's arriving this Friday... OMG I can't wait. (Yes, I admit, his gift is partially mine to enjoy... but seriously, it's for him...)

Also arriving this Friday... our new living room furniture... a large sectional...
Lane South Beach Fabric Sectional
Lane South Beach Fabric Sectional
(No, we aren't getting the exact configuration shown... but it's that product... we're getting the reclining-armed-ends, two reclining-middles, and the two corner wedges.)

We also got new curtains -- with a "Moroccan" style to them (gold and navy blue)... very nice... Living room may be done soon... we just need to put in the wood (pergo) flooring...

OK... so that's the latest home update... Work is going OK... except my boss is still getting on my nerves with his "lack of interest" in my work... and things are starting to build-up here and I've been putting them off (like I always seem to do)... and pretty-soon "D-DAY" is going to arrive and I'm going to be a stressed little puppy...

But with that TV and sectional to come home to... I think I can deal with a little stress. ;)
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Should be in bed... but I'm not... Instead I find myself here, uploading pictures of the White Party that our "block" at camp hosted this past weekend.

Weekend went well... Friday evening I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of rum with my coca cola... and quickly proceeded to not remember anything else of that evening. From what our neighbors said, I was funny and touchy-feely and completely wasted. Oh well... at least I don't remember puking. I do remember being hung over... but thankfully not too bad, and once I started drinking Sangria after the party was all setup, I quickly recovered.

After the party, we were both very tired... and Barry's knee is still hurting him a lot... so we sat and relaxed in the camper and watched some movies. Sunday we cleaned up some junk-wood around the site and relaxed a bit too.

Today went fine... but enough talk... here are the pictures... Click through for larger pictures.

Food Table Tree Street View Street View Food Table Great Flip Flops (Not mine... yet...) Street View with Bubbles Shot Table Street View Sangria Ms Woods Leather 2005 Tree Food Table Doing Shots* Lakeview Drive Block Association* Me Tree View Hip Shot Butt Shot

* If you can't see these pictures, it's because they are restricted to only those people that know Barry... out of respect of privacy.
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I know I shouldn't have worked on this for the last hour... but seriously, it was a lot easier than I thought and should have done it ages ago. (I love the LiveJournal image gallery.) Besides, it was nice to reflect on it for a little while and calm down a bit in the midst of the turmoil of moving... Such a wonderful trip...

There's 49 pictures of our trip to Arizona behind the cut. You've been warned... dial-up users beware... )


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