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I rode a motorcycle last night out on the open road! Wow... It's been about a year since I got my motorcycle license and I wanted to buy a bike back then so bad... but situation never came up where buying a bike was a financially sound idea, and it was just a want, not a need. So I forgot about bike riding... My coworker, Jackie, invited Barry and I to have dinner with her girlfriend (Sue) last night. The four of us had a really pleasant evening. Between the four of us, I would say there was never a lag in the conversation, and at 10pm it was almost hard to drag ourselves away. But I digress, so Sue owns a bike and she invited me to ride it if I wanted... so I brought a pair of jeans and boots with me and took a little spin around the block. I was nervous at first. I had never driven a bike on the "open road" and I hadn't been on a bike in about a year... But it all came back to me... just like riding a bike... guess it's true that you don't forget. It was fun. A LOT of fun. Once I got over the jitters / nerves, I really started to enjoy the little ride. I didn't go far... only about a mile or so "around the block"... and hit a max speed of 35mph... (which was plenty)... I've got the bug again... It would be so cool for Barry and I to have bikes to ride the back roads up to camp on the weekends. Barry wants one, but wants to take the training course (like I did last year) to get his license... we'll have to look into it.


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