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So much to say... so little time / energy...

1) P-Town update... so far behind... had a great week... need to post blow-by-blow

2) Pictures... lots of pictures uploaded... P-Town but there are others too that I have yet to post... search and you may find...

3) Musikfest... yay! love this festival

4) Volunteered at ticket booth tonight... met nice people and shared "knowledge" of fest with them... felt "knowledgeable" and/or "experienced" and/or "cool" hehehe :)

5) tonight -- festing followed by solo drinking and talking with strangers "who are my 'newest best friends'" -- at least for tonight... need to reconnect with them -- Steph (or SP) at the Trexlertown Applebees... and "Tom" the guy from Allentown with the boyfriend in Harrisburg that I flirted with at the ticket booth... and the bartender, Joel, walked me to the door to prove to the officer that there was water in my mug... and then Kevin, the other bartender, chasing after me to say "HEY you can't leave here with that" and then him looking at the police officer and him saying it's OK... Priceless

OH... and 6) buying round of 5 shots at the bar for complete strangers (except for my new best friend Steph [see above])... and more beers than I can count... and cashing out at the bar with $25 tab... and $15 tip that I add... $40... priceless... love it!

7) Drunken LJ postings that are long overdue.

8) MUSIKFEST... *L*O*V*E* it ... (did I say that yet?)


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