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Mar 23rd -- that was the last posting... *sigh*

Thanks to [ profile] bigfundrew for the nudge a couple days ago... that nudge combined with [ profile] philabearjoe's recent picture of me, and inspired by the fact that [ profile] obsessing7 is still posting... has finally got me to come in to LJ and visit for a spell.

Since March I've poked my head in a couple times and tried to keep up with a few LJ friends... but never got around to making an entry. Sad part is, I know there's been a couple of events in my life when I thought in my head "I should make an LJ entry about this"...

The truth is that I used to journal while at work... but earlier this year, I had an intense project that took away my surfing/journaling time... now, I'm just out of the habit.

So without further ado...

16 Notable Events in the Past 16 Weeks

  • (3/24) Took a training course in NYC for a week. Got to be a "city-dweller" for a few days and really enjoyed it! Saw two shows (I Love You Your Perfect, Now Change and Curtains); really enjoyed my iPod while walking to and fro; and my ability by the end of the week to run down the steps, through the turnstile, and hop on the subway just before it left the station -- all without looking at the station signs, train number, direction, maps, or anything! I felt so... metropolitan?

  • (3/31) Continued working on some web-design side jobs... finding it harder and harder to devote time to the NET, but can't seem to allow myself to give-it-away yet.

  • (4/12) Went to the "Split Rock Beer Festival" with Kim & Barry... had a blast!! Thanks to Kim for the birthday gift. :)

  • (4/19) Heidi Ho emceed a breast-cancer fund-raiser at Diamonz. My first time doing drag outside of the campground. Heidi did a really good job and the show went very well with all the support I got. I could see how drag might be a slippery-slope if I started doing it more... I really enjoy entertaining the crowd... I know Barry wouldn't like it too much if I ever really started doing it... but one thing is for sure, I will never be a "female impersonator"... an "entertainer", yes, confuse me for a girl? no.

  • (4/27) Went to my niece's first communion in Ohio... was a really good time hanging with my family. Remember playing Wii with everyone (some raging rabbits game or something) and it was a blast!

  • (5/2) Participated in an "Adult Scavenger Hunt" for friend Brian's birthday. OMG, that was fun... and actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. I figured "What could they ask us to get that would make it difficult?" Pictures of us in a port-o-john with our pants down, and Barry mooning the cars standing next to a "Do Not Pass" sign missing the "P"... those were fun to get! However, who would've thunk that it would all come down to "Confederate Money" and "Mylie Cyrus Wigs"?! :)

  • (5/3) The Woods opened and so far this summer has been good. Barry and I really had an easy time opening the site this year... and it's SO NICE to be able enjoy the site rather that "work" (like building the guest house last year). We have done a few things, like painting the guest house (which turned out really nice), but for the most part just enjoying our time and relaxing. (OK, partying really more than relaxing... LOL)

  • (5/18) My cousin Dan and his new wife came to visit... it was nice to meet her finally. It was also nice that she got to meet my grandmother before she passed away... which was two weeks ago. (6/27)

  • (5/24) Memorial Day weekend was the "Orange Party" at camp... fun... but I don't recommend hollowed-out-oranges for a bra, the string tends to rip through the orange peal. OH, and Heidi Ho does not look good topless.

  • (5/31) White Party weekend at camp went very well. I liked the fact that we setup the party in the pavilion rather than on the street, we were really able to concentrate all the white into once location and make it more "white" than ever.

  • (June) As usual, our weekdays are busy "getting ready for camp" -- so there never seems to be much time to do things around the house -- it's all do the laundry, go grocery shopping, plan menus for the weekend, pack, catch-up on TV -- run, run, run -- then go to camp.

  • (6/12) We originally had planned to go to my parent's in WV for a big "family weekend" -- but unbeknownst to me, the family had decided to not do it because not everyone could get together... My parents are taking us all to Disney over Christmas, so I guess my brother and sister changed plans and cancelled the family weekend... good thing I called my mom the day before we left... I said "Are you ready to see us tomorrow?" and she was like "Why are we going to see you?" Oh! LOL! So Barry and I took the two days that we had taken off and actually RELAXED at the campground... I think it turned out to be a rather good thing that we didn't have to drive all that way.

  • (6/19) My sister bought a new house -- it's new construction so they can't move-in until October or something... but they put their house on the market and it sold in like two days or something crazy like that! Goes to show you how nicely-kept and decorated Marea keeps her house. The whole thing with helping her and hearing about their new house has really put the "bug in our ear" about wanting to buy a house for Barry and I.

  • (6/26) Got up to the Elmhurst Fireman's Picnic this year... OH what fun!! It was great to see some old friends and enjoy the "hometown festival" and all. Ironically, as I type this and think back to my trip to NYC... this fireman's picnic is like the TOTAL opposite of that... funny how I can fit-into and enjoy myself in both environments. hmmmm...

  • (7/5) Last weekend was the "Fourth of July" weekend -- with the big show at camp. Putting on the show this year was so "easy"... I mean, I seriously was a little nervous at how non-nervous I was. "Is this TOO easy?, am I forgetting something?" But, I guess after eight shows, it does get easier... we know what we're doing now. I felt great getting ready for it and was like "Bring on the audience!"

  • (7/9) My friends from Ireland, David and Vince, are on vacation this week visiting NYC and then San Francisco. I took the day off on Wednesday so that I could go into the City and visit with them. I had a fun day on my own walking around midtown and the village. Then spent the evening drinking and eating and talking with them. It was so good to see them.

Kind of amazing that there was at least one important thing each week... makes me feel good to reflect on them a bit and record them. I'll have to share some pictures of them too -- once I find/upload the pics.

So now we're caught-up to today... I'm sitting at camp right now, recovering from a night of fun "Bear Weekend" partying. Barry and I are on vacation this entire week... we're going to P-Town for Bear Week. I'm excited about going to P-Town for the first time ever... and excited about having a "fire and picnic on the beach" -- something I've always wanted to do. Really looking forward to a fun and relaxing (and "sexy" with all the eye-candy there will be) week!



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