May. 10th, 2005

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Working at home today. I started off my day as normal (checking my email and such from home before getting ready to go into work)... then I got into something and next thing I knew it was noon. So I just figured I'd work the rest of the day from here. I've actually done more today already than yesterday while I was at work. So that's a good thing I guess. Bad thing is I eat more here... it's so nice having food in the kitchen and drinks in the fridge. :)

Other bad thing is that I miss Barry more... As I told him today... working at home I think about him a lot more than when I work at work... here there are all kinds of reminders of him and how much I love him.

Last night I went to a NET organizational meeting. First time I've gotten to one of them in almost 6 months. (Basically since I stepped down from being Treasurer.) Events and attitude and energy seem to be at a low point in NET... I know that it's most likely a phase... membership and events seem to cycle through lows and highs. It was kind of hard to sit there and feel a little depressed that this organization that I helped form is struggling. But, honestly, I feel that it will survive and grow stronger... it's just a cycle. (I hope) I'm kind of glad I haven't been involved lately since I would probably feel this need to get more involved and take more on... more stuff that I really don't need to take on... I have no time to take more on... So last night I took some stuff on that I said I would do (web stuff and helping with an event)... I'm going to try my best.


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