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Well... they found the car...
They actually found it last night... but didn't call us... grrr...
The insurance company actually let us know first. They called to tell Barry "Congratulations!" and he was like "What?!?" So we called the Police and sure enough they confirmed that they had found it. And that it would be held in the pound until it could be processed for fingerprints... and would most likely be released to us on Tuesday. They said there was "front-end damage" but would not (could not) elaborate any further. UGH!! It's crazy...
It was found locally... but we still have no clue as to anything about it... or who took it or why or anything... And we have no idea what we're really in-store for when it gets back.

I'm happy it's found because I feel like it will help with closure on the whole thing... but I'm not sure if I'm 100% OK with it because it may always feel "damaged" to us now... ...we'll see.


Apr. 5th, 2007 08:59 am
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OK... so I know I've been "sans-LJ" lately... and I only seem to come here to cry or bitch...

But I have to cry and bitch...

You know our new car... that we got back in January... that loverly FJ Cruiser?

Well... last night... IT WAS STOLEN! Right from our parking spot right-outside our kitchen door!

Holy crap... I don't even know how to feel.
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OMG... it's so hot in this house!! It's 3AM, and I'm sitting here at the computer because I can't sleep because it's too damn hot. The thermostat says it's 81'F in here... but honestly it feels a hell of a lot hotter. Must be the humidity and the lack of air movement. *pant, pant, pant*

Air conditioning is broke until Wednesday... *sigh*

And to add wood to the fire, I have the song It's Too Darn Hot running through my head!
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Well, repairman Chris just left...
The compressor is bad...


I looked up the paperwork... it was installed Nov 2000... less than six years ago...
Guess how long the warranty is... go ahead... guess...

Yep... 5 F*KING years!

ALTHOUGH... I MAY (and I stress MAY) have a 10-year extended coverage on it... but I don't know... and I'm not sure if they even know... who knows??? god knows... and I hope he tells someone soon... and tells them "Yes, Paul has the extended coverage on his compressor."

Let me just say it one more time...

I paid over $3000 for that sucker less than 6 years ago... and now they need to fix it at a cost of about $800 (if no warranty) ($200 even if it IS under warranty)...

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Is it the heat? Allergies? Or life?

Take it all one-step-at-a-time...
Stop and smell the roses...

Those phrases have been running through my head yesterday and today... it kind of sums-up the "overwhelmed" feelings I've been having. Life seems to be moving way to fast lately... and Barry and I are having difficulty staying on-top of things. Although, honestly, it's not like we're really falling behind, it just feels that way. Like there's too much we have to do and no time to do it... but in all honesty, it's not really important stuff.

Take, for example, the boxes in the house... we have WAY too much crap... and we totally need to go through it and purge... we can't find things (like our walkie-talkies we want for camp)... and the boxes just loom over us. Barry got frustrated... and told me he was going to throw out my crap... Not once, or twice, but several times. It upset me... there's better ways of dealing with this then simply throwing things away. There's got to be a way of working on this together.

But I digress... what was only meant to be an example and turned into a whole paragraph. Things are hectic... we have lots to do... keeping on-top of the house, chores, food, nightly outings, TV, new camper, campground activities, campground-projects (like deck and guest house)... Akkk! And, I'm forgetting things again -- double-booking things -- like my friend's wedding and a friend's visit to camp both this weekend. I hate when I do that...

I meant to post about my weekend... but instead, I'm posting about how I feel right now... it's interesting... I think I'll restart a new post about my weekend... this one has just got me all upset now.


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