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Don't get a cold... it blows! (Pun intended... hehehe) *cough, sniffle* *sigh*

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Last night, Barry and I went out with Ken & Don for dinner... and drinks... and ended up at Diamonz (local gay bar)... Sang karaoke and drank way too much beer... my head is hurting BIG TIME today... UGH! And I had to wake up early and get in around 8am to meet with my boss... My day has been flying by (thankfully)... but I've still got a pounding headache and upset stomach... and just can't wait to get out of here. I bet the other guys were feeling it this morning too... *sigh*

So things here at work with my software are starting to get more intense... the recent changes had me worried that my job might go away... but definitely turning in the other direction now: they are going to cause a lot more work for me. Which on one hand is a very good thing... but on the other hand, I'm really not sure I'm ready for this. My new boss has a very different way of working... and in order for things to happen now I've really got to step-up and take charge of things. I've got to make some drastic changes and figure out how and what is going to happen... and I'm not feeling very confident in myself... It's going to be a big learning/growing experience for me over the next few months. I feel it... I'm at one of those "turning points" in my life... a point which is going to change me and what I do... I'm not sure I'm ready for it... but the snowball is already rolling down the hill and I can't stop it...
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*phew* ... What a weekend...

Barry & I took off Friday and Monday which made for a really long weekend -- basically 6 days at camp... I feel so strange being back at work... it was quite a weekend...

Cut because it's a bit long and rambling... )

So that's about it... theater, drama, fun, drinking, eating, sweating, swimming, insecurity, depression... that about sums it up.

God that sounded worse than I really think it is... feels good to let it out I guess...
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So tired...
I can't wait to get out of work today...
Still have a headache from yesterday... I think it's due to stopping my caffeine intake... So it's my own "choice" I guess... I should just drink some and be done with it.
Five days without alcohol, and three without caffeine... all for this disgusting medicine I'm on... God I hope it works this time.
My biorhythm must be in a major low or something, because I just feel so crappy: emotionally, physically, and mentally.
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Just a quick note...

Early morning (OK, OK, so it's 11am... but it IS morning)... sitting in the quiet here at the campground. My honey still snoring lightly in bed. It's a B-E-A-U-tiful day today... Looking forward to a relaxing, nice, warm day at the campground.

Last night we sat and built a fire and watched it burn.

Remember those meds I had to take a week ago that I couldn't drink with... to combat my "intestinal problems"... ? ... well, I'm on it again... the "intestinal problems" came back... This past week they came back with a vengeance... at least I didn't wait three weeks again this time before calling the doctor. He gave me the same prescription to "try again", but if it comes back AGAIN, I will need to see a GI Specialist. (Ugh, oh joy, let's hope it doesn't come back again.)

Well... that's about it... just wanted to check in and update. Barry's moving around now... time to start our day.

Have a great weekend!!
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Had a good, long weekend at camp. Barry and I both got off work early on Friday... it was nice to start the weekend with a bit less stress (than we would have had if we had to pack after a full day of work).

The weekend was spent mostly with our neighbors (Dawn & Helen)... helping them with their deck, but even-more-so just hanging with them and their dogs.

Sunday was the big "Red Cock-Tail-Dress Party"... Heidi Ho made her first appearance of the season... which was fun. Barry couldn't participate because his knee was really bothering him this weekend. I felt really bad for him, and even more-so when I found out just how bad it really was hurting him. Sunday night (after he had a lot of martini and no food) he let his guard down enough to let me know that he was in major pain. I wish there was something more I could have done to help... I wish he would let me help him more sometimes too... but I guess, in reality, it's not like I can go to the bathroom or smoke for him: he's gonna use his knee no matter what... and he's stubborn enough to do what he wants to do and there's no stopping him. *sigh* I wish I could take the pain so he wouldn't have to have it... (Side note: He saw the doctor this morning... strangely [and thankfully] the pain had mostly gone away today. The doctor can't really diagnose it because it's still swollen, so he gave Barry something to take to reduce the swelling and hopefully in two weeks we'll be able to get a better diagnosis.)

The party was fun... and I had a good time overall this weekend... but it didn't really seem like a vacation... I hate to admit it, but I think part of that is because I had to be sober for the entire weekend. There were only a few times when I really was craving a drink... and I'm not sure if "Heidi Ho" was really herself due to not having a buzz to keep her "giddy"... I don't want to think that I can't relax without alcohol... but there's a bit of a factor here where I think that may be the case. I still have 6 more days of this medicine... and 8 days until I can have a beer... I never really craved beer too much, but knowing that I CANNOT have one is driving me crazy... and I SO want a beer. *sigh*

Barry said the same thing about the weekend (that it didn't really feel like a vacation)... so perhaps it's not just because I was sober... although with his knee, he wasn't able to really enjoy himself either. I think a nice weekend for just the two-of-us is needed soon... camp is great, but it doesn't really let us be with each other -- there's too many other people there to that need socializing-with.

OK... well... nothing much else to report. I have a bunch of pictures from the party... I'm glad I took my camera... [subtext: lugged my heavy-ass-camera]... Hopefully will get those posted in the next day or two. Other than that... just work and trying to "catch-up" at home and relax are on my calendar for the next three days.
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Well... I'm about to walk out of the office and begin my Memorial Day Weekend.
Really looking forward to a nice long weekend with incredible weather (*fingers crossed*).

Only sad part is, I began 12 days of sobriety today. "Why?" you ask... well, because, you see, I have complications from the antibiotics that I took for my appendix surgery five weeks ago. They killed off all the "good bacteria" in my intestines, and I've been suffering for the past three weeks... I finally came to my senses (and with encouragement from Barry) got to the doctor and got some medications that are supposed to correct the problems caused by the other medications. I wish I had gone sooner, but alas, I didn't. And now my Memorial Day Weekend must be alcohol-free (as this drug has adverse reactions to alcohol). Oh well... honestly, I'm not that upset... I'm looking forward to having a "normal intestinal track" again (more than you can know)... and, I guess, it will be nice to not have any hangovers... I'll just have to get creative with fruit-juices or something... and perhaps get a sugar-high instead to make me giggly. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
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OK... so I should be happy that it's Friday... and don't get me wrong... there is a small piece of me that is overjoyed that this week is almost over... but I feel horribly frustrated today... I feel like I let my boss down... I've been working from home all week -- which is good for my recovery... and I can still "do stuff" for work... but I don't think I get fully into what needs doing and I have no initiative when I work from home... so I only do stuff that I need to do. ANYWAY, the main cause of my frustration today is that I had to generate a report for my boss two weeks ago... and she found mistakes... so I redid it this week... every day I've redone it... and every day she has found more mistakes in it or something else that she wanted added. I just redid it twice already today... and she's getting frustrated, I can tell... and she wants me to quality-check my work more... but honestly, when she asks for something last minute and then changes what she wants and then expects me to redo everything so fast, there's bound to be mistakes that get through. I just wish there weren't so many. I feel like perhaps I should have caught them... but I also think I wouldn't have caught them because I didn't know what to look for. Ugh... anyway... I just feel horrible and want to crawl under a rock. I hope to god she doesn't find anything else wrong with it... I know it's due today... and so she's frantic with it today... I just wish she would have found these errors earlier and she wouldn't be under so much pressure (which just cascades down to me).

In other news... Tomorrow, Barry and I are going up to camp to prepare the site for our new camper -- which will be delivered a week from today. I'm excited... but also a little bummed-out that I won't be of much help... I won't be able to move gravel around since I can't do anything labor-intensive yet. Saw the doctor yesterday for a follow-up from surgery and he gave me the all clear and said things look like they are healing very nicely. Just said that I should continue to be careful about straining myself for another week or two. So I'm not sure what I'll be able to do tomorrow except watch Barry move gravel around. Hopefully it will go smoothly and quickly.
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Trip to Florida last week was interesting...

Barry and I spent a good three days in Disney... got to tour MGM on our first night... Had dinner and rode the rides we really wanted to see. It was a nice evening and the Port Orleans resort we stayed at was just beautiful. Monday we spent the day fighting crowds at Magic Kingdom. Wouldn't have been so bad if we had taken a break in the middle of the day... but kept putting-off the break until it was too late and Barry was exhausted. We managed to recover and go back to the park in the evening... I did well "holding back" and remembering to not try and do everything. Barry didn't like the crowds, but seemed to enjoy that I was enjoying the place. Tuesday, we went to Epcot... and managed to see several things before we got run-down and couldn't walk much anymore. Had a good dinner at Rose & Crown and had amazing seats to see the fireworks from our table.

That evening, I awoke with stomach pain... felt awful... I just wanted everything out of me (puke, crap, etc)... and I just couldn't feel any better... up every half-hour or so... no sleep... felt terrible... Thought it was indigestion or hangover... but it felt "different"... something about it made me uneasy... It wasn't normal feeling of upset-stomach... it didn't move at all... it didn't go away after puking... Wednesday was the day we were checking out of Disney and meeting my family at Universal. Guess that all worked out for the best because didn't miss out on Disney... and figured I could recover in time for Universal... but...

Tried feebly to eat something for dinner... my mom said something's wrong and did some basic symptom-finding on me... and said "Appendicitis, we're going to the hospital NOW." OMG... Me? sick? hospital? I'm actually going to a hospital?

We sat in the ER waiting area from 8:30pm until midnight... waiting... my mom said I didn't give them a high-enough pain level... frigg'n kidding me, right? No... if you are ever in the hospital... and they ask you a pain level on scale of 1 to 10... say 8... no matter what, even if it doesn't really hurt.

I got poked and prodded and stabbed with needles more in that evening than I have ever in my whole life combined. KNEW I would hate getting an IV line put in... and I was right... they had to try 5 times before they got one to stay. I went into surgery around 7am on Thursday... So the 12 hours was spent in a ER room, getting drugs, and fading in-and-out of sleep.

Surgery was laparoscopic, so that went very well. But coming out of the anesthesia, I took-in some liquid or something into my lungs, and almost didn't make it... wheezing and coughing for hours... so the doctors were really upset with this and thought I had pneumonia or something... and kept me 2 days to watch my breathing and all. Spent two days in the hospital... looking forward to each little step forward that I took... like the first time I stood-up, the first time I pee'd into a toilet, the first time I ate jello, the first time I ate real food, the removal of my IV lines, the disconnection of my oxygen line, etc. Saturday afternoon, the doctor finally released me.

There, by my side, throughout the whole thing, was Barry and my parents. My mom double-checked the doctors and nurses and made me feel like I was in good hands. Barry spent the days with me... entertaining me... keeping my spirits up... holding my hand... eating by my side... *choking-up* I don't know what I would have done without him there with me. Seriously...

So after the hospital, I FINALLY got to spend a little time with my whole family: brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, sister, brother-in-law, mom, dad, & Barry... we had a nice dinner and they got me an electric scooter so I could ride along with them to Universal Studios for the evening. Got to see three of the rides there and a parade. Not the Universal I expected to see for the trip, but at least something.

Flight home went OK. Working from home yesterday and today... taking it easy. Still not 100%... stomach is tight and a little pain... general discomfort and such... and on top of the physical recovery... there's a lot of emotional recovery that I find myself going through too. Really mixed feelings... feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, helplessness, etc... I don't know how to put a finger on it... For example: I feel like I ruined the vacation for my family... even though logically I know it wasn't anything I could control. Don't get me wrong... I'm happy to be alive... very happy... so the fear/upset feelings are mixed with the happy/comfort feelings... leading to a very mixed, uncomfortable state of mind.

So... I left a little piece of me in Florida... a little, useless, terrible, infected appendix. May it rot in a Florida medical-waste site forever.
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Well, Happy Hour last night turned into several happy hours... Had a great evening hanging with Amy (and Carrie and few other friends that I met while out). Drank quite a bit of beer... ok, ok... a lot of beer. "d'wanna know how much? d'wanna know'much? d'wanna?"

I paid the price miserably today... spent the morning puking my guts out... and then sleeping it off a bit... finally recovering around dinner time. I said it before... that I wouldn't drink like that again... but I did... when will I learn? Probably never...

Poor Barry is just miserably sick -- his isn't self-imposed like mine was though... he has the flu or something really terrible... had him couch-ridden all day... achy, fever, chills, sniffles, etc... Tried my best to take care of him... and think I was able to help a little... I sure hope he feels better soon... it's so hard to watch him suffer so... and not be able to make him feel better.

Because of the both of us being ill, we obviously didn't get RV shopping like we had hoped to. Hopefully we'll be able to make it up by doing the RV shopping during the week or next weekend or something...
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Ugh... I'm alive... I'm never drinking again... well... not until the next time I do...
I drank so much Friday night that I'm still recovering. :( It was a fun evening though... we had dinner out at Colonial House then came back here and played cards and drank all night... and when I say "all night" -- that's exactly what I mean. Being that the drink of the evening was Red Bull and vodka (peach vodka for me)... we were quiet hopped-up on caffeine and alcohol... switched to ice tea and vodka when the red bull got too sweet. I guess they tasted horrible: according to everyone else that was there on whom I was apparently constantly trying to get them to try the different drink concoctions I was coming up with... Oh god what was I thinking? Well... by about 2am I wasn't thinking... LOL! but supposedly no one went to sleep until 6 or 7am. Needless to say, I was VERY hung-over on Saturday. Went to dinner with Barry's family to celebrate his niece's 17th birthday... I don't think they noticed me run to the bathroom when I first got there to puke my guts out... but thankfully I felt much better then and pecked at a few pieces of salad. Today (Sunday) I slept in and woke up starving... ate, watched TV, played cards, and slept all day... now it's almost 1am and I'm not tired... Ugh... Why, oh why, do I do this? Guess I'm training for Vegas this weekend, eh?
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I don't know what it is... but I haven't been "into" journaling anymore. I caught myself today saying "oh, I should journal that" for the first time in ages... So here I am... playing catch-up. Another reason I'm able to be in LJ is because work is slow today... Thank god too... it has been really non-stop since the beginning of this year... which I'm not complaining about really, because job-security and all... but it does reduce the amount of time I have to journal and surf, etc. :(

Anyway... I've caught up on lots of past friends entries: Kev's new tattoo, Paul's contemplations, Peter's new singlet, Scott & Jim's honduras mission, Andy's latest hotness, Scott's off the wagon, John's green undies and TBRU plans, Mark's newest art, Sam's moving, Jay's new job. It's great to catch-up on so many friends and see that things are going well (for the most part) for everyone. So many ups and downs, changes and additions, loves and troubles... it all continues; even when we forget to participate in it, life moves on... there just ain't no stopp'n it.

Brief update on me:

Glenn & Tom's party last Saturday was a success... Barry and I helped setup and organize it... it was a surprise party organized by Glenn for Tom -- celebrating their 20th anniversary. Barry dressed as the Pope and blessed them and did a little ring-exchange ceremony. It was really sweet. (The only strange part was that it was mainly Glenn's coworkers at the party... just didn't seem all that "friendly" I guess... but being that I didn't know many people I guess made it just seem that way to me... everyone appeared to have a good time.) It was really nice to have been able to help them celebrate.

Game night on Sunday was fun... Amy, Marea, & Chris came over and we all have pizza and played "SceneIt"... I have to hand it to the makers of SceneIt they did a really good job of making a new, fun trivia game. Normally when I hear "Trivia Game" I cringe because they take forever and I don't know any answers... but even if you don't know the answers, this game still moves along and keeps me entertained.

My sister had surgery to have a cyst removed from her ovary on Tuesday -- second time she's had this surgery. Everything went well... My parents are staying with her (came in Wednesday) and when we went over for dinner two nights ago she was moving around and looking fine. :)

Yesterday I felt like crap. I called in sick and stayed in bed all day... I believe I was only awake for about 6 or 8 hours yesterday... most of which was around dinner-time and watching some TV before bed. I simply felt so run-down and depressed. It was weird... I didn't want to do anything. To top it off, I have this horrible looking sore on the side of my mouth (cold sore? herpes? gangrene? leprosy? who knows - who cares - just make it go away! cut it off my face please!) I feel disgusting... like an outcast... damaged goods... like everyone is looking at me... I wanted a shake so bad for lunch today... but I couldn't even get myself to go to McD's for it... instead I grabbed a quick burger in the cafeteria and am continuing to hide in my cubical. Perhaps I'll get an ice-cream-bar to help ease the craving.

I have to get my driver's license picture taken before Mar 9... that's only 8 days away... I'm NOT going with this sore on my face! That'll teach me to wait until the last minute... I've had my renewal card for almost two months now!

OK... enough self pity... TGIF... although I don't know what I'm really looking forward to this weekend... My brother and his family are coming into town tonight... it should be really good to see them. They are in for my Grandmother's 90th birthday party which is tomorrow. I'm only kind-of looking forward to that... Barry isn't going because I'm not "out" to my dad's side of the family... it makes me sad to go without him... I hate not being out... I keep putting it off... like taking my license picture: waiting won't make things any better!
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Monday night we went to the Brew Works for dinner and drinks. They have their seasonal beer "Pumpkin Ale" on tap... it was really good. They describe it as "Pumpkin Pie in a glass"... which I think may be giving it a little more pumpkin-credit than it's due... but it is still good. We stayed a long time and talked with Kim... a nice evening out. In addition to the several Pumpkin Ale's I had, the last one of the evening we "kicked it up a notch" by adding a shot of Goldschlager... which really made it taste good -- yet after a few sips was a "bit much"... I think half a shot would have been fine. Anyway... point is... I was "hurting" Tuesday morning.

Massage session Tuesday was nice -- and really helped alleviate the remains of my hangover.

Wednesday Barry woke up with a terrible headache, and I had one too... Our landlord had our oil furnace cleaned on Tuesday... so immediately I started to panic thinking "Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!" I opened several windows and aired the place out. On my way home from work that evening I bought a CO detector and put it in the bedroom. No alarm... and all seems fine... I'm sure I was panicking, but at least I slept a little better last night. Well... that and because I put the flannel sheets on last night too. *ahhh*

OK... it's after noon already... work has been very quiet and I haven't gotten a thing accomplished (except this entry)... gotta go do something!
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Thousands of dollars later, and we have a dining room with 6 (of 7) huge boxes in it... and a 50 page book of Bowflex assembly instructions... Oh what fun... and it's 6 of 7 because one of them didn't make it yet... "opened in transit" which delayed its arrival... so I'm working at home again this morning until UPS gets here again today. Hopefully soon, as I kind of miss the office and feel like I should be there.

I had to fast last night for blood-work... I had to go to the doctor this morning at 9am to give some blood (cholesterol and HIV test)... fasting for just overnight and I was feeling all "OMG I have to eat"... I stopped at McD's right after the blood letting... partially a reward for myself at fasting for 12 hours... partially a reward for the "agony" of the blood letting... Needless to say, I guess perhaps I don't have the personal strength to fast (or diet even) for a day like I thought I did.

I'm planning to go to First Thursday tonight. I'm not planning to stay late (probably just 7 to 9 or so)...
Barry is going out with a friend... I'm kind of sad that he didn't invite me along with them. (Jealous? OK, maybe I guess a little, but not excessively, it's more that he's going without even thinking of inviting me, which makes me wonder if he's covering something, which is totally unwarranted, so I know it's just "normal" feelings of insecurity I guess).

Friday, Barry and I are planning a trip to IKEA. Well, OK, so it's my idea and plans... even if it is to get him sheets (heard a commercial that they have a linen sale this weekend: 400-thread-count Queen/King for $40)... but I also just want to do IKEA as it has been ages. Saturday we are going to help Robyn move... then we both took Monday off so that we could stay at camp Sunday and Monday to repair the roof of the porch (which has been leaking and rotting all summer).

Can't frigg'n wait to get into the office and get my Dell too! Poor thing has been sitting there unopened all day yesterday and last night. I guess I do have more strength than I thought because I've been able to keep myself from going into the office and getting it so that I could be here for the Bowflex arrival. Good god will UPS get here already!!
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Yay! So I went to the doctor today... finally... and my fears are all gone... It's all just allergies, including the crazy, itchy rash that's been on my arms and legs and stomach... he said it's all just allergies! I don't have scabies or poison ivy or chicken pox or anything crazy like all that... *phew* I'm going to take Allegra and I'm going to start taking them in April until June, and August until frost... and hopefully I will never endure frigg'n allergy related illness anymore! *fingers crossed*

I also got my (overdue) tetanus shot and will be getting my cholesterol checked on Thursday (*EEK* blood being taken!)... but other good news: my blood pressure was normal! Holy freak that's great news considering that 4-years ago the doctor wanted to put me on meds to lower it.

Well... that was a load off my mind... and I actually feel a lot better now about about me and my health and about everything... I treated myself to a Rita's Gelati on my way back into work.

Another thing that's making me feel better is that I feel like the pieces of the puzzle of my life are falling into place... Things are looking up... It's about damn time I had a little up swing in my mood and life... It's funny how good mood begets good mood.

Barry and I went out last night to go grocery shopping and then out to a bar to meet some friends for an impromptu gathering. It was nice... and it made me feel good that Barry went with me... and I wouldn't have gone without him... we're still working on some issues (begun at the drunken debauchery two weeks ago) that I feel are finally working out. But more importantly, it all just felt comfortable... and it was good to see friends.

Other excitement on the horizon... the Dell Laptop and the Bowflex are both scheduled to arrive tomorrow!! EEKK!! YAY!! Only thing is... I have the Dell coming to work so that I don't have to worry about signing for it, but the Bowflex is going to the house (because it's around 425lbs in 7 boxes!) so I'll need to be at home to sign for it... looks like working from home until it arrives, then into the office to get the Dell... *jumps around the cubical like a little school girl*
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Barry and I went out for dinner at the Colonial House. Had a good dinner... and several beers... and played some MegaTouch...
Got home around 10pm... and I wasn't tired... I'm still not tired... it's midnight...

I've actually been working for the last two hours... Yes... actual work... I mean, OK, so I'm geekily impressed with myself for something that I did today at work (created the basis for a method to import tab-delimited text into the database via a web user interface)... I created it really quick too, like in just a few hours at the end of the day. Well, it's not perfect yet, and so that's what I was playing with for about an hour or so. I noticed while I was testing and playing with it that my server was running really slow... so I started to investigate and found that the server had a runaway process on it. (I think I caused it earlier in the day by possibly creating a continuous-loop in one of my test pages... oops) Well, anyway, so the nightly reports weren't running. So I rebooted the computer and kicked off the reports again. I'm really glad / lucky that I found that tonight... because if the users found it on Monday morning, I would have had some ugly messages for me to start my week.

I'm still not tired at all... I don't want to be up all night doing nothing... but I also don't really feel like going to bed... but I don't want to do anything... it's a weird feeling...

I don't feel settled in my life... it's a weird feeling...

My allergies / cold / poison ivy (which is what I think these itchy dots are all over my body, either that or chicken pox -- which they can't be because I had them already and they really don't fit the description)... anyway... I don't feel healthy really... for the past two months or so? I'm looking forward to my doctor appointment on Tuesday. (Yes, I actually made an appointment this past Tuesday.)

Everything is just a little weird... off-balance... fighting between two sides but the sides aren't defined...

This is a late-night-stream-of-conscious post... but sometimes those are good to get things out of my head so I can rest.

I'm looking forward to finding balance in my life...

Perhaps seeing a medical doctor is not the only doctor I need to see... I don't feel like I can really talk to anyone in my life anymore because everyone is connected to everyone and everyone has feelings about this-and-that and no one is really seeing the whole picture... including myself. I see things the way I want to see them when I see them and the next time I see them they are completely different.


After a post like this... it's amazing to think that I just spent two hours doing really technical / geeky stuff.
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I was inspired today to make a new icon... I wanted something to represent my hometown area (Lehigh Valley)... so I took a bunch of photos that I took around Bethlehem and made an icon. Yay me.

Other than that... today I worked from home and responded to several emails and kept busy... I also cut the grass during my lunch "hour".

I'm not feeling too bad (sick) today... so that's good... I think the physical activity did me well.

Barry is at the doctor's office right now... I hope that his visit goes well and that the doctor figures out what's wrong with him (and I guess me)... I told him that if the doctor finds something that I would make an appointment too. OMG... I don't know why, but I totally don't want to go to the doctor. (One of those irrational fears / procrastination of mine.)


Sep. 21st, 2005 04:28 pm
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Still sick as a dog... (well, sick as a sick dog that is... why is it that dogs are sick? hmm....) anyway... Yes, I'm still sick... still coughing... still have a runny nose... still swollen eye... still ache all over... still a crick in my neck... still so tired... GOD will I EVER be well again? *blech*

Oh well... other than not feeling well physically... mentally today has been a little better...

Not much to report... my company (D&B) is celebrating our 100,000,000th business in our database... so they had a "rah-rah! congratulations!" celebration today with words from our CEO and local big-wigs... and cake and cookies. All I ate today was a slice of cake and a cookie...
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Weekend went well. "Murder Mystery" weekend... Barry and I had a good time helping the camp out with running the event and being evidence investigators (putting up Caution tape around the "crime scenes"). Drank way too much (as usual)... but had a good time doing it. Probably shouldn't have drunk so much all day Saturday as it didn't help my cold / allergies / flu / whatever-the-hell-I-have.

Worked from home yesterday (Monday)... feeling crappy.

Looked over my free annual credit reports yesterday... I highly recommend to everyone to go out and get your free reports. It was quite interesting... I had nothing bad on my reports (which is good and what I expected)... but I did have over 17 credit cards listed... and I had no idea that some of them were still active... I printed out the list to sit back and start closing some accounts that I don't need or use anymore.

Today my eyelid is swollen... My eyelid was hurting me yesterday, so I put a drop of TobraDex (Barry's prescription) on it before bed and when I woke up this morning, my eyelid looks like a smooshy water balloon or something... any more swollen and I wouldn't be able to see probably... Think I need to go into work today as I have a team meeting... hope I don't get all kinds of weird looks... Plus I'm going to wear my glasses, as wearing contacts just doesn't sound like a good idea. I looked up TobraDex and it said one of the side effects is swollen eyelids... so I'm not going to use that anymore. I don't know what I was thinking! My mom being a nurse and all, you think I would know better than to use something without knowing what it was.

Feeling kind of rotten emotionally too... because I'm afraid to talk to a friend, which is stupid and I don't know why... I felt like I was letting them down, and now that I didn't talk, they feel even worse and I feel even worse... I'm so stupid. And another friend is moving away and that's just weird. And another friend spazed a bit yesterday and I felt weird for the situation I put them in, but that all worked out ok now. And I'm not really looking forward to this weekend... and another friend is coming in from out of town and I won't be able to see them... and yet another friend from out of town is also coming in and planned the whole weekend to be with me, but I won't be in town.

Things are just all screwed up I feel like... but Barry has been wonderfully supportive... I just feel all weird inside and all sick outside and swollen eyelid and sore back and yada yada yada blah blah blah

Speaking of "yada yada yada" -- today marks my one-year anniversary for starting Live Journal. God I can't believe it's been a year already. I'm going to try and make it a habit to read back one year from my current entries to see what I was doing a year ago.
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OK... This week FLEW by... It's already Friday... and I haven't posted although I've been meaning too... I've been meaning to call friends too (like Amy and Kim) and I just haven't... UGH! Sorry... I'm a no-good friend sometimes...

Things I've been meaning to update LJ with:

My gym membership expired yesterday (9/15)... Oh well... farewell gym membership... I'll never waste that much money on something like that again. I can't believe I haven't used my membership at all in the past 9 months... Is it that once we meet a boyfriend we don't feel the need to work-out and keep ourselves in-shape anymore? I think more that it's just a timing thing... not time for the gym when life involves someone else... who knows. Barry and I ordered one of those free Bowflex DVD's... we'll watch the hot guy work-out on the machine and I'm sure get talked into buying one... but perhaps it will be good to have... only time will tell.

Two days ago I stayed home from work, sick... What I thought was allergies / hay-fever turned into a very bad cold with swollen glands and everything... I could hardly talk on Wednesday morning and just slept the entire day. I was feeling a bit better by the end of the day... but still not 100%... can't really determine if it is a cold or very bad allergies... in any case, Advil Cold/Sinus has been helping (more than Claritin), so I'm assuming that it's a cold... god I just wish it would go away completely already... Both Barry and I have been suffering way more than we should.

Yesterday I volunteered all day for the "United Way Day of Caring" ... I volunteered at the AIDS Services Center (ASC)... we made packets of condoms and shredded old documents... it was a decent day... but a lot of work. Labor-intensive-days like that make me really appreciate my lazy, sit-at-my-desk job. They also make me feel good though, like I accomplished something. Part of the ASC's job is going to local schools and communities and giving condom demonstrations... so they gave the volunteers a demo at the start of the day... How weird did I feel watching a condom demo with three female coworkers of mine... where they were putting the condom on a banana... and the girl doing the demonstration couldn't help playing with the banana for the entire time she was talking to us... stroking it... I know she wasn't doing it intentionally. All I can say is thank god the fake penis they normally use was out at a demonstration and they didn't have it in the office... if they had it probably would have turned me on. Needless to say, working with condoms all day really made me horny... LOL! Good thing all the volunteers and people in the office I was working with were female... (except for half the day when one male coworker/boss was there)... OH YEAH... and except for the UPS Delivery Guy that showed up... HOLY CRAP was he a cutie! LOL!

OK... So being out of work for the past two days I have a lot do do to catch up... plus we are having a department picnic today at noon... all this... and you'd think I'd be at work right now doing work... but no... I'm still at home... un-showered... doing LiveJournal... ACK! I need to go.


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