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Just wanted to post a quick little entry to recap the vacation weekend.

Barry and I drove to my parent's in West Virginia on Wednesday. Fairly easy drive... had a really good time with my parents and family. And Thanksgiving dinner went very well. There were 26 people -- my mom's side of the family... almost all of them. Barry was a major help in the kitchen, keeping everything cooking and making sure everything was ready on-time.

We made a video for my grandma (mom's mom) where everyone related their favorite "Holiday Memory" and wished her well -- since she lives in Florida and can't travel to be with everyone. It was really nice... now if we (Barry and I) can just get it burnt to a DVD -- darn software is not working quiet the way it should.

Black Friday was spent with family, sitting around and chatting... and a little shopping thrown in.

Barry and I drove back home on Saturday. We then went to Santa Saturday in New Hope... got there just as the main festivities were ending, but honestly, that was OK with me... seemed a bit (a lot) crowded, and I'm not sure I was really in the mood. We got to see Frank and David and have dinner with them... which was really nice. Also got to see one of the local bed and breakfasts (Wishing Well) where a bunch of guys from camp were staying. It was nice. My favorite room was the one behind the bookcase. I drove us home (as Barry was tired of driving since he drove all day, and because he had a bit more to drink than I).

Sunday night I went to my uncle's viewing. We buried Uncle Stanley today. He passed away on Wednesday morning... My father's brother... it was a really sad thanksgiving for that side of the family. I don't have too many memories of Uncle Stanley -- mostly that he was just a nice guy, and always talking about where he had been making his deliveries lately (deliveries for a produce company I believe). I remember him coming to our house in the country when I was very young to fill up milk jugs with our well-water... and me being scared by him... showing up when I least expected it or something. Now I look back and laugh and wonder why I didn't spend more time with him or talking with him. *sigh*

It was good seeing family and all -- just one of those "wish it was under better circumstances" kind of things.

Oh... yeah... and I got a speeding ticket on my way to the funeral. UGH.
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OK... so wow... I haven't posted (or read) LJ since mid December... and that was just to grumble about the fact that Winterfest was no-more. So really, I've been out of the loop for almost three months now...
Work has been so busy for me since November... and being that the only time I really read/update LJ is during work hours: hence why I've been out of touch... Here's a quick recap of the last three months:

Work: very busy times... creating huge updates / redesigns to my web time/project tracking system... no time to breath really...
We moved to a new building in mid-December. The new place is really nice. Commute increased from 1-mile/5-minutes to 7-miles/20-minutes. *sigh* Oh well... It was "rough" at first... but totally used to it now and seriously, it's nothing to grumble about.

Thanksgiving was nice... my sister hosted and Barry and I helped with cooking and all.

Holiday Party with [ profile] labelsdc at the start of December was fun.

Got our new living room furniture... HUGE set, but really nice.

Got a real Xmas tree on Dec 9th... Was so nice to go "tree hunting" at the farm and actually saw the tree down myself. Marea and Chris joined me and housemates Ken & Don for the hunt. Marea and Chris also got their tree. It was nice... only thing that would have made it better would have been some snow on the ground and Barry to be there with us.
(Pictures of tree and living room to follow shortly.)

That night, had a good time at Bill & Jerry's annual wine-tasting party. Got snookered. :)

Annual tree-trimming party at Brian's was fun... drink a beer and hang it on the tree. What a great concept... my only concern is: after a few weeks, does the tree start to smell of rotten beer?

Got to visit campground on the 16th... weren't going to do any parties that night, but then decided at last minute to stay at hotel with Ken & Don and go to Pat's Holiday Party. Was fun... drank a lot... The next morning, our drive home wasn't so "fun"... but we made it and recovered over the next two days. :)

Christmas gift shopping went rather well... Barry and I got out several nights and managed to get everything we wanted to get. Spent one evening at Tara's getting some pearls for several of the girls on our lists (family/friends). (I helped her with her website... check it out: Perennial Designs Jewelry.)

Fantasy Football: I lost... darn... so close though... I was doing well, then really bad... then I started to do better... but it was too late... *sigh* Oh well... at least the dinner and cooking part was all done on one night and was rather fun... Todd's new house was really nice and got to play "Wii" as well, which was interesting/fun.

Christmas was very nice... I went to my traditional dinner at Grandmother N's house. That was nice to do... Barry didn't go, as we still aren't technically "out" with that side of the family yet... but I have a feeling that won't be the case for much longer... Barry's been included on my parent's xmas-card-letter for the last two years. And was in the picture they sent to all the family too this year. :) Christmas morning was at my sister's house... she being pregnant (due in March), she didn't want to travel, so all of the family (including my brother) came to her. It was such a nice day: three hours of present opening -- we take turns and really cherish each gift. Took a breakfast intermission to eat "Cheese Strata" that Barry and I made (YUM, new tradition?)... I spent the most of the day putting together my nephew's "Kenex Roller Coaster" -- It was like a big puzzle or like playing with an erector set or legos... FUN!
(Speaking of Christmas Card Letters: Once again I did not send any cards this year... I'm such a slacker... this is the second year in a row without sending any letters... *grrr* I'm so mad at myself... and yet, have I done anything to correct the situation? no... *sigh*)

New Years: Barry and I went to spend the weekend with Frank & David (our neighbors at The Woods). It was such a fun weekend. They hosted us in their beautiful house in NJ. They drove us into New York on Saturday evening... we drove around in their convertible (through China Town and Little Italy, top-down, freezing weather, bundled-up in blankets and earmuffs, playing loud music, people looking at us like we were a bunch of fags out on the town... which we totally were... it was so much fun!)... then we walked around the village and had some drinks... the two of them are very familiar with the gay bars and places to go/see in the city, so I felt very comfortable and it was SO NICE to be in the city again. (Oh how I've missed the city...) We went to see "Drowsy Chaperone" on Broadway and had front-row mezz seats... it was AWESOME! Then went back to the village to hang out and drink until wee-hours of the morning... and flirt with a bunch of cuties...
Sunday (New Years Eve), we slept in and then helped them prepare for their dinner party that night... they hosted a "murder mystery" party. I was "Mary Kay Eternity" -- in drag, I was the wife of Barry (who played "Jim Bob Eternity") -- we were a TV-evangelist-couple from the south (think Tammy Fae Baker)... very fun... wonderful dinner and lots of champagne...
The following day we recovered from our hangovers and just lounged around.
(Pictures of this also to follow soon...)

January was pretty uneventful... just lots of work, rolling out my system changes to the department, including training all 140 associates in the enhancements.

Barry and I got an SUV (replacing his car) on Jan 24... We got a Toyota FJ Cruiser. It's SO awesome... We totally love it. 4WD and high-clearance... it's going to be so cool to have for the summer going up to camp... and for the winter snow... and just in general it's so cool... :)

Last week (Jan 27 - Feb 3), Barry and I went to Breckenridge, Colorado with a big skiing group. Being that I've always wanted to go skiing out-West... when Matt and Tara suggested that we go with this group that they have gone with a couple times in the past, I jumped at the chance. Barry was looking forward to just getting-away for the week even though he doesn't ski, he figured he could sit in the condo by the fire and relax. It was a great week away from things and I got some good skiing in. At first I was disappointed at the conditions, but then we got about a foot of snow on Wednesday and we went to Vail that day... it was the most amazing riding I've ever done (I'm a snowboarder)... That's what I went out-west expecting. It was great. Barry hurt his knee on the first day, which made it difficult for him to enjoy his time, but we managed to go out around the town one day and go out to eat a couple times. He also cooked a big spaghetti dinner for a group of 10 of us the one night. All-in-all it was a fun time. I'm not sure if I would go out-West for skiing again and may just stick to Vermont for my "big snow"... but who knows... perhaps another ski trip is in my future.

Back to work today... and it's actually been a rather slow day... I caught up on my emails, and thankfully nothing pressing or urgent came-up while I was away. Nothing was planned for today so that I could use the day to catch-up... so I actually had some time to post this. YEAH!

One final note: Barry left his job this afternoon... they really dicked him over -- for the last time! I'm so glad he walked... They gave him a bad annual review... and he works SO DAMN hard for them... they had no right to do that. He stood his ground and told them it was unacceptable to get that kind of rating. They really dicked him over about a raise and promotion several months ago... and things have been going so bad for him there since then... and I've told him several times that the stress of that place isn't worth it... But he kept giving them his best and giving them more chances... today was the final straw, and I'm glad he stood his ground... it's the principle of the whole thing... he handed them an immediate resignation and walked out. On one hand, yes, I'm nervous... with only one salary we're going to have to tighten our belts a little and live a bit less extravagantly... but on the other hand, I'm really happy because perhaps it's a blessing in disguise... A chance for him to start new and fresh somewhere and not have this horrible stress that place was giving him. And also... haven't you always wanted to say "take this job and shove it"? Imagine: he actually got to do that today. *cool*

So that's a wrap-up of the last three months... ending on a pretty big note...
Over the next couple days I'll catch-up on some of my LJ friend's journals... so don't be surprised if you get a response to a post from months ago. :)
*hugs everyone*
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Took off last Thursday and Friday to spend an extra-long weekend with my honey (aka Barry)... Thursday was his 40th birthday... he didn't want to make a big deal over it, and I knew I needed to let him celebrate it how he wanted -- but difficulty was trying to come to the conclusion / decision of what he wanted... Original plans were for a big trip somewhere, which turned into getting an SUV, which turned into nothing... which I wasn't about to have... so it turned into us spending four days together in stress-free relaxation at home. And shopping for TVs... and living room furniture... to make our house more "our home"...

It really was a very nice weekend... and we enjoyed each other's company immensely. Turning 40 for Barry wasn't a major thing -- at least he didn't give an impression as-such... I think he liked it that way... in-fact, I think the fact that no one bothered him or made a big deal out of it was exactly the way he wanted it.
(Please note, that being said, for my 40th [in 6 years], I want huge celebrations and a big trip... At least, that's how I feel now, LOL! We'll see how I feel in 6 years.)

So, we did go shopping and looked at a lot of High-Def TVs... and learned all kinds of things about them... and came to our decision -- and actually ordered it online (Amazon had cheapest price by-far [over $600 cheaper than anywhere else, including brick-and-mortar stores]). So here's Barry's birthday present:
Samsung LNS4692D 46" LCD HDTV
Samsung LNS4692D 46

It's arriving this Friday... OMG I can't wait. (Yes, I admit, his gift is partially mine to enjoy... but seriously, it's for him...)

Also arriving this Friday... our new living room furniture... a large sectional...
Lane South Beach Fabric Sectional
Lane South Beach Fabric Sectional
(No, we aren't getting the exact configuration shown... but it's that product... we're getting the reclining-armed-ends, two reclining-middles, and the two corner wedges.)

We also got new curtains -- with a "Moroccan" style to them (gold and navy blue)... very nice... Living room may be done soon... we just need to put in the wood (pergo) flooring...

OK... so that's the latest home update... Work is going OK... except my boss is still getting on my nerves with his "lack of interest" in my work... and things are starting to build-up here and I've been putting them off (like I always seem to do)... and pretty-soon "D-DAY" is going to arrive and I'm going to be a stressed little puppy...

But with that TV and sectional to come home to... I think I can deal with a little stress. ;)

Oh! Shiny!

Jun. 7th, 2006 12:41 pm
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Went to the fabric store this morning looking for white pleather to make a vest for Dawn (for this weekend). Besides getting the run-around saying that they don't carry it and then finding it in the remnants-bin and then finding the rolls of it... the real thing that I wanted to remember from the trip is...

I get so dreamy and lost when I look at colorful and sparkly fabric. It is such a secret dream of mine to be a fashion designer... to be able to make fabulous dresses and shirts and suits... to make clothing that would just "wow" people and make people look fabulous! There's nothing that catches my interest more than looking through all the flowing, soft, silky, shiny, glittery, furry, glamorous, feathery, colorful fabrics. I want to buy it all.

This, by-the-way, is a rather recent realization for me... only within the last couple years have I ever felt like this about fabrics... and only since "Project Runway" last year do I secretly wish more than anything to be a fashion designer.
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Friday night Barry made pancakes for dinner, which were awesome! It's funny how breakfasts can sometimes make the best dinners. After pancakes, the four of us played pinochle and drank and hung-out... Then we all decided to go to Diamonz to continue the fun evening. It was a good-time out at the bar... Wore my kilt, wheee! Hung out with some people and drank and danced a little... ended up staying until last-call... Leaving was an "interesting" event when Don caused a little drunken-scene because he didn't want to leave... and he ended up being punched by someone. (Drama... *rolls eyes*)

Saturday was rainy and cold -- in-fact it even snowed!! *Blech!* So we did not go up to camp... we rested and watched TV most of the day. Went out to eat dinner (at the Colonial House) then went shoe-shopping to get Barry and new pair of sneakers. (New sneakers for Florida... yay!)

Sunday we got the OK to go up to camp and start work on preparing our site for the new trailer. We started by emptying-out the old trailer of all our personal belongings... and then started dismantling the porch. The dismantling went really quick and smoothly... until the roof... we didn't really know how to "topple" the thing... so Barry just started cutting out supports with the chainsaw. I was a little scared about what might happen... but all-in-all it went well... and we were fairly safe (watching where things would fall and making sure it wasn't "on our head")... Knocked out the last support (and can I just say, a 2x4 can hold a lot more weight than I thought it could)... and the roof came crashing down... Got some help from Ken & Don & Tim and in-no-time the roof and floor were dismantled, and then they pulled the trailer out. It was done... I still can't really believe we totally cleaned the site out in one day... there's nothing left except a pile of wood in the back, and a pile of shingles in the front.

It was a long day of rough work (sore today)... but all worth it... and now I have no worries about us being ready for the new trailer in-time. My only concern now is, "Will the trailer fit?". It looks like it's gonna be tight... tighter than we thought...
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GAP Square-Cut BoxersGot them...
Wearing them...
Loving them...

Thanks [ profile] sambass :)
(link to post that started the craving)

Other birthday goodies got while shopping at the mall last night:

  • cool "clubbing" shirt
  • feather mattress-top for our bed
  • automatic umbrella (black one for me and a rainbow one for camp too)
  • towels
  • a new outfit for "Heidi Ho"

So what do you think I'd dream about on the night of my 33rd birthday? I would have hoped something exotic or deep or erotic even perhaps? But no... I dream about the milk lady... )
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Christmas Eve was spent wrapping gifts all day... Barry worked on putting the Bowflex together. (or "Blowfex" as we call it now because of how hard it was to put together. I could hear cursing and banging coming from the room... so I stayed far out of Barry's way while he worked on it.) I ran and did a tiny bit of last-minute shopping too... but not much.

Christmas Eve evening we went to Barry's mom's house for a gathering there. Ken and Don went with us... met some more of Barry's family (aunts/uncles) that I had never met before and everyone ate, drank, and was merry. It was very nice... she had a big buffet spread of all kinds of foods and we drank and played liar's dice late into the evening. I even got a gift from his mom... I didn't expect anything... it was very sweet of her. It was a very different "Christmas Eve" dinner than I'm used too... I grew up with a traditional Polish / Catholic dinner at Grandmom's (no meat: fish, potatoes, & pierogies) followed by midnight mass. Quite different, eh? LOL!

After we all had plenty of Christmas "cheer" (aka Barry was in no shape to drive), Ken, Don, Barry, and I went to Diamonz on our way home to toast to Christmas. We got there at 11:55 and they closed at Midnight... luckily Barry knew the bartender and sweet-talked him into letting us get one round. (I tipped him well... :) Then we came home and all exchanged gifts. It was fun... unwrapped each other too -- a little teasing / flirting going on -- nothing "happened", just fun. Finally all passed out into bed around 2 or so. (New icon is from a picture we took that night... "me as drunk santa" I think I'll call it.)

Christmas morning I awoke at 7:30ish eager to get to my sister's to open presents. Barry wasn't moving though and was grumpy... I tried to be very gentle (figuring he had a hangover) but he wouldn't budge. I was afraid Christmas was going to be cancelled... but he finally started moving when my sister called at 8:45 to see where we were. We finally made it over at about 10:30... my poor sister and mom -- I'm sure it was just eating them up that they had to wait so long to open gifts. *giggle* *sigh*

Gift exchange with my family was great -- lots and lots of presents all around. We have a tradition of going around one gift at a time, youngest to oldest. It takes a lot of time, but lets everyone enjoy the gifts. I don't remember all the gifts... the first few that come to mind: a power-hand-sander, omaha steaks, phaltzgraff dishes, and madonna's new CD. I think Barry was a little shocked at how many gifts he had... I had warned him that my mom and dad make sure that everyone has an equal amount of gifts (so no one gets jealous). :)

After the gift exchange, we sat around and played with our new toys... including setting up my mom's portable printer that we got her. Then we watched a movie and almost fell asleep on the couch when Chris' parents arrived and there was another round of gifts, then my Aunt Maureen arrived and there was another round of gifts. Then we all ate huge dinner of lasagna, ham, mac-and-cheese, potatoes, etc. Yum! Followed by desert. Barry and I barely were able to roll out the door after all that... but managed to make our way home to collapse.

Quite a holiday it was! And although the major holiday stuff is over, there still seems to be a lot to do -- mainly getting the house ready now that we will be able to concentrate on it. Monday, Barry spent the entire day with the Blowfex and almost got it all together. I went shopping with Ken to find a "pantry" for our kitchen so that Barry and I can get food... we also got some shelves for the closet and other things for the house... I think that within the next two weeks we are really going to be able to concentrate on getting this house "unpacked"... Which we really need to do, since the 14th is the big party. A quick glance at the calendar shows nothing for the next two weeks -- so that's a good thing... Barry and I need to calm down a bit and really spend some time on "us".

This morning, Chubby arrived and started work on the basement bathroom. He's down there now banging and sawing away. I can't wait for that to be done... Don't know what we're going to do with all the stuff in the house... but things are getting there slowly. It'll be great once the bathroom is finished so we have one less thing to worry about... at least we don't have to actually do any "work" to build the bathroom.
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Barry and I finished off a nice relaxing weekend... we took Monday off of work so that we could relax. Well... OK... so we really took it off so that we could fix the roof of the porch at camp, but because of the rain, we decided against it (again) and just made it into a relaxing weekend. Sunday was quiet up at camp... it's so different up there on a non-weekend... so much quieter.

Barry and I spent some time Monday morning surfing the web at camp using the Dell... (YAY!) and made our plans for our trip to Arizona... we decided to not attempt a side trip to San Diego (sorry [ profile] jkusters) because it would just take too long and be too frustrating trying to cram too much into one week. So we're going to do Grand Canyon Sunday evening (watch sunset), and the Petrified Forest Monday, and spend the rest of the week in Phoenix doing little day trips or just around town. We found a clothing-optional gay resort in Phoenix (The Arizona Royal Villa)... which looks like it should be nice and convenient to downtown... but we're also looking forward to hearing from [ profile] thepup to get his opinion. Can't believe the trip is less than a month away already! I booked most of our hotels this afternoon.

Monday afternoon, we headed home and showered and then went down to IKEA. I wanted to go to IKEA to use a gift-card that I had gotten for my birthday and they were having a sale on sheets for $39... Unfortunately the king sheets were all sold out (except for white, blech)... but we found other ways of spending my money. Like candles and mugs for camp and floor-mats for our office chairs. We spent several hours in IKEA... it was such fun -- looking at all the different furniture and ideas for setting up a kitchen and house... we bounced a lot of ideas of each other and started to see how our decorating ideas can mesh.

Today I'm working from home... kinda just came out that way even though I hadn't planned too. I really have to admit that it's nice to be able to work here and be able to get some household chores done on my "non-smoker smoke breaks"... at work I would just surf or walk around the office... here I'm productive even when I'm not working. (OK... so I still update LJ too... lol)
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Thousands of dollars later, and we have a dining room with 6 (of 7) huge boxes in it... and a 50 page book of Bowflex assembly instructions... Oh what fun... and it's 6 of 7 because one of them didn't make it yet... "opened in transit" which delayed its arrival... so I'm working at home again this morning until UPS gets here again today. Hopefully soon, as I kind of miss the office and feel like I should be there.

I had to fast last night for blood-work... I had to go to the doctor this morning at 9am to give some blood (cholesterol and HIV test)... fasting for just overnight and I was feeling all "OMG I have to eat"... I stopped at McD's right after the blood letting... partially a reward for myself at fasting for 12 hours... partially a reward for the "agony" of the blood letting... Needless to say, I guess perhaps I don't have the personal strength to fast (or diet even) for a day like I thought I did.

I'm planning to go to First Thursday tonight. I'm not planning to stay late (probably just 7 to 9 or so)...
Barry is going out with a friend... I'm kind of sad that he didn't invite me along with them. (Jealous? OK, maybe I guess a little, but not excessively, it's more that he's going without even thinking of inviting me, which makes me wonder if he's covering something, which is totally unwarranted, so I know it's just "normal" feelings of insecurity I guess).

Friday, Barry and I are planning a trip to IKEA. Well, OK, so it's my idea and plans... even if it is to get him sheets (heard a commercial that they have a linen sale this weekend: 400-thread-count Queen/King for $40)... but I also just want to do IKEA as it has been ages. Saturday we are going to help Robyn move... then we both took Monday off so that we could stay at camp Sunday and Monday to repair the roof of the porch (which has been leaking and rotting all summer).

Can't frigg'n wait to get into the office and get my Dell too! Poor thing has been sitting there unopened all day yesterday and last night. I guess I do have more strength than I thought because I've been able to keep myself from going into the office and getting it so that I could be here for the Bowflex arrival. Good god will UPS get here already!!
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I slept in until almost noon...

Watched TV...

Went to BJ's for supplies with Barry... $216 later, we walk out with a trunk-load of food and stuff. BJ's is dangerous... it's "oh yeah, we could use that and that and that" and it's all at a "good price"... just all those good prices add up quick when your cart is full. Oh well... it is all good stuff... we didn't even buy anything extravagant. (Speaking of which... in addition to the Dell Laptop I bought last week, I also bought Barry and I a Bowflex... one of the Ultimate 2 models [top-of-the-line]... so I think I'm done with "extravagant" purchases for a little while.)

After BJ's we came home and watched TV... and I started to unpack some more... I'm getting on a little anxious kick where I'm getting annoyed at the fact that we STILL have a garage full of boxes after we've lived here for almost 6 months. So I figure I should run with it while I have the unpacking bug.

Now I can't sleep... Barry starts a new schedule tomorrow... 9:30-6:00... he did it so that our schedules would be more in-line with each other (we could wake up together and sleep together)... so we went to bed together at about 11:30... but I couldn't sleep. Possibly because I slept in so late... but also just because I have too much on my mind. I finished the "Condo Certificate of Resale" for one of the unit owners in my condo association that is selling their place. Now I'm just sitting here in front my PC twiddling my thumbs... not able to sleep... it really kind of sucks.

There's a lot of things on my mind... it's not a good thing... and it's making me lose sleep...
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Went out and bought Harry Potter CDs yesterday. I'm a little upset because when I inquired about pre-ordering it months ago, they said no... but found out yesterday that I could have... so I lost about $7 because of that. Oh well... I figured it was worth it to just get it now while it's still on sale at 30% off... Normally the CDs cost $75! So... I got them for $55... Good lord that's a lot of money. I'm hoping I can convince my one coworker (who loves the Harry Potter audiobooks as much as I do) to share the cost a bit because he may want to borrow them.

I also went on a Target shopping spree... gosh, I just realized I was REALLY in a shopping mood yesterday afternoon. I got Barry and I a crockpot and I also got a toy for myself: an external hard-drive... 120GB! I NEEDED that so bad... my computer was full (20GB drive) and I was so frustrated that I couldn't do anything with it anymore... The main reason my computer is full is because of all the photos I take... my camera (the Canon 20D) takes pictures at 8megapix so each picture is 2-3MB and a "roll of film" is a 1GB card (200+ pictures) so each time I go on a "photo shoot" I end up with 1GB of pictures! I need to learn to delete pictures... but just like negatives, I feel like I should never throw the originals away. Anyway... my photo taking has been put on the back burner for several months now because I had no where to put the pictures once I took them... now I can snap away again! YAY! That makes me feel good (and creative). (PS: This external hard-drive rocks! It was literally as easy as "plug it in and use it".)

Barry made some awesome chili for dinner last night... and we had two guests over: Tom and Patrick. It was my first time meeting Barry's friend Tom. He was shy and quiet, but seemed very nice. I'm sure I'm probably a little bit to "get used too" the first time someone meets me... LOL. It was a pleasant evening... we sat around, drank wine, ate, chatted, and watched a couple episodes of "So Graham Norton" and one of "First Comes Love"... a very "gay evening"... :)
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I got my goodies from two recent eBay purchases!! Whoo hoo! Here's the first... and I think it's really cool... I'm still wearing it and don't want to take it off. My icon has probably already given it away... but behind the cut is the full picture!

Pictures of me in my new... )

For those gay men who are my LJ Friends... I have another post that I just posted with some more pictures... but I'm restricting that post to gay-friends-only... I have trepidation about putting them up for the world to see, as I guess my self-esteem can't handle it (thinking that most would not want to see them).


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