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Weekend was a blast! So much fun and lots of hot bears... So glad [ profile] labelsdc could join Barry and I. He has some recap and pictures at his post.

Volunteering at Musikfest last night went very well. It really is such a nice time volunteering there -- hanging out with friends and helping-out the great festival. Followed-up the volunteering with some beers at the Brew Works and hanging with friends... and then a 20-piece chicken McNuggets at 3am... Yum Yum!

Dragging at work today... feel like I'm two steps behind... probably because I am. That's all for now... gotta run...
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That little red-headed chick -- Wendy -- serves up a mean hamburger, fries, soda, and frosty...

So, I'm not sure if it's just because I haven't had Wendy's in ages or what... but I just had an almost orgasmic experience with a frosty and some fries. *Yummmmmmy*

There's something about Wendy's that brings up all kinds of memories of High School... we had one next-door to our high school and used to hang-out there after school. That's where I first dipped a fry into my frosty and found out how good salt, potatoes, and chocolate icy go together. (Hey, don't squint your nose up at me if you haven't tried it.) It's also where I learned to play the "strute" (a straw-flute). I laughed so hard soda came out my nose. I imitated a teacher I hated and fell backwards in my chair, legs-in-the-air... friends laughing so hard that soda came out their noses. Got my favorite music teacher more than one "Biggie Ice Tea"... she was almost never seen without one.

Ahhh... good times... good times...

As I was on my way to lunch, saw a "Safety Checkpoint"... nearly broke my neck checking out the cops... Holy crap Bethlehem has some HOT officers.

On my way to work, I just had to go out of my way to go through the checkpoint. When the cop told me to stop, and handed me the card, and smiled and said, "We're just checking to make sure everyone is wearing their seat-belts today sir. Thanks." I nearly melted... Good lord... I wanted to go around the block just to go through again.
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OK this was fun... Wasted too much of my time, but fun...

Thanks [ profile] shadowbearmn for the link to HeroMachine...

These guys are hot, aren't they? They can be my hero anytime.


Officer Woofy

I feel funny being attracted to a cartoon. ;)
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I got my goodies from two recent eBay purchases!! Whoo hoo! Here's the first... and I think it's really cool... I'm still wearing it and don't want to take it off. My icon has probably already given it away... but behind the cut is the full picture!

Pictures of me in my new... )

For those gay men who are my LJ Friends... I have another post that I just posted with some more pictures... but I'm restricting that post to gay-friends-only... I have trepidation about putting them up for the world to see, as I guess my self-esteem can't handle it (thinking that most would not want to see them).
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Working from home... half a sick day as I'm fighting a rough cold -- which I no doubt aggravated the cold this weekend from lack of sleep and being cold...

Long description of weekend... )

So... now you can see why I was so tired last night and why I did nothing to thwart this cold that is now hitting me hard.
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I'm so extreemly tired. I can't even journal properly...
Upon getting home tonight I did some much needed catch-up time with Kim, so I must admit to putting-off my journal entry... so I'll have to do that tomorrow... but just to not forget what I need to write about...

Friday Night: Leather party, "Devil's Den", getting whipped by lesbians, making out
Saturday: Sleeping in (aka hangover), lost contact (eye gaurds), outfit, auction (of me)
Sunday: Waiting tables at cafe, tired

Well... that should about cover it... until tomorrow when I can (hopefully) document and reflect upon the long weekend.
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OMG... What a weekend!!

Friday night, picked up my cousin, Angie (who is basically a female me -- we are same age and laugh and drink the same and share such a great connection). She flew in from Atlanta GA for a trade show in Philly this week (Sun, Mon, Tue)... After freshening up a bit, we went right to the Brew Works and closed-the-bar on Friday night, woke up and shopped all day on Saturday (I bought EIGHT pairs of shoes -- 3 of which were mens shoes -- OMG too funny... I'm really getting into this camp-drag stuff -- it's fun, I do it for entertainment purposes, don't worry, I'm not into wearing women's clothing around town... :)

After shopping, we went to Celtic Fest and drank the night away on Saturday... Then stopped by the Brew Works for some more beer and to say hi to the bartenders (including Aaron, what a cutie!)... then we went to Todd's house for more fun, beer, and naked hot-tubbing!

Sunday, my cousin and I had brunch and I drove her to Philly to her hotel. I came back home, changed back into my kilt (wore a kilt all weekend except for the trip to Philly), and then met up with Ken & Don (and several of their friends) for more beers at Celtic Classic. I was invited to dinner at a beautiful house (two gay guys who live near me -- knew my friends I didn't know them) -- the dinner was incredible. I thought I hated pesto sauce -- and then I tried his... OMG it was incredible!

I was drinking all evening and convinced my friends to go to Diamonz (the local gay bar) on the way home -- Had a blast there -- when we got there, I knew like 4 or 5 people in the bar -- one of whom, Randy, I knew from church and had a crush on (he was with a partner then) -- well, he's single now. We all hung out and drank and sang Karaoke (yes, I even sang, that's how drunk I got)... Eventually almost everyone in the bar (about 20 people) knew me and I had several guys looking under my kilt (one older scary guy reached under and grabbed my cock; but then, one hot guy put his head right under and put my dick in his mouth!! I love kilts! ;) Ken and Don got into an argument -- not sure what, but Ken was upset with Don for something -- being sexual with someone I'm sure without Ken's permission. They got really upset and cranky fast and Ken said "we're leaving"... I asked Randy if he would drive me home and he said he would, so Ken and Don left without me. I hung out with Randy and made passes at him and I should have stopped drinking, but you know me... Once I start and get to "that point" I can't stop myself. Anyway... I got pretty toasted... But at least I remember... I remember Randy driving me home and me asking him if he wanted to come in... And he did, and we got naked and played around for an hour or so -- but we were both "too drunk to perform" and so nothing happened besides me making him feel really good (I hope) and me feeling good... I hope I get to see him again. (No, he's not boyfriend material... He's probably about 45 or 50 and has two teenage daughters and his ex-partner still lives with him... But he's very attractive... And I hope to be able to hook up again sometime when I'm more sober.)
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Tonight's journal entry is spawned from [ profile] ovenmitcub's posting today about Blue Collar Brigade (joining his gym)... Interestingly enough, I just joined a local gym last week. I was a member a few years ago and loved working out. I'm not very fit and was worried about the attitude thing -- but everyone is generally nice and busy minding his or her own business working out. And man the eye candy is so nice! Half of the reason I rejoined was the locker room... :)

So anyway, just yesterday I was showering (in the communal shower) and this cute, larger, older guy was showering and I swear he started checking me out. I liked it, but suddenly I started to get so shy and scared (just as I started to get a hard on too!)... all those fantasies I've had, and now that it was actually happening I completely froze-up and didn't know what to do. I turned on the cold water and told myself I was crazy and it was nothing... Then I went to the urinal (three in a row no dividers, I went to the one on the right)... he came up to next to me (the center one) and made sure I could see all I wanted to see. Again -- I froze up, finished peeing and quickly high-tailed it out of there with my growing hard-on hiding behind my small towel (my gym provides smurf-sized towels). Anyway... that's my little story about the gym... Don't know what I'll do if this happens again -- suggestions anyone?

OH... and here's another interesting tidbit... My friend was a member of the same gym... we were talking about the locker rooms one night... she was so shocked that men walk around naked and have a communal shower. She said in the female locker room, the showers are separate stalls and that none of the women walk around naked. I was so sad to hear that for her -- although she's straight and she was actually happy it was that way. LOL Anyway, I told her that in the men's room, the guys walk around naked with their towels over their shoulder and I swear they are parading themselves around on purpose (even if not consciously). And I was really surprised to see how many of the guys shave their balls (and/or pubic hair)... I thought that only gay guys did that... how wrong I was -- or, how wrong I was about the gay population percentage.


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