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Fun night tonight... went out on the town with Carolyn and Dawn and Greg...
OK, OK... so "out on the town" meant Brew Works and Loopers... but had some good dinner (Brew Works) and then some good martini's (Loopers) and it felt like a whole evening-out-on-the-town. And it was... considering I don't get out much anymore.

Especially nice "release" after the whole "car issues" we're going through.

So while we were sitting there tonight... SOMEHOW it came up that we should go to Boston... and I said "YES! Let's do it!" We've been saying that for some time now... and every time we say we should, something comes up. So we just called Barry's friend ("D") and said "We'll be there tomorrow"...

I'm not really sleepy... I should be... but instead I'm catching-up on some long-overdue LJ reading...

We'll be in Boston tomorrow by noon. Spending just the evening there... go out on the town there Saturday night... so if anyone in Boston reads this... text message me! (contact info on my profile) :)

Returning Sunday for dinner at Barry's mom's... so it'll be a really quick trip... but really looking forward to it.
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Barry and I drove to Philly after work to meet my brother (Peter Alan) and his wife and two kids for dinner. They are visiting Philly (from Ohio) for four days... and I didn't want their visit to go by (being so close) without getting to see them. It was nice to join them for dinner... and the dinner was very good (BTW)... "White Dog Cafe" -- good food, and all organic and stuff. I'm not a big "organic" person, shall we say, but when presented with such great choices... I'm all-for-it... and it didn't disappoint.

Barry took-off Thursday... so that we could spend it with Peter and his family in Hershey... but when we brought up the suggestion with them, I immediately realized that my suspicions that they really wanted a "family" vacation (with just themselves) was correct... they really wanted to spend the day with just their kids in Hershey... which I completely understand. I remember trips with my family and there weren't aunts and uncles involved in those trips... so I can understand wanting to have some "family time"... I admit that it would have been fun to go to Hershey... and I think Barry was sad to not go... but I think we'll make good use of the day... and perhaps make a four day weekend out of it... :)

Barry was driving like a manic there and back. I have no idea what the heck "speed bug" got into his shorts this evening... all I know is that I got so nervous and pissed at him that I just closed my eyes and leaned-back in the seat and tried hard not to think about cars flipping hood-over-trunk. (And trust me, having seen a car do that in-front of me two years ago, it's a hard image not to have in my head.) Yes... I actually was singing "these are a few of my favorite things" ("snowflakes that stay on your nose and eye lashes, brown paper packages tied up with strings") in my head to try and stay calm.

Once home, we watched some TV... and Barry went to bed... Kim called and was out at the Brew Works... I needed a beer, and being that it may possibly be the last Tuesday Night* that she'd be here in Bethlehem... so, I went out to join her for a few beers. It was really nice, kicking-back and drinking some beers, and shooting-the-bull. :) Very nice. (*We used to have this tradition of going out on Tuesday nights... and closing the bar... it started several years ago on a St Patrick's night... and ever since then, "Tuesday Night" has been special to us.)

Now I'm here... at 3:30am... and watching my music-videos on TV... and updating Live Journal... thinking about how I SHOULD be tired... but I'm not. *sigh*

PS: Two responses to my "coming out" emails earlier... both very positive. *yay!*
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OMG... it's so hot in this house!! It's 3AM, and I'm sitting here at the computer because I can't sleep because it's too damn hot. The thermostat says it's 81'F in here... but honestly it feels a hell of a lot hotter. Must be the humidity and the lack of air movement. *pant, pant, pant*

Air conditioning is broke until Wednesday... *sigh*

And to add wood to the fire, I have the song It's Too Darn Hot running through my head!
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This weekend went really well up at camp. It was "Bears Weekend" and there was lots of yummy eye-candy. Barry and I decided to take this weekend (and next [Memorial Day]) off and relax: do no work... it was nice. Try as I might though, I just could not work myself up to going out to the clubhouse on Saturday evening. I think it was because I was tipsy at the 2pm Bear Party... and then got sober... once that happens, it's all over. I either stay drunk (and get drunker), or I get a headache and tired and must sleep.

We did end up doing some work... but not on our site... we helped our neighbors (Dawn & Helen) work on their deck. It was good experience for when we build ours. At first the task of building a deck was overwhelming me and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to do it. But after working with theirs, I'm confident now that we'll be able to do it.

Final thought: I'm so tired today... "Why?" you ask... let me tell you... because I was up until 5am this morning... "Working? Being productive?" you ask... No. I was f*cking playing a PC game. Fate So much fun... I couldn't put it away... and the TV and that had my mind going frantic... so I wasn't even tired.

I don't understand it: I get tired on weekends at camp (when I should be partying)... and wake up early at camp (when I should be sleeping)... and then as soon as I'm home and have to work: suddenly I'm wide awake all night long and dragging my ass in the morning trying to get up and get motivated to go into the office. *AARGH!*
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Late on a Monday night... evening wrapping up and just thinking about heading to bed. It's so funny that on weekends at camp I'm passing out at 10/11pm and actually feeling tired... while, now, when I SHOULD be going to bed, I'm sitting here kind-of restless. I can only assume that it's because I'm sedentary all day sitting at my PC, while at camp we've been working all day long doing things around the site and staying active. (It would also explain why I'm sore. ;)

We really got a lot more stuff done this weekend. Including finalizing our plans for the guest-house and deck. However, we just decided tonight that we aren't going to build the guest-house this year... for a couple reasons, the two main reasons being money and usage -- we can't justify the cost of building it (both $$ and time/labor) for the usage that it would get. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have company and guests stay at our site... but $5000+ is a bit much to spend... especially when we're still paying off the camper and the new bathroom downstairs. I'm thinking next year, and we'll be able to focus on it a bit more so that we can probably save some money (build more ourselves). The deck will be our only project for this year... I'm going to try and keep the momentum going, cause I know that if Barry and I sit back and say "OK, looks good, let's do it next week" it will end up being the week-after-never... we both work better with deadlines.

Other things at camp are going well... we just need to get out and visit people yet... we've been so busy with our own site that I'm forgetting what the rest of the campground looks like. LOL.

Darn TV

Mar. 14th, 2006 03:27 am
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It's sad when the DVR cuts you off so it "can perform nightly maintenance"...
Why aren't I asleep? Stupid TV... it awakens me... I don't know why I sit and watch it at night hoping to feel sleepy... it honestly does the opposite... it keeps me awake. I need to start reading or something.
Thank god my DVR has more sense than me and kicked me off... I think I'm finally starting to get sleepy now... and gee... it's "only" 3:30am.
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Ugh... I'm alive... I'm never drinking again... well... not until the next time I do...
I drank so much Friday night that I'm still recovering. :( It was a fun evening though... we had dinner out at Colonial House then came back here and played cards and drank all night... and when I say "all night" -- that's exactly what I mean. Being that the drink of the evening was Red Bull and vodka (peach vodka for me)... we were quiet hopped-up on caffeine and alcohol... switched to ice tea and vodka when the red bull got too sweet. I guess they tasted horrible: according to everyone else that was there on whom I was apparently constantly trying to get them to try the different drink concoctions I was coming up with... Oh god what was I thinking? Well... by about 2am I wasn't thinking... LOL! but supposedly no one went to sleep until 6 or 7am. Needless to say, I was VERY hung-over on Saturday. Went to dinner with Barry's family to celebrate his niece's 17th birthday... I don't think they noticed me run to the bathroom when I first got there to puke my guts out... but thankfully I felt much better then and pecked at a few pieces of salad. Today (Sunday) I slept in and woke up starving... ate, watched TV, played cards, and slept all day... now it's almost 1am and I'm not tired... Ugh... Why, oh why, do I do this? Guess I'm training for Vegas this weekend, eh?
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I slept in until almost noon...

Watched TV...

Went to BJ's for supplies with Barry... $216 later, we walk out with a trunk-load of food and stuff. BJ's is dangerous... it's "oh yeah, we could use that and that and that" and it's all at a "good price"... just all those good prices add up quick when your cart is full. Oh well... it is all good stuff... we didn't even buy anything extravagant. (Speaking of which... in addition to the Dell Laptop I bought last week, I also bought Barry and I a Bowflex... one of the Ultimate 2 models [top-of-the-line]... so I think I'm done with "extravagant" purchases for a little while.)

After BJ's we came home and watched TV... and I started to unpack some more... I'm getting on a little anxious kick where I'm getting annoyed at the fact that we STILL have a garage full of boxes after we've lived here for almost 6 months. So I figure I should run with it while I have the unpacking bug.

Now I can't sleep... Barry starts a new schedule tomorrow... 9:30-6:00... he did it so that our schedules would be more in-line with each other (we could wake up together and sleep together)... so we went to bed together at about 11:30... but I couldn't sleep. Possibly because I slept in so late... but also just because I have too much on my mind. I finished the "Condo Certificate of Resale" for one of the unit owners in my condo association that is selling their place. Now I'm just sitting here in front my PC twiddling my thumbs... not able to sleep... it really kind of sucks.

There's a lot of things on my mind... it's not a good thing... and it's making me lose sleep...
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Barry and I went out for dinner at the Colonial House. Had a good dinner... and several beers... and played some MegaTouch...
Got home around 10pm... and I wasn't tired... I'm still not tired... it's midnight...

I've actually been working for the last two hours... Yes... actual work... I mean, OK, so I'm geekily impressed with myself for something that I did today at work (created the basis for a method to import tab-delimited text into the database via a web user interface)... I created it really quick too, like in just a few hours at the end of the day. Well, it's not perfect yet, and so that's what I was playing with for about an hour or so. I noticed while I was testing and playing with it that my server was running really slow... so I started to investigate and found that the server had a runaway process on it. (I think I caused it earlier in the day by possibly creating a continuous-loop in one of my test pages... oops) Well, anyway, so the nightly reports weren't running. So I rebooted the computer and kicked off the reports again. I'm really glad / lucky that I found that tonight... because if the users found it on Monday morning, I would have had some ugly messages for me to start my week.

I'm still not tired at all... I don't want to be up all night doing nothing... but I also don't really feel like going to bed... but I don't want to do anything... it's a weird feeling...

I don't feel settled in my life... it's a weird feeling...

My allergies / cold / poison ivy (which is what I think these itchy dots are all over my body, either that or chicken pox -- which they can't be because I had them already and they really don't fit the description)... anyway... I don't feel healthy really... for the past two months or so? I'm looking forward to my doctor appointment on Tuesday. (Yes, I actually made an appointment this past Tuesday.)

Everything is just a little weird... off-balance... fighting between two sides but the sides aren't defined...

This is a late-night-stream-of-conscious post... but sometimes those are good to get things out of my head so I can rest.

I'm looking forward to finding balance in my life...

Perhaps seeing a medical doctor is not the only doctor I need to see... I don't feel like I can really talk to anyone in my life anymore because everyone is connected to everyone and everyone has feelings about this-and-that and no one is really seeing the whole picture... including myself. I see things the way I want to see them when I see them and the next time I see them they are completely different.


After a post like this... it's amazing to think that I just spent two hours doing really technical / geeky stuff.
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Barry and I got our first fuel-oil delivery today. Whoo hoo! *yawn* But goodness, it's rather expensive... over $300 for about 3/4 of a tank... I wonder how fast we'll use it once it gets cold outside again?

We went to the drive-in movies tonight... Saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Fantastic Four". Charlie was quite good... I really enjoyed it and thought it was well done. Fantastic Four was really cool too... I thoroughly enjoyed them both.

When we got home (at 1:00am), I finally booked our flights for this weekend. Barry and I are both going to go down to GA to visit my parents... We won't leave until Saturday night (7pm), so I'll be able to help his sister move. We'll be flying back on Monday night (with my sister) just to make things a little easier, and also so that Barry and I don't have to take two days of vacation. All should work out splendidly. And the cost wasn't as bad as I had feared... just under $200 each... I figure if we had driven, it would cost about $200 anyway... so it wouldn't have made any sense for me to drive alone.

So, after I made the flight purchase... my adrenaline pumping... now I can't sleep... so I've been surfing the web and such.

I was reading a post by [ profile] jkusters in-which he mentions that he plans on purchasing a Utilikilt at the San Diego Pride Festival this weekend. I wrote him a comment and searched for pictures of me in my kilts... I had almost thought that I didn't have any of me in my kilts... but I found some really good ones...

This picture is of me on my first day with my new utilikilt (Sept2002) (My new "Kilt" icon!)

Here's me and Steven (the founder/owner of Utilikilts) [matching Workman's... although you can see his has been worn a bit more] (Sept2003)

And, I had to search high-and-low to find this one... I think it is one of the few I have of me in my Khaki Utilikilt... "kick'n up my heels" [I was a little drunk at camp last year and they were trying to get a picture of what I was wearing under it] (Oct2004)

There was a time when wearing my Utilikilt made me really stand out in the crowd... but honestly, times are changing, and now they really aren't big news anymore. There are a lot of them being worn here in Bethlehem at our two big summer festivals, and every year it seems like there's more.

I find more and more times to wear them... and wearing them during non-festival times is best... I get lots of compliments. (One time I even had a guy go right under at a bar and start blowing me. *eh hmm* OK, so we were both drunk... and it didn't go any further... but it was fun.) :)
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I should be asleep... but alas... I sit here at 2:15am... and I'm really not tired.

I ate too much stromboli for dinner and it isn't settling... and I'm not tired... and I cannot get comfortable... I was tired when we went to bed at 10pm, but couldn't fall asleep and then Barry fell asleep and I just couldn't get comfortable. I got up and moved to the guest-room, but then I was having terrible "nightmares" thinking about the episode of "Oz" that we watched just before going to bed. So I got up and turned on my computer... went to "" to check out the chat room a little -- had never been on it before, but know that a lot of people [including Barry] use it and wanted to see what it was all about. I instantly got messages from three guys... probably cause I'm "new meat" or something... one guy seemed nice enough and talked with him for about 10 sentences, then decided I had enough. Figured I would catch up on LiveJournal... hope this gets me tired... but probably will end up watching some TV and then trying again.

Camp this weekend was nice and relaxing. Yesterday, I think Barry and I slept more than we were awake. It was such a beautiful day outside... perfect weather for the annual "Homemade Raft Race". Following raft race, some guys had made 500 jello shots, which disappeared quickly. Barry and I must have had almost 40 between the two of us... needless to say, we got quite buzzed. But the buzz didn't last long as we took a nap and it wore off quick. I wasn't much in the mood to socialize then, but we went up to the clubhouse for the "White Party" anyway. It was OK, but the camp didn't do anything for the theme, so other than a few people wearing white, it wasn't all that exciting.

Today we sat by the pool all morning/afternoon. Then came home and watched some TV and ordered-in.


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