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I finally uploaded pictures!! Yay me...

These photos are from the "Fall Foliage Train Ride" that we took back on Oct 14th.
Here's some highlights...

I got a pumpkin on my face! :)
More pictures... )

The rest of the pictures can be found in this gallery:
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So in a response to a posting by [ profile] jkusters, I wrote a comment about dancing... and I felt the need for a new icon... hence, my new ballroom dancing icon...

I was relating some tips on free-style dancing and it brought to mind my ballroom dancing... and how very sad I am that I don't do it anymore... and that there just isn't anywhere to go for guy-with-guy dancing. And, I mean ballroom dancing... because, yes, there are the clubs... for good free-style dancing... and the occasional cha-cha or hustle thrown in there... but wouldn't it be great to have the ability to go out every Tuesday night to the public dance-hall down the street and teach Barry how to dance there.

OK, OK, yes, I have occasionally seen two men dancing together there... but I guess I just won't feel comfortable being the only gay couple there... It's not that people say anything... and, in-fact most of the male dance instructors are gay anyway... but it's just the silence and avoidance of it that makes it uncomfortable. I would feel more comfortable with the straight guys and gals laughing about it rather than them just being completely silent and ignoring (skipping over) the gay guys in the circle.

I don't know... I guess with time, if we were a regular couple there, we would become completely accepted... just like anywhere else -- once people get to know you (and realize that your gayness is not a disease or something), they warm-up to you and it could be really fun. I just don't know if I'm ready for that initial warm-up period... and if Barry would be either?

I'm by-no-means a great free-style dancer... but I love getting out there and dancing to the music. Ballroom dancing, on the other hand, I used to be really good at... it came very naturally to me... I took Arthur Murray classes for 5+ years and it really built my confidence. Not only my confidence to ask anyone onto the dance floor, but also my confidence in life... something I was pretty good at... something that made me unique (in a good way).

But now it's something "in my past" -- I'm losing my dancing skills... if you don't use them, you loose them... *sigh* Now I'm all depressed...

Oh well... nothing to be depressed about really... need to get cracking on work... back to the grindstone...
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Christmas Eve was spent wrapping gifts all day... Barry worked on putting the Bowflex together. (or "Blowfex" as we call it now because of how hard it was to put together. I could hear cursing and banging coming from the room... so I stayed far out of Barry's way while he worked on it.) I ran and did a tiny bit of last-minute shopping too... but not much.

Christmas Eve evening we went to Barry's mom's house for a gathering there. Ken and Don went with us... met some more of Barry's family (aunts/uncles) that I had never met before and everyone ate, drank, and was merry. It was very nice... she had a big buffet spread of all kinds of foods and we drank and played liar's dice late into the evening. I even got a gift from his mom... I didn't expect anything... it was very sweet of her. It was a very different "Christmas Eve" dinner than I'm used too... I grew up with a traditional Polish / Catholic dinner at Grandmom's (no meat: fish, potatoes, & pierogies) followed by midnight mass. Quite different, eh? LOL!

After we all had plenty of Christmas "cheer" (aka Barry was in no shape to drive), Ken, Don, Barry, and I went to Diamonz on our way home to toast to Christmas. We got there at 11:55 and they closed at Midnight... luckily Barry knew the bartender and sweet-talked him into letting us get one round. (I tipped him well... :) Then we came home and all exchanged gifts. It was fun... unwrapped each other too -- a little teasing / flirting going on -- nothing "happened", just fun. Finally all passed out into bed around 2 or so. (New icon is from a picture we took that night... "me as drunk santa" I think I'll call it.)

Christmas morning I awoke at 7:30ish eager to get to my sister's to open presents. Barry wasn't moving though and was grumpy... I tried to be very gentle (figuring he had a hangover) but he wouldn't budge. I was afraid Christmas was going to be cancelled... but he finally started moving when my sister called at 8:45 to see where we were. We finally made it over at about 10:30... my poor sister and mom -- I'm sure it was just eating them up that they had to wait so long to open gifts. *giggle* *sigh*

Gift exchange with my family was great -- lots and lots of presents all around. We have a tradition of going around one gift at a time, youngest to oldest. It takes a lot of time, but lets everyone enjoy the gifts. I don't remember all the gifts... the first few that come to mind: a power-hand-sander, omaha steaks, phaltzgraff dishes, and madonna's new CD. I think Barry was a little shocked at how many gifts he had... I had warned him that my mom and dad make sure that everyone has an equal amount of gifts (so no one gets jealous). :)

After the gift exchange, we sat around and played with our new toys... including setting up my mom's portable printer that we got her. Then we watched a movie and almost fell asleep on the couch when Chris' parents arrived and there was another round of gifts, then my Aunt Maureen arrived and there was another round of gifts. Then we all ate huge dinner of lasagna, ham, mac-and-cheese, potatoes, etc. Yum! Followed by desert. Barry and I barely were able to roll out the door after all that... but managed to make our way home to collapse.

Quite a holiday it was! And although the major holiday stuff is over, there still seems to be a lot to do -- mainly getting the house ready now that we will be able to concentrate on it. Monday, Barry spent the entire day with the Blowfex and almost got it all together. I went shopping with Ken to find a "pantry" for our kitchen so that Barry and I can get food... we also got some shelves for the closet and other things for the house... I think that within the next two weeks we are really going to be able to concentrate on getting this house "unpacked"... Which we really need to do, since the 14th is the big party. A quick glance at the calendar shows nothing for the next two weeks -- so that's a good thing... Barry and I need to calm down a bit and really spend some time on "us".

This morning, Chubby arrived and started work on the basement bathroom. He's down there now banging and sawing away. I can't wait for that to be done... Don't know what we're going to do with all the stuff in the house... but things are getting there slowly. It'll be great once the bathroom is finished so we have one less thing to worry about... at least we don't have to actually do any "work" to build the bathroom.
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I was inspired today to make a new icon... I wanted something to represent my hometown area (Lehigh Valley)... so I took a bunch of photos that I took around Bethlehem and made an icon. Yay me.

Other than that... today I worked from home and responded to several emails and kept busy... I also cut the grass during my lunch "hour".

I'm not feeling too bad (sick) today... so that's good... I think the physical activity did me well.

Barry is at the doctor's office right now... I hope that his visit goes well and that the doctor figures out what's wrong with him (and I guess me)... I told him that if the doctor finds something that I would make an appointment too. OMG... I don't know why, but I totally don't want to go to the doctor. (One of those irrational fears / procrastination of mine.)
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Barry and I got our first fuel-oil delivery today. Whoo hoo! *yawn* But goodness, it's rather expensive... over $300 for about 3/4 of a tank... I wonder how fast we'll use it once it gets cold outside again?

We went to the drive-in movies tonight... Saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Fantastic Four". Charlie was quite good... I really enjoyed it and thought it was well done. Fantastic Four was really cool too... I thoroughly enjoyed them both.

When we got home (at 1:00am), I finally booked our flights for this weekend. Barry and I are both going to go down to GA to visit my parents... We won't leave until Saturday night (7pm), so I'll be able to help his sister move. We'll be flying back on Monday night (with my sister) just to make things a little easier, and also so that Barry and I don't have to take two days of vacation. All should work out splendidly. And the cost wasn't as bad as I had feared... just under $200 each... I figure if we had driven, it would cost about $200 anyway... so it wouldn't have made any sense for me to drive alone.

So, after I made the flight purchase... my adrenaline pumping... now I can't sleep... so I've been surfing the web and such.

I was reading a post by [ profile] jkusters in-which he mentions that he plans on purchasing a Utilikilt at the San Diego Pride Festival this weekend. I wrote him a comment and searched for pictures of me in my kilts... I had almost thought that I didn't have any of me in my kilts... but I found some really good ones...

This picture is of me on my first day with my new utilikilt (Sept2002) (My new "Kilt" icon!)

Here's me and Steven (the founder/owner of Utilikilts) [matching Workman's... although you can see his has been worn a bit more] (Sept2003)

And, I had to search high-and-low to find this one... I think it is one of the few I have of me in my Khaki Utilikilt... "kick'n up my heels" [I was a little drunk at camp last year and they were trying to get a picture of what I was wearing under it] (Oct2004)

There was a time when wearing my Utilikilt made me really stand out in the crowd... but honestly, times are changing, and now they really aren't big news anymore. There are a lot of them being worn here in Bethlehem at our two big summer festivals, and every year it seems like there's more.

I find more and more times to wear them... and wearing them during non-festival times is best... I get lots of compliments. (One time I even had a guy go right under at a bar and start blowing me. *eh hmm* OK, so we were both drunk... and it didn't go any further... but it was fun.) :)
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First and foremost: TGIF!

On my way into work this afternoon... I was thinking to myself about my job and career. I thought of (what I think are) a few good check-points, or thinking-points:
  • If you could have any job, anywhere, no worries about money, what are some things you would want to do? Is your current job one of them (or similar)?
  • OK, now take into consideration your skills and financial responsibilities... what are the jobs that you would want to do? Is your current job one of them?
  • If you were to write a job description of the job you are doing now... would you apply for that job?
I sometimes complain about my job -- but I'm coming to realize that it's the work environment and corporate-crap that I'm not liking... my actual job and work schedule are great. I came to that realization this morning... if I were to write a job description of my job, I would totally apply for it. So WHY am I thinking of looking elsewhere? I can deal with the corporate crap (downsizing, threat of losing my job, corporate speak and review process, lack of advancement opportunities, lack of cost-of-living salary increases, etc). I can deal with all that because -- you know what -- I love what I'm doing. I love the web design and self learning and freedom I have here. I love the fact that I'm doing things that no one here has a clue about and they really respect me and look up to me for that. I love the fact that I have flexible hours and can work from home.

It's nice to reflect on what you have and like...

Thank god it is Friday everyone! Although I love my job, I love my weekends and time-off even more! Have a great weekend!

Edit: Made a new icon in honor of work! hehehe
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New icon! Thanks [ profile] angry_biscuit...

Celebrate Pride Month!

Click here for more icons!
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I'm not feeling creative... so I'll let you all be creative for me this afternoon...

Google Image Meme (snagged up from the recent post by [ profile] labelsdc)
  • think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me (don't tell me what it is)
  • run a google image search on that word
  • comment on this entry and post that picture
  • put this in your journal, so others can do the same
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OK... so yesterday I saw someone with a really cool icon... Barry and I are big fans of Stargate Atlantis... I never imagined McKay and Sheppard being gay together, but it's kind of hot. (Now, slash pictures of Becket and Sheppard would be VERY HOT, but for some reason the image slashers are all basically focusing on McKay and Sheppard.) Anyway, I found this icon and a lot of others that I thought were cute... but I'm not really someone who will use other icons (I like them to be of myself or something I made)... but I thought this one was so cute I just had to have it. I give total credit to "skatergate" at

So, another interesting thing that I found out while researching / finding this icon was "Slashing" -- just what is a slash? Well I found an explanation online at Basically it's writing fan-fiction where you put your two favorite male characters together. Mostly written by women. Interesting... and kind of hot. I've read one of the actual slash stories, but it was rather long and I couldn't really get into it... seeing them brought to life would be really hot! I guess that's why they are mainly written by women... I've heard that women are arroused by mental / words and men are aroused by pictures / action, so it would make sense that these stories would be written and read mainly by women... I want to see the movies and pictures of the stories. :)
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I just spent a few hours creating my newest icon... and it's animated!
Too bad there won't really be any more use for it until next winter. :(
I should be packing... but my procrastination wins again!
Oh well... it was fun... and educational (creating my first official animated icon, I learned some new skills in the process).
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I got my goodies from two recent eBay purchases!! Whoo hoo! Here's the first... and I think it's really cool... I'm still wearing it and don't want to take it off. My icon has probably already given it away... but behind the cut is the full picture!

Pictures of me in my new... )

For those gay men who are my LJ Friends... I have another post that I just posted with some more pictures... but I'm restricting that post to gay-friends-only... I have trepidation about putting them up for the world to see, as I guess my self-esteem can't handle it (thinking that most would not want to see them).


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