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Just wanted to post a quick little entry to recap the vacation weekend.

Barry and I drove to my parent's in West Virginia on Wednesday. Fairly easy drive... had a really good time with my parents and family. And Thanksgiving dinner went very well. There were 26 people -- my mom's side of the family... almost all of them. Barry was a major help in the kitchen, keeping everything cooking and making sure everything was ready on-time.

We made a video for my grandma (mom's mom) where everyone related their favorite "Holiday Memory" and wished her well -- since she lives in Florida and can't travel to be with everyone. It was really nice... now if we (Barry and I) can just get it burnt to a DVD -- darn software is not working quiet the way it should.

Black Friday was spent with family, sitting around and chatting... and a little shopping thrown in.

Barry and I drove back home on Saturday. We then went to Santa Saturday in New Hope... got there just as the main festivities were ending, but honestly, that was OK with me... seemed a bit (a lot) crowded, and I'm not sure I was really in the mood. We got to see Frank and David and have dinner with them... which was really nice. Also got to see one of the local bed and breakfasts (Wishing Well) where a bunch of guys from camp were staying. It was nice. My favorite room was the one behind the bookcase. I drove us home (as Barry was tired of driving since he drove all day, and because he had a bit more to drink than I).

Sunday night I went to my uncle's viewing. We buried Uncle Stanley today. He passed away on Wednesday morning... My father's brother... it was a really sad thanksgiving for that side of the family. I don't have too many memories of Uncle Stanley -- mostly that he was just a nice guy, and always talking about where he had been making his deliveries lately (deliveries for a produce company I believe). I remember him coming to our house in the country when I was very young to fill up milk jugs with our well-water... and me being scared by him... showing up when I least expected it or something. Now I look back and laugh and wonder why I didn't spend more time with him or talking with him. *sigh*

It was good seeing family and all -- just one of those "wish it was under better circumstances" kind of things.

Oh... yeah... and I got a speeding ticket on my way to the funeral. UGH.
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Don't get a cold... it blows! (Pun intended... hehehe) *cough, sniffle* *sigh*

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After recovering from our hangovers all day Friday... that night we did... Nothing. Yep, nothing except watch TV and recover some more. Woke up Saturday morning and we headed up to camp to winterize the camper. It went quickly and fairly easy. We put a tarp over a rope over the camper to try and help keep snow and falling-branches off it... I hope it holds for the season. Should be interesting to see how the camper fairs [or is it "fares"?]. Also, we ended-up putting mothballs in the camper to fend off animals (because we forgot Bounce)... Oh god I hope it doesn't reeeeek when we open it next year. *sigh*

Saturday night we watched TV... had thought about going out to "Bear Night" at Stonewall, but decided not to.

Sunday we did a little shopping -- looked at front-projection TV's and decided that for the quality of what we want, they are going to be out of our price range... so now we're back to looking at flat-screens. And furniture shopping too... looking for a new living-room sofa/pit-group set. Hopefully we'll find something... it would be nice to have new comfortable furniture -- especially with all the TV watching we do.

Sunday evening we met several friends at a hibachi place -- to celebrate 4 friend's birthdays (including Barry)... it was a good time... but I'm still full (even though I'm hungry).

Does that make any sense: I'm full but hungry?? I know it doesn't... but it's how I've been for the past couple weeks... I just cannot eat enough... no matter how much I eat and how full I am... I'm starving... It's so weird and so scary because I know I'm putting on weight... I can almost feel the fat molecules multiplying... and my belt getting tighter... and it's getting harder and harder to see my... well... "you know"... dickie-do-disease

[Edit: PS: Yes, it is not lost on me that I discuss watching tv a lot and feeling fat in the same entry... I know I need more activity... I just want to point out that I'm not that oblivious.]


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