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I just made this white "faux-leather" vest for Dawn at camp this weekend... It went pretty smoothly... hems aren't perfect... but they'll do. I'm happy I got it done... and it looks decent... I don't have to worry about this tonight now. It was worth taking the half-day from work to do this and pack for the weekend with less stress.

White Vest: Front White Vest: Side White Vest: Back

(Sorry for the poor quality pics... had to use my webcam since I left my camera at camp.)

Oh! Shiny!

Jun. 7th, 2006 12:41 pm
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Went to the fabric store this morning looking for white pleather to make a vest for Dawn (for this weekend). Besides getting the run-around saying that they don't carry it and then finding it in the remnants-bin and then finding the rolls of it... the real thing that I wanted to remember from the trip is...

I get so dreamy and lost when I look at colorful and sparkly fabric. It is such a secret dream of mine to be a fashion designer... to be able to make fabulous dresses and shirts and suits... to make clothing that would just "wow" people and make people look fabulous! There's nothing that catches my interest more than looking through all the flowing, soft, silky, shiny, glittery, furry, glamorous, feathery, colorful fabrics. I want to buy it all.

This, by-the-way, is a rather recent realization for me... only within the last couple years have I ever felt like this about fabrics... and only since "Project Runway" last year do I secretly wish more than anything to be a fashion designer.


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