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Mar 23rd -- that was the last posting... *sigh*

Thanks to [ profile] bigfundrew for the nudge a couple days ago... that nudge combined with [ profile] philabearjoe's recent picture of me, and inspired by the fact that [ profile] obsessing7 is still posting... has finally got me to come in to LJ and visit for a spell.

Since March I've poked my head in a couple times and tried to keep up with a few LJ friends... but never got around to making an entry. Sad part is, I know there's been a couple of events in my life when I thought in my head "I should make an LJ entry about this"...

The truth is that I used to journal while at work... but earlier this year, I had an intense project that took away my surfing/journaling time... now, I'm just out of the habit.

So without further ado...
16 Notable Events in the Past 16 Weeks )

Kind of amazing that there was at least one important thing each week... makes me feel good to reflect on them a bit and record them. I'll have to share some pictures of them too -- once I find/upload the pics.

So now we're caught-up to today... I'm sitting at camp right now, recovering from a night of fun "Bear Weekend" partying. Barry and I are on vacation this entire week... we're going to P-Town for Bear Week. I'm excited about going to P-Town for the first time ever... and excited about having a "fire and picnic on the beach" -- something I've always wanted to do. Really looking forward to a fun and relaxing (and "sexy" with all the eye-candy there will be) week!



Mar. 23rd, 2008 02:48 pm
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"Happy Easter"
or for the non-religious: "Hoppy Easter"

I haven't said that much this year... Easter has become a non-holiday for me over the past couple years. I feel a little strange about it this year.

Easter used to be one of the major holidays of the year -- I mean, religiously it's one of the highest holy days of the year... and growing up it meant getting all dolled-up for church and an hour-and-half service... and family dinners... and, of course, the non-religious aspects of it: Easter Bunny, hidden eggs, hidden Easter basket, candy, candy, toys, candy, etc.

It was a major day for me every year growing up -- probably second only to Christmas.

And now... now it's just another Sunday. In fact... I just signed off of work. I put in a few hours of work today, and I'm off to NYC this evening, and there's really nothing special about the day.

I saw this coming -- back when I became "too old" to search for hidden Easter eggs. (You know, 20 years-old or so *wink*) And, then when I started not considering organized religion as part of my beliefs, it took yet another dive in the "Holiday Hierarchy".

Today, I could care less about Easter. It means nothing to me... there's not a single Easter egg in the house... not a single bunny... not even a chocolate rabbit to bite the ears off of.

It saddens me a little actually.

I remember how it used to be: how exciting it was looking for the eggs and easter basket; how fun it was to dress-up for church and get "Spring clothes"; how nice it was to see family and eat a huge, scrumptious meal; the joy of seeing the first flowers of Spring.


I got a little Easter surprise from my mom & dad this morning -- a deposit into my bank account of some "candy money" so that I could go out and get Barry and I some Easter candy. I love my mom! :) It made me happy... and, I know if I lived in the same town as them, we'd surely have a basket of candy hand-delivered... and I'd probably even go to church with them...

Final thought: it just makes me wonder what's so special about Easter and why I'm sad... to me I think it means "family" more than anything... and so I'm left with this sadness that my family is not around me, and without them Easter really doesn't mean anything... and I'm left with one less reason to celebrate... one less holiday on my calendar... and I think that's what really saddens me the most: in today's day-and-age, when it's "GO GO GO", any lost day of "fun, family, relaxing, thankfulness, and joy" is a lost day indeed. :(
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Well, this Christmas really creeped-up quietly and just kind-of happened. It amazes me to think back to Christmas as a kid and how the whole month of December would just drag and Christmas would take forever to happen. And when it did, it was the biggest day of the year. Now, it just seems like any other holiday or "special day" (like "camp opening" or "summer vacation"). I don't mean this in a bad way or anything, just matter-of-fact. Well, lest I get any more melodramatic, let me give a "quick" update.

I'm happy to report that I actually got Holiday Greeting Cards out and they even got out before Christmas! I say "I", but I should really say "We" because Barry had a huge part in getting them out... he successfully bugged me about them and helped me fight off my procrastination. Without him, I probably wouldn't have sent them again this year. This was the first time in three years that I got them out. I managed to keep the letter down to a single page and touched on the major highlights of the past four years... three of which included Barry. It was interesting to reflect on the past four years; when I summed it all up, it was really nice to remember all of the trips and other fun times that were had. Here's the text of the letter that was sent: Read more... )

Barry and I did our shopping Thursday before Xmas weekend. The stores were packed, but it was nice to get everything purchased before the weekend craziness set-in. We spent less money than we wanted, but more money than we should... Our finances have really be in ruins the past couple months... but I'm trying not to think about or dwell on it. Problem is, by not thinking about it, we aren't really doing anything to help correct it. I just keep holding-on to the hope that once Barry gets a job we'll be able to clear our debts and start saving money again.

Friday night was a holiday party for Takeover Lehigh Valley. Barry and I stopped at Brewworks for dinner first... it was crowded, but we enjoyed dinner at the bar and "primed ourselves" with some cocktails. Then we walked across the street to the party. It was a lot of fun -- saw some old friends and drank LOTS of martini's... too many martini's... OMG we were both so sick the next day... SO SO sick. ugh... Honestly, I think I'm still recovering...

Saturday night was a birthday dinner at Gregory's Steakhouse for Barry's "Pops". Sunday was brunch with my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and parents at Cracker Barrel.

Sadly, Barry's niece Ashley was (and still is) in the hospital since Friday. She had her wisdom teeth removed surgically, and an infection set in. Really bad... had surgery again on Monday to release and clean-out the infection. Apparently there's still some infection in her... I feel so bad for her. She's 18 and having to have to go through all this -- Christmas in the hospital. Ugh! :( We visited her several times to try and help cheer her up.

Monday we spent the day mainly in the hospital with Ashley. I helped Barry's mom cook a huge lobster-and-clams dinner for the family for Monday night. The meal was so good! Then we all opened presents and then took Ashley's presents to the hospital for her to open. Among several gifts that we got including gift cards, Barry and I got a coffee pot that grinds the beans from his mom and a full cookware set from his brother. Very nice indeed!

Christmas morning we woke up very early to take Barry's brother to the airport. (4:30am) Then we got ready and went over to my sister's for Christmas morning around the tree opening gifts. Got there around 7am or so. As always, my parents made sure that everyone had tons of gifts to open, and our process of taking-turns opening gifts lasted a couple hours. It was a very nice Christmas... Among the gifts: Barry and I got nice gift cards from my parents and a "charging station" from Pottery Barn from my sister. :) Marea and Chris made a nice ham dinner for us too. So much good food this holiday!

Yesterday and today have been "work" for me... things are relatively quiet in the office... but with year-end occurring frantically around me, the tension in the office is high. (I don't really get affected too much by year-end... my busy time is "start-of-year"...)

That's a recap of the Holiday Week. Looking forward to visiting Frank and David in NJ this weekend and then New Year's party here in the valley. Hopefully I'll get a chance to update again soon... but in-case not: Happy New Year everyone!
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Just wanted to post a quick little entry to recap the vacation weekend.

Barry and I drove to my parent's in West Virginia on Wednesday. Fairly easy drive... had a really good time with my parents and family. And Thanksgiving dinner went very well. There were 26 people -- my mom's side of the family... almost all of them. Barry was a major help in the kitchen, keeping everything cooking and making sure everything was ready on-time.

We made a video for my grandma (mom's mom) where everyone related their favorite "Holiday Memory" and wished her well -- since she lives in Florida and can't travel to be with everyone. It was really nice... now if we (Barry and I) can just get it burnt to a DVD -- darn software is not working quiet the way it should.

Black Friday was spent with family, sitting around and chatting... and a little shopping thrown in.

Barry and I drove back home on Saturday. We then went to Santa Saturday in New Hope... got there just as the main festivities were ending, but honestly, that was OK with me... seemed a bit (a lot) crowded, and I'm not sure I was really in the mood. We got to see Frank and David and have dinner with them... which was really nice. Also got to see one of the local bed and breakfasts (Wishing Well) where a bunch of guys from camp were staying. It was nice. My favorite room was the one behind the bookcase. I drove us home (as Barry was tired of driving since he drove all day, and because he had a bit more to drink than I).

Sunday night I went to my uncle's viewing. We buried Uncle Stanley today. He passed away on Wednesday morning... My father's brother... it was a really sad thanksgiving for that side of the family. I don't have too many memories of Uncle Stanley -- mostly that he was just a nice guy, and always talking about where he had been making his deliveries lately (deliveries for a produce company I believe). I remember him coming to our house in the country when I was very young to fill up milk jugs with our well-water... and me being scared by him... showing up when I least expected it or something. Now I look back and laugh and wonder why I didn't spend more time with him or talking with him. *sigh*

It was good seeing family and all -- just one of those "wish it was under better circumstances" kind of things.

Oh... yeah... and I got a speeding ticket on my way to the funeral. UGH.
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Barry and I hopped in the car Saturday morning and headed up the road to Boston. About a six hour car ride... it went rather smoothly. It was nice to chat, listen to the iPod, and browse the scenery along the way. Dana (old friend of Barry's) met us with open arms and welcomed us into his apartment with a beer. We sat and chatted... then went for dinner and came back for more chatting... then we got ready and rode the train into downtown Boston to a gay bar "The Alley". It was Bear Night (every Saturday) and I guess it's a predominately "bearish" bar all the time. Got there fairly early (for GayStandardTime) before the crowds and got comfortable on a bar stool. Met and saw LOTS of great looking guys... and just enjoyed the evening tremendously. There was some kind of fund raiser going on by the leather group, but mainly we just enjoyed being out and about... and totally forgetting about the "car stuff" we had been dealing with the prior two days.

Sunday morning, we woke up and got on the rode before 9am. Ride back was just as smooth as the way up.

We went to Barry's mom's for Easter dinner on Sunday evening. It was a great time seeing his family. His mom cooked TWO HUGE hams... for 10 people... Holy cow I don't know if I've every seen so much food for a family dinner. It was really good.

My brother and his sister we in-town visiting my new niece yesterday, so we joined them for dinner on Tuesday. It was great seeing them.

The latest "long story short" with the "car stuff" is that we got the car back from the rude police on Monday and had it towed to the bodyshop yesterday morning. The front-end was completely smashed-in... like into a telephone pole or tree or something... pushed in to the radiator. Still technically drivable, but we don't trust it's condition. It was covered in mud and we estimate that they put about 100-miles on it. Currently we are awaiting the insurance appraisal... then fixing it... then getting an alarm installed.

I felt like it was "so dirty": like someone "raped our car"... which is basically what happened. I still love her, like I feel bad for her having had to go through it all. I just hope after the repair that it will be good-as-new.
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Kylie & Uncle Paul

Me with my new niece, Kylie. She was born yesterday evening (Mar 3rd).

She's such a cutie!!

Barry and I picked up my mom at the airport and went to the hospital to spend the afternoon with her and her mom & dad. Marea (my sister) and Chris are doing very well and very happy with their new daughter.
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OK... so wow... I haven't posted (or read) LJ since mid December... and that was just to grumble about the fact that Winterfest was no-more. So really, I've been out of the loop for almost three months now...
Work has been so busy for me since November... and being that the only time I really read/update LJ is during work hours: hence why I've been out of touch... Here's a quick recap of the last three months:

Work: very busy times... creating huge updates / redesigns to my web time/project tracking system... no time to breath really...
We moved to a new building in mid-December. The new place is really nice. Commute increased from 1-mile/5-minutes to 7-miles/20-minutes. *sigh* Oh well... It was "rough" at first... but totally used to it now and seriously, it's nothing to grumble about.

Thanksgiving was nice... my sister hosted and Barry and I helped with cooking and all.

Holiday Party with [ profile] labelsdc at the start of December was fun.

Got our new living room furniture... HUGE set, but really nice.

Got a real Xmas tree on Dec 9th... Was so nice to go "tree hunting" at the farm and actually saw the tree down myself. Marea and Chris joined me and housemates Ken & Don for the hunt. Marea and Chris also got their tree. It was nice... only thing that would have made it better would have been some snow on the ground and Barry to be there with us.
(Pictures of tree and living room to follow shortly.)

That night, had a good time at Bill & Jerry's annual wine-tasting party. Got snookered. :)

Annual tree-trimming party at Brian's was fun... drink a beer and hang it on the tree. What a great concept... my only concern is: after a few weeks, does the tree start to smell of rotten beer?

Got to visit campground on the 16th... weren't going to do any parties that night, but then decided at last minute to stay at hotel with Ken & Don and go to Pat's Holiday Party. Was fun... drank a lot... The next morning, our drive home wasn't so "fun"... but we made it and recovered over the next two days. :)

Christmas gift shopping went rather well... Barry and I got out several nights and managed to get everything we wanted to get. Spent one evening at Tara's getting some pearls for several of the girls on our lists (family/friends). (I helped her with her website... check it out: Perennial Designs Jewelry.)

Fantasy Football: I lost... darn... so close though... I was doing well, then really bad... then I started to do better... but it was too late... *sigh* Oh well... at least the dinner and cooking part was all done on one night and was rather fun... Todd's new house was really nice and got to play "Wii" as well, which was interesting/fun.

Christmas was very nice... I went to my traditional dinner at Grandmother N's house. That was nice to do... Barry didn't go, as we still aren't technically "out" with that side of the family yet... but I have a feeling that won't be the case for much longer... Barry's been included on my parent's xmas-card-letter for the last two years. And was in the picture they sent to all the family too this year. :) Christmas morning was at my sister's house... she being pregnant (due in March), she didn't want to travel, so all of the family (including my brother) came to her. It was such a nice day: three hours of present opening -- we take turns and really cherish each gift. Took a breakfast intermission to eat "Cheese Strata" that Barry and I made (YUM, new tradition?)... I spent the most of the day putting together my nephew's "Kenex Roller Coaster" -- It was like a big puzzle or like playing with an erector set or legos... FUN!
(Speaking of Christmas Card Letters: Once again I did not send any cards this year... I'm such a slacker... this is the second year in a row without sending any letters... *grrr* I'm so mad at myself... and yet, have I done anything to correct the situation? no... *sigh*)

New Years: Barry and I went to spend the weekend with Frank & David (our neighbors at The Woods). It was such a fun weekend. They hosted us in their beautiful house in NJ. They drove us into New York on Saturday evening... we drove around in their convertible (through China Town and Little Italy, top-down, freezing weather, bundled-up in blankets and earmuffs, playing loud music, people looking at us like we were a bunch of fags out on the town... which we totally were... it was so much fun!)... then we walked around the village and had some drinks... the two of them are very familiar with the gay bars and places to go/see in the city, so I felt very comfortable and it was SO NICE to be in the city again. (Oh how I've missed the city...) We went to see "Drowsy Chaperone" on Broadway and had front-row mezz seats... it was AWESOME! Then went back to the village to hang out and drink until wee-hours of the morning... and flirt with a bunch of cuties...
Sunday (New Years Eve), we slept in and then helped them prepare for their dinner party that night... they hosted a "murder mystery" party. I was "Mary Kay Eternity" -- in drag, I was the wife of Barry (who played "Jim Bob Eternity") -- we were a TV-evangelist-couple from the south (think Tammy Fae Baker)... very fun... wonderful dinner and lots of champagne...
The following day we recovered from our hangovers and just lounged around.
(Pictures of this also to follow soon...)

January was pretty uneventful... just lots of work, rolling out my system changes to the department, including training all 140 associates in the enhancements.

Barry and I got an SUV (replacing his car) on Jan 24... We got a Toyota FJ Cruiser. It's SO awesome... We totally love it. 4WD and high-clearance... it's going to be so cool to have for the summer going up to camp... and for the winter snow... and just in general it's so cool... :)

Last week (Jan 27 - Feb 3), Barry and I went to Breckenridge, Colorado with a big skiing group. Being that I've always wanted to go skiing out-West... when Matt and Tara suggested that we go with this group that they have gone with a couple times in the past, I jumped at the chance. Barry was looking forward to just getting-away for the week even though he doesn't ski, he figured he could sit in the condo by the fire and relax. It was a great week away from things and I got some good skiing in. At first I was disappointed at the conditions, but then we got about a foot of snow on Wednesday and we went to Vail that day... it was the most amazing riding I've ever done (I'm a snowboarder)... That's what I went out-west expecting. It was great. Barry hurt his knee on the first day, which made it difficult for him to enjoy his time, but we managed to go out around the town one day and go out to eat a couple times. He also cooked a big spaghetti dinner for a group of 10 of us the one night. All-in-all it was a fun time. I'm not sure if I would go out-West for skiing again and may just stick to Vermont for my "big snow"... but who knows... perhaps another ski trip is in my future.

Back to work today... and it's actually been a rather slow day... I caught up on my emails, and thankfully nothing pressing or urgent came-up while I was away. Nothing was planned for today so that I could use the day to catch-up... so I actually had some time to post this. YEAH!

One final note: Barry left his job this afternoon... they really dicked him over -- for the last time! I'm so glad he walked... They gave him a bad annual review... and he works SO DAMN hard for them... they had no right to do that. He stood his ground and told them it was unacceptable to get that kind of rating. They really dicked him over about a raise and promotion several months ago... and things have been going so bad for him there since then... and I've told him several times that the stress of that place isn't worth it... But he kept giving them his best and giving them more chances... today was the final straw, and I'm glad he stood his ground... it's the principle of the whole thing... he handed them an immediate resignation and walked out. On one hand, yes, I'm nervous... with only one salary we're going to have to tighten our belts a little and live a bit less extravagantly... but on the other hand, I'm really happy because perhaps it's a blessing in disguise... A chance for him to start new and fresh somewhere and not have this horrible stress that place was giving him. And also... haven't you always wanted to say "take this job and shove it"? Imagine: he actually got to do that today. *cool*

So that's a wrap-up of the last three months... ending on a pretty big note...
Over the next couple days I'll catch-up on some of my LJ friend's journals... so don't be surprised if you get a response to a post from months ago. :)
*hugs everyone*
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Not much to report... even though really there's lots to report... Been so busy... both at work (with lots of stuff going on for end-of-year and business reorg and moving buildings)... and at home... Barry and I are closing up / winterizing the camper this Saturday... finally we'll be home on the weekends again... yay! Our house has really been going to hell in a hand-basket this summer and we have so much work to do around here (cleaning, organizing, etc)...

But first a trip is in order... for Barry's birthday we're hoping to do something last-minute... we've been planning for months now that we'd like to do something for him for his 40th birthday... but haven't been able to come to any solid plans. I told him months ago that it could be anything he wanted... and I think that may have been a bit overwhelming... since he couldn't really make up his mind... Originally he wanted to go to Greece... but we thought that my family might be going, so we put that aside and thought of other things. Now it looks like my family won't be doing that trip anytime soon (being that my sister is pregnant among other things)... so we should have done Greece... but it's too late to plan that now. So now we're looking at yet more options and flights... So many ideas, so little time...

So that's the latest with me... nothing... and yet a lot...
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*phew*... *yawn*... *stretch*... What a weekend! Holy crap... I feel worn-out.

This weekend, a whole crew from Scranton area came... old Scouting friends and family... Sean, Jen, Morgan; Chris; Bob; Brenda, John, two friends; Marty, JoAnn; Helen, Les; Shawn, Delena, two friends; Dale, Ellie, Tiffany. And there were others too: David and his partner Gary came up from Florida. And then, I also hosted Robyn, Sean, Kim, and Carolyn at the house. And then there were tons of other misc friends and family out-and-about all weekend randomly meeting-up at the festival. It was quite a big weekend for me social and energizing and fun... But also I'm out of shape... and can't keep-up with the activity like I used to.

Friday night started with 18 of us (from the "Scranton Crew") eating at Bucca de Beppo... in the "Pope Room" :) So much fun. Helen brought a large bottle of Goldschlager and dixie-cups... LOL! Yes... we did our own shots around the table... jeez... so "sneaky" LOL! But so much fun...
After that I went out with friends at the Brew Works and closed the place... and hot-tubbed with Kim in a friend's backyard... and 20-piece McNuggets... at 3am... and up the next morning at 9 to party all day long... Well... I lasted about half the day before I needed a nap... and then continued the festing. Most everyone pooped-out early... including myself... so we got our nuggets early (1am) and just went to bed.

This morning I woke up early (9am) to join the "Scranton Crew" for breakfast at their hotel and then joined the remaining of them for lunch at the festival. Kim and I are now sitting here in the condo... enjoying the air conditioning, watching videos on TV and uTube... and just chatting. Reminiscing about "the good ol days" when Musikfest was a 10-day orgy of beer drinking and partying. Why is it that we can't last like we used to? Is it that we're getting old, we're out-of-practice, or is it the festival -- has it gotten commercialized and the bands aren't as fun? Or is it just a combination of a lot of things? I guess it's one of those things that time just changes... There's no going back... reminiscing is nice... but there's a point to which we've got to let them go to make room for new memories and fun.

So being a bit nostolgic right now... and sitting here relaxing... recovering from the weekend... taking a bit longer for me to recover anymore...
I can't wait for Celtic Classic...

But for right now... I also can't wait to take a nap. ;)
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Barry and I drove to Philly after work to meet my brother (Peter Alan) and his wife and two kids for dinner. They are visiting Philly (from Ohio) for four days... and I didn't want their visit to go by (being so close) without getting to see them. It was nice to join them for dinner... and the dinner was very good (BTW)... "White Dog Cafe" -- good food, and all organic and stuff. I'm not a big "organic" person, shall we say, but when presented with such great choices... I'm all-for-it... and it didn't disappoint.

Barry took-off Thursday... so that we could spend it with Peter and his family in Hershey... but when we brought up the suggestion with them, I immediately realized that my suspicions that they really wanted a "family" vacation (with just themselves) was correct... they really wanted to spend the day with just their kids in Hershey... which I completely understand. I remember trips with my family and there weren't aunts and uncles involved in those trips... so I can understand wanting to have some "family time"... I admit that it would have been fun to go to Hershey... and I think Barry was sad to not go... but I think we'll make good use of the day... and perhaps make a four day weekend out of it... :)

Barry was driving like a manic there and back. I have no idea what the heck "speed bug" got into his shorts this evening... all I know is that I got so nervous and pissed at him that I just closed my eyes and leaned-back in the seat and tried hard not to think about cars flipping hood-over-trunk. (And trust me, having seen a car do that in-front of me two years ago, it's a hard image not to have in my head.) Yes... I actually was singing "these are a few of my favorite things" ("snowflakes that stay on your nose and eye lashes, brown paper packages tied up with strings") in my head to try and stay calm.

Once home, we watched some TV... and Barry went to bed... Kim called and was out at the Brew Works... I needed a beer, and being that it may possibly be the last Tuesday Night* that she'd be here in Bethlehem... so, I went out to join her for a few beers. It was really nice, kicking-back and drinking some beers, and shooting-the-bull. :) Very nice. (*We used to have this tradition of going out on Tuesday nights... and closing the bar... it started several years ago on a St Patrick's night... and ever since then, "Tuesday Night" has been special to us.)

Now I'm here... at 3:30am... and watching my music-videos on TV... and updating Live Journal... thinking about how I SHOULD be tired... but I'm not. *sigh*

PS: Two responses to my "coming out" emails earlier... both very positive. *yay!*
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My brother uploaded this...
It's my niece... trying to scare her mother in the garden... but oh how the tides turn...
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Trip to Florida last week was interesting...

Barry and I spent a good three days in Disney... got to tour MGM on our first night... Had dinner and rode the rides we really wanted to see. It was a nice evening and the Port Orleans resort we stayed at was just beautiful. Monday we spent the day fighting crowds at Magic Kingdom. Wouldn't have been so bad if we had taken a break in the middle of the day... but kept putting-off the break until it was too late and Barry was exhausted. We managed to recover and go back to the park in the evening... I did well "holding back" and remembering to not try and do everything. Barry didn't like the crowds, but seemed to enjoy that I was enjoying the place. Tuesday, we went to Epcot... and managed to see several things before we got run-down and couldn't walk much anymore. Had a good dinner at Rose & Crown and had amazing seats to see the fireworks from our table.

That evening, I awoke with stomach pain... felt awful... I just wanted everything out of me (puke, crap, etc)... and I just couldn't feel any better... up every half-hour or so... no sleep... felt terrible... Thought it was indigestion or hangover... but it felt "different"... something about it made me uneasy... It wasn't normal feeling of upset-stomach... it didn't move at all... it didn't go away after puking... Wednesday was the day we were checking out of Disney and meeting my family at Universal. Guess that all worked out for the best because didn't miss out on Disney... and figured I could recover in time for Universal... but...

Tried feebly to eat something for dinner... my mom said something's wrong and did some basic symptom-finding on me... and said "Appendicitis, we're going to the hospital NOW." OMG... Me? sick? hospital? I'm actually going to a hospital?

We sat in the ER waiting area from 8:30pm until midnight... waiting... my mom said I didn't give them a high-enough pain level... frigg'n kidding me, right? No... if you are ever in the hospital... and they ask you a pain level on scale of 1 to 10... say 8... no matter what, even if it doesn't really hurt.

I got poked and prodded and stabbed with needles more in that evening than I have ever in my whole life combined. KNEW I would hate getting an IV line put in... and I was right... they had to try 5 times before they got one to stay. I went into surgery around 7am on Thursday... So the 12 hours was spent in a ER room, getting drugs, and fading in-and-out of sleep.

Surgery was laparoscopic, so that went very well. But coming out of the anesthesia, I took-in some liquid or something into my lungs, and almost didn't make it... wheezing and coughing for hours... so the doctors were really upset with this and thought I had pneumonia or something... and kept me 2 days to watch my breathing and all. Spent two days in the hospital... looking forward to each little step forward that I took... like the first time I stood-up, the first time I pee'd into a toilet, the first time I ate jello, the first time I ate real food, the removal of my IV lines, the disconnection of my oxygen line, etc. Saturday afternoon, the doctor finally released me.

There, by my side, throughout the whole thing, was Barry and my parents. My mom double-checked the doctors and nurses and made me feel like I was in good hands. Barry spent the days with me... entertaining me... keeping my spirits up... holding my hand... eating by my side... *choking-up* I don't know what I would have done without him there with me. Seriously...

So after the hospital, I FINALLY got to spend a little time with my whole family: brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, sister, brother-in-law, mom, dad, & Barry... we had a nice dinner and they got me an electric scooter so I could ride along with them to Universal Studios for the evening. Got to see three of the rides there and a parade. Not the Universal I expected to see for the trip, but at least something.

Flight home went OK. Working from home yesterday and today... taking it easy. Still not 100%... stomach is tight and a little pain... general discomfort and such... and on top of the physical recovery... there's a lot of emotional recovery that I find myself going through too. Really mixed feelings... feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, helplessness, etc... I don't know how to put a finger on it... For example: I feel like I ruined the vacation for my family... even though logically I know it wasn't anything I could control. Don't get me wrong... I'm happy to be alive... very happy... so the fear/upset feelings are mixed with the happy/comfort feelings... leading to a very mixed, uncomfortable state of mind.

So... I left a little piece of me in Florida... a little, useless, terrible, infected appendix. May it rot in a Florida medical-waste site forever.
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Why is it that on weekends I inevitably wake up early (like 6:30am today)... but on work days I have a hell of a time rolling out of bed before 9am?

Honestly, I guess I'm not complaining... just honestly curious with myself. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm not looking forward to my workdays, whereas today is all mine and I can do want. (Said mimicking Eric Cartman: "I can do what I want")


Yesterday spent the day with my family -- they came over and had lunch here with Barry and I. It was great having everyone over to show them the house and get my dad's opinion on some construction ideas we have in our kitchen. Last night I went with my family up to visit with my Grandmother and then take her to her surprise 90th birthday party. My sister-in-law said, "You're throwing a surprise birthday party for a 90-year-old??" Didn't really think of that, did we all? LOL! -- but it wasn't a turn the lights on and scare her kind of surprise, it was just 40 people at a restaurant... and she was thrilled. It was really special hanging out with her and talking about "the old days" of train travel and penny candy and the day the ice-man wasn't needed anymore.


Yesterday I went 24 hours without touching or turning on a computer. Guess it's kind of shocking that is even something to be noteworthy... but seriously, I can't remember the last time I every had a computer-free day. Can you?
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I don't know what it is... but I haven't been "into" journaling anymore. I caught myself today saying "oh, I should journal that" for the first time in ages... So here I am... playing catch-up. Another reason I'm able to be in LJ is because work is slow today... Thank god too... it has been really non-stop since the beginning of this year... which I'm not complaining about really, because job-security and all... but it does reduce the amount of time I have to journal and surf, etc. :(

Anyway... I've caught up on lots of past friends entries: Kev's new tattoo, Paul's contemplations, Peter's new singlet, Scott & Jim's honduras mission, Andy's latest hotness, Scott's off the wagon, John's green undies and TBRU plans, Mark's newest art, Sam's moving, Jay's new job. It's great to catch-up on so many friends and see that things are going well (for the most part) for everyone. So many ups and downs, changes and additions, loves and troubles... it all continues; even when we forget to participate in it, life moves on... there just ain't no stopp'n it.

Brief update on me:

Glenn & Tom's party last Saturday was a success... Barry and I helped setup and organize it... it was a surprise party organized by Glenn for Tom -- celebrating their 20th anniversary. Barry dressed as the Pope and blessed them and did a little ring-exchange ceremony. It was really sweet. (The only strange part was that it was mainly Glenn's coworkers at the party... just didn't seem all that "friendly" I guess... but being that I didn't know many people I guess made it just seem that way to me... everyone appeared to have a good time.) It was really nice to have been able to help them celebrate.

Game night on Sunday was fun... Amy, Marea, & Chris came over and we all have pizza and played "SceneIt"... I have to hand it to the makers of SceneIt they did a really good job of making a new, fun trivia game. Normally when I hear "Trivia Game" I cringe because they take forever and I don't know any answers... but even if you don't know the answers, this game still moves along and keeps me entertained.

My sister had surgery to have a cyst removed from her ovary on Tuesday -- second time she's had this surgery. Everything went well... My parents are staying with her (came in Wednesday) and when we went over for dinner two nights ago she was moving around and looking fine. :)

Yesterday I felt like crap. I called in sick and stayed in bed all day... I believe I was only awake for about 6 or 8 hours yesterday... most of which was around dinner-time and watching some TV before bed. I simply felt so run-down and depressed. It was weird... I didn't want to do anything. To top it off, I have this horrible looking sore on the side of my mouth (cold sore? herpes? gangrene? leprosy? who knows - who cares - just make it go away! cut it off my face please!) I feel disgusting... like an outcast... damaged goods... like everyone is looking at me... I wanted a shake so bad for lunch today... but I couldn't even get myself to go to McD's for it... instead I grabbed a quick burger in the cafeteria and am continuing to hide in my cubical. Perhaps I'll get an ice-cream-bar to help ease the craving.

I have to get my driver's license picture taken before Mar 9... that's only 8 days away... I'm NOT going with this sore on my face! That'll teach me to wait until the last minute... I've had my renewal card for almost two months now!

OK... enough self pity... TGIF... although I don't know what I'm really looking forward to this weekend... My brother and his family are coming into town tonight... it should be really good to see them. They are in for my Grandmother's 90th birthday party which is tomorrow. I'm only kind-of looking forward to that... Barry isn't going because I'm not "out" to my dad's side of the family... it makes me sad to go without him... I hate not being out... I keep putting it off... like taking my license picture: waiting won't make things any better!
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Christmas Eve was spent wrapping gifts all day... Barry worked on putting the Bowflex together. (or "Blowfex" as we call it now because of how hard it was to put together. I could hear cursing and banging coming from the room... so I stayed far out of Barry's way while he worked on it.) I ran and did a tiny bit of last-minute shopping too... but not much.

Christmas Eve evening we went to Barry's mom's house for a gathering there. Ken and Don went with us... met some more of Barry's family (aunts/uncles) that I had never met before and everyone ate, drank, and was merry. It was very nice... she had a big buffet spread of all kinds of foods and we drank and played liar's dice late into the evening. I even got a gift from his mom... I didn't expect anything... it was very sweet of her. It was a very different "Christmas Eve" dinner than I'm used too... I grew up with a traditional Polish / Catholic dinner at Grandmom's (no meat: fish, potatoes, & pierogies) followed by midnight mass. Quite different, eh? LOL!

After we all had plenty of Christmas "cheer" (aka Barry was in no shape to drive), Ken, Don, Barry, and I went to Diamonz on our way home to toast to Christmas. We got there at 11:55 and they closed at Midnight... luckily Barry knew the bartender and sweet-talked him into letting us get one round. (I tipped him well... :) Then we came home and all exchanged gifts. It was fun... unwrapped each other too -- a little teasing / flirting going on -- nothing "happened", just fun. Finally all passed out into bed around 2 or so. (New icon is from a picture we took that night... "me as drunk santa" I think I'll call it.)

Christmas morning I awoke at 7:30ish eager to get to my sister's to open presents. Barry wasn't moving though and was grumpy... I tried to be very gentle (figuring he had a hangover) but he wouldn't budge. I was afraid Christmas was going to be cancelled... but he finally started moving when my sister called at 8:45 to see where we were. We finally made it over at about 10:30... my poor sister and mom -- I'm sure it was just eating them up that they had to wait so long to open gifts. *giggle* *sigh*

Gift exchange with my family was great -- lots and lots of presents all around. We have a tradition of going around one gift at a time, youngest to oldest. It takes a lot of time, but lets everyone enjoy the gifts. I don't remember all the gifts... the first few that come to mind: a power-hand-sander, omaha steaks, phaltzgraff dishes, and madonna's new CD. I think Barry was a little shocked at how many gifts he had... I had warned him that my mom and dad make sure that everyone has an equal amount of gifts (so no one gets jealous). :)

After the gift exchange, we sat around and played with our new toys... including setting up my mom's portable printer that we got her. Then we watched a movie and almost fell asleep on the couch when Chris' parents arrived and there was another round of gifts, then my Aunt Maureen arrived and there was another round of gifts. Then we all ate huge dinner of lasagna, ham, mac-and-cheese, potatoes, etc. Yum! Followed by desert. Barry and I barely were able to roll out the door after all that... but managed to make our way home to collapse.

Quite a holiday it was! And although the major holiday stuff is over, there still seems to be a lot to do -- mainly getting the house ready now that we will be able to concentrate on it. Monday, Barry spent the entire day with the Blowfex and almost got it all together. I went shopping with Ken to find a "pantry" for our kitchen so that Barry and I can get food... we also got some shelves for the closet and other things for the house... I think that within the next two weeks we are really going to be able to concentrate on getting this house "unpacked"... Which we really need to do, since the 14th is the big party. A quick glance at the calendar shows nothing for the next two weeks -- so that's a good thing... Barry and I need to calm down a bit and really spend some time on "us".

This morning, Chubby arrived and started work on the basement bathroom. He's down there now banging and sawing away. I can't wait for that to be done... Don't know what we're going to do with all the stuff in the house... but things are getting there slowly. It'll be great once the bathroom is finished so we have one less thing to worry about... at least we don't have to actually do any "work" to build the bathroom.
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OK... quick catch-up on the madness that is my life...
Since the last posting, which was just before our trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving...

* Trip out to Ohio was snowy and slow... thankfully stopped at my uncle's in Pittsburgh for the night.

* Was a nice family Thanksgiving in Wooster. Barry saved Thanksgiving... seriously... the bird wasn't cooked when it was taken out at 4pm... and my aunt and uncle panicked a little... but Barry stepped in, calmed them down, and told them what to do. We served up the wine to everyone and everyone got a little tipsy... then no one realized that we ate dinner almost 2 hours behind schedule. Yay for wine! Yay for Barry!

* As we were leaving, my aunt pulled me to the side and said, "I really like Barry... he's so nice". It was really nice of her.

* Spent two days hanging with my brother, his family, and my parents in Columbus. It was nice. We were too beat to go out to the bars like we had planned.

* Over the past two weeks we've been packing our rental house up and getting ready for the move. Packing was tough... (but not nearly as we're finding unpacking though, more about that later) I think amidst packing we've also been going out every night to eat and/or to visit friends. Holidays are NOT the time to move... Let it be known that if not for the money savings I would be very upset with this whole moving-over-the-holidays thing. (But money savings be damned... more about that later.)

* Wine Tasting party at Bill & Jerry's was fun... surprised me to find out that I work with Bill now. (Jerry is Barry's coworker and our reason for being invited.) I saw Bill at the party and realized "Holy Crap, THAT'S how I know him!!" Met several of my coworkers at the party and was suddenly faced with the fact that I guess I'm out now... not that I purposely hide at work... but never bring it up... I have a feeling these coworkers know now. :)

* Game Night at Marea & Chris' house was nice... their house is all decorated so nicely for the holidays. *sigh*

* Got a first estimate for building a new bathroom downstairs for "the boys" (Ken & Don)... $18,000! Holy crap!! Yeah, right!?! Ummm... no. The second contractor, "Chubby", came and seemed like a really nice guy who really wanted to do it. He even said that estimate was very high... (He was recommended as a friend of one of Barry's coworkers.) He gave us an estimate two days ago of $9,600... still more than I expected to pay, but I'm taking an equity loan and we're going for it. Having him do all the work, and finishing within about 2 weeks, and saving us the stress of doing it is TOTALLY worth the money. I hope it goes well... and it will be nice for the boys to have their own bathroom. The only thing I'm a little "jealous" of is that they will have a larger and better bathroom than me. *pout*

* Other holiday dinners and gatherings going on have been nice. Everyone is asking about "Winterfest 2006"... I'm looking forward to hosting it... but very worried the house will not be ready... even though we are totally planning for it to be.

* Rented a 24ft truck on Saturday and had lots of friends/family help to move. It went so quickly... started at 10:30am, finished (dropped the truck off) at 2:30pm. WOW! Glad it went so very smoothly... Now... there are floor to ceiling boxes in almost every room. *ACKK!* Talk about overwhelmed...

* Got Dish Network satellite TV installed yesterday. Yay DVR!! and on-screen guide!! We have been so lost without them the past couple days. AND we can start recording our shows again... yay!

* We cleaned the rental and left the keys... we're totally moved out... kind of sad... but never really got attached to the place. (Heck, never even unpacked all my boxes!)

* Barry is feeling very stressed lately... it's upsetting... I wish there was something I could do... but right now I just feel like staying out of his way is the only thing that helps at all... I can't do anything right. But that just my take on things (my self-conscious, poor self-esteem), right?

* Finally... as I alluded to a little above... I'm feeling a crunch on my wallet... I got my Amex bill yesterday... and it was A LOT higher than I had expected... I don't know WHERE it all added up from... I mean, seriously, I knew we were spending a lot more money lately... but ouch... This may be the first time in 5 years that I'm going to have to let a balance roll over on my credit card... and I haven't even done much christmas shopping yet.

* To Do: Holiday Cards, Shopping, Unpack, Decorate, Party, Work... hmmm... guess that's about it... seems like a lot more is looming over me though... guess I need to start some check lists to help focus my attention and prevent this overwhelming feeling from overtaking me.
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OMG... I haven't LJ'd in like 9 days... Did a quick scan of all my friends' posts... Tried to catch up a bit. Things are so hectic, I have a feeling that posts are going to be at a minimum for a while... although perhaps while on vacation this weekend I'll be able to update a little.

* My last post was just before Barry and I put on our tuxes and went to my mom's banquet. Barry and I looked so hot in our tuxes! (Good god it was all I could do to keep myself off him all night.)

* The award banquet was preceded by several cocktail receptions. It was really great being there for my mom. And I could really tell she was happy that we could all be there.

* I managed to not get drunk and be able to take some good pictures at the banquet.

* Barry and I went out to meet [ profile] thepup and [ profile] cactusbear later that night. We met them at a different bar: I forget the name of it now... darn... but anyway... it was really nice place. Scary on the outside (we both were wondering "what are we getting into here") but really cool on the inside. We gave them Barry's rented tux so that he could return it for us (thanks Scott!) then we all sat and chatted and got slightly intoxicated and had a really good time. It was a really fun evening.

* "Scary stalker out-of-town business guy" showed up at the bar that evening (he was at the Padlock a few nights before hitting on Barry and I)... we all tried to avoid eye contact... ugh... He was so skeevey.

* Barry and I were hit-on by this really cute guy that was there. We played pool with him and he really wanted to spend the night with us. If it wasn't the last night of our trip, things might have worked out differently. (I'm just say'n)

* Return trip from AZ went smoothly. It was sad to go...

* Pictures from Arizona are on my PC and ready to be uploaded... hopefully soon. Really, I mean it.

* Last week and weekend was pretty un-eventful... Barry and I are just trying to keep on top of everything that needs to get done. Moving during the holidays is not a smart idea... but we'll manage.

* Had issues with getting Lee to pick up his stuff from the condo. It was really in the way and really starting to put us behind schedule. Ken & Don were constantly bugging me about getting it out of there and I was really getting stressed about it. Friday he finally came and I helped him move it all (in two trips, using two vehicles each trip).

* Keg party on Saturday for Sarah's 30th was a lot of fun. The "jungle juice" was so sweet and yummy... I paid for it the following day though. :) The birthday girl had fun too I think... even got her to do a keg stand... LOL! "Survivor Flip Cup" came down to me vs her... I let her win. ;) Barry was enjoying the beer pong game... his opponents (straight guys) were grabbing their crotches trying to distract him...

* Barry and I picked out paint colors for all the rooms in the condo. I'm SO SO SO excited and can't wait to see what the rooms will look like once they are finished. Ken & Don are going to paint the rooms for us... it's so nice of them (I'm giving them discount on their rent for doing it). Summary of rooms: Bedroom is dark red and dark blue; office is light blue and yellow; guest room is dark brown, tan, and orange; bathroom is light green; living room is light purple and light blue (almost white). I don't remember all the color names off-hand, but I'll have to do a post about them. (It was really fun picking out colors using the Behr color computer and previewing the colors in a picture on the computer.) For the bedroom, I'm planning to do a curtain along one of the walls (floor-to-ceiling)... we picked up that fabric this weekend too.

* Getting ready for our trip to Ohio (Aunt's house in Wooster) for Thanksgiving. Should be a nice trip.

That's all I can remember at this point... Feel a little better now that this is done... I feel like it's one more thing off my to-do list.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Yesterday we slept in a bit and went out for a pizza lunch. Then met up with my parents and brother & his wife... we all went to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West. It was a nice place and interesting... I liked the theater and cabaret that he had there (acoustics were great) and his designs integrating nature are really incredible. I still want to see "Fallingwater" but I think that would be all the Frank Lloyd Wright I would ever need to see any more of.

Peter & Sarah and Barry & I ate dinner at Margarita Factory while mom & dad went to a reception there for my mom. Dinner was good and it was nice to catch up with Peter and Sarah. We don't often get a chance to sit and chat with them... It was nice.

Afterward, Barry and I went out to Padlock again to meet up with Scott ([ profile] thepup) and Jim ([ profile] cactusbear) and also got to meet Mike ([ profile] bearizona) and Connor ([ profile] ubermunkey).

[Yay! I finally get to have a journal entry where I say I met so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so from LiveJournal.] :)

Scott was hard at work behind the bar... keeping things under control and making people laugh... just as one would expect... And, yes, he is as animated as one would think based on his photos.

All four of them were so cute... Mike was cheerful and tickling me... Connor gave me a massage that made me melt... Jim chatted and kept us company until we left... Several pictures were taken and I'm looking forward to seeing them on [ profile] thepup's journal.

Barry was looking mighty fine and his new hat was a big hit.

Today we're sleeping in... hopefully sit by the pool for a little while... tonight is the big night -- black tie evening and induction banquet for mom.
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Barry and I felt bad leaving my parent's house in such a shambles... We started the process of taking the wallpaper down in the dining room... and it went horribly wrong.

The old wallpaper in the room was this gold paper with fuzzy patterns on it. I actually kind of liked it, but my retro-fancy-love did not win out... in-fact, everyone else hated it (except my 10-yr-old nephew, god love him)... well, anyway, we started peeling it off, then went out and bought a steamer. We quickly found out that it was not going to cooperate coming down... Apparently, this wallpaper was put up on the unprimed/unpainted drywall (so it's "original" 40-yr-old-paper) and being unprimed, we were basically ripping down the drywall covering along with the paper. Ugh! What a mess...

Barry and I had our flight home on Monday evening with my sister at 7:00pm... so we could only work on it for about 6 hours or so... and we only got about a third of the room done... not to mention all the sanding and re-plastering that is going to be necessary. I feel like we left a huge mess for my dad to do. :( Hopefully he'll take his time with it and it will come out OK... and hopefully we'll be able to come back down to help them with it.

The flights down were so great, I should have known karma would do-us-in for the flights back home -- the one flight we didn't even get soda! Ugh... way to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well... overall I'm still impressed with the service United provided us in all... and the flights were pretty direct and connection in DC were so easy (since all the flights were at the same terminal).

This week at work, it feels like I was gone for a week... why is it that if I take 1-day or 10-days, it doesn't feel any different when I get back to the office? Everything goes "wrong" when I'm not there?

Very excited about this coming week... MUSIKFEST is about to begin... OMG I cannot wait!!

Tonight, Barry and I are joining some friends to go to a Cuban restaurant... should be interesting... and fun.


Jul. 31st, 2005 03:45 pm
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Barry and I are in Georgia... Enjoying our time with my family.

We got upgraded to First Class on our way here... hehehe How frigg'n cool is that?! :)

My parent's new place is very nice.

Had brunch this morning with everyone... and celebrated my dad's birthday (which is tomorrow, but my brother had to fly out tonight).

My sister is working with them to decorate the house and is currently removing wallpaper in the dining-room. (Ugh... what a chore...)

I successfully implemented my mom's computer wireless network (writing this on her laptop in the kitchen). Glad it worked so easily -- just like it's supposed to.

That's about all for now... Gonna go in the hot tub in a little while and hopefully have nice relaxing evening.


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