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Friday night Barry made pancakes for dinner, which were awesome! It's funny how breakfasts can sometimes make the best dinners. After pancakes, the four of us played pinochle and drank and hung-out... Then we all decided to go to Diamonz to continue the fun evening. It was a good-time out at the bar... Wore my kilt, wheee! Hung out with some people and drank and danced a little... ended up staying until last-call... Leaving was an "interesting" event when Don caused a little drunken-scene because he didn't want to leave... and he ended up being punched by someone. (Drama... *rolls eyes*)

Saturday was rainy and cold -- in-fact it even snowed!! *Blech!* So we did not go up to camp... we rested and watched TV most of the day. Went out to eat dinner (at the Colonial House) then went shoe-shopping to get Barry and new pair of sneakers. (New sneakers for Florida... yay!)

Sunday we got the OK to go up to camp and start work on preparing our site for the new trailer. We started by emptying-out the old trailer of all our personal belongings... and then started dismantling the porch. The dismantling went really quick and smoothly... until the roof... we didn't really know how to "topple" the thing... so Barry just started cutting out supports with the chainsaw. I was a little scared about what might happen... but all-in-all it went well... and we were fairly safe (watching where things would fall and making sure it wasn't "on our head")... Knocked out the last support (and can I just say, a 2x4 can hold a lot more weight than I thought it could)... and the roof came crashing down... Got some help from Ken & Don & Tim and in-no-time the roof and floor were dismantled, and then they pulled the trailer out. It was done... I still can't really believe we totally cleaned the site out in one day... there's nothing left except a pile of wood in the back, and a pile of shingles in the front.

It was a long day of rough work (sore today)... but all worth it... and now I have no worries about us being ready for the new trailer in-time. My only concern now is, "Will the trailer fit?". It looks like it's gonna be tight... tighter than we thought...
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So in a response to a posting by [ profile] jkusters, I wrote a comment about dancing... and I felt the need for a new icon... hence, my new ballroom dancing icon...

I was relating some tips on free-style dancing and it brought to mind my ballroom dancing... and how very sad I am that I don't do it anymore... and that there just isn't anywhere to go for guy-with-guy dancing. And, I mean ballroom dancing... because, yes, there are the clubs... for good free-style dancing... and the occasional cha-cha or hustle thrown in there... but wouldn't it be great to have the ability to go out every Tuesday night to the public dance-hall down the street and teach Barry how to dance there.

OK, OK, yes, I have occasionally seen two men dancing together there... but I guess I just won't feel comfortable being the only gay couple there... It's not that people say anything... and, in-fact most of the male dance instructors are gay anyway... but it's just the silence and avoidance of it that makes it uncomfortable. I would feel more comfortable with the straight guys and gals laughing about it rather than them just being completely silent and ignoring (skipping over) the gay guys in the circle.

I don't know... I guess with time, if we were a regular couple there, we would become completely accepted... just like anywhere else -- once people get to know you (and realize that your gayness is not a disease or something), they warm-up to you and it could be really fun. I just don't know if I'm ready for that initial warm-up period... and if Barry would be either?

I'm by-no-means a great free-style dancer... but I love getting out there and dancing to the music. Ballroom dancing, on the other hand, I used to be really good at... it came very naturally to me... I took Arthur Murray classes for 5+ years and it really built my confidence. Not only my confidence to ask anyone onto the dance floor, but also my confidence in life... something I was pretty good at... something that made me unique (in a good way).

But now it's something "in my past" -- I'm losing my dancing skills... if you don't use them, you loose them... *sigh* Now I'm all depressed...

Oh well... nothing to be depressed about really... need to get cracking on work... back to the grindstone...


Jan. 27th, 2005 03:31 pm
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Upon commenting on [ profile] jasereraser's recent post about dancing... I'm SO in the mood to go dancing now... I haven't been ballroom dancing in ages... I was writing a reply to him about the different dances I know and how they make me feel... I felt this urge to post it in my own journal...

  • Cha Cha: electric (and I don't mean electric-slide)... it can be spicy and sensual or it can be crisp and thrilling.
  • Waltz: like dancing on clouds. When a waltz is danced right, and the floor is all yours, I swear it is truly the closest thing to walking on clouds.
  • Tango: like walking with the devil. Not a big fan... I don't know many moves, I think I don't know many moves because I don't care for it, not the other way around.
  • Fox Trot: clean and calm. For some reason "mathematical" comes to my mind as a way of describing it... (but in a good "logical" way, not in a confusing sin/cos/integral kind of way) I LOVE Fox Trot, probably my favorite dance...
  • Merengue, Samba, & Salsa: work-outs, fun and exciting. These are fun, and I cannot sit still whenever I hear a samba; but they are almost guaranteed to make me sit the next one out.
  • Mambo: an abbreviated cha-cha, choppy and smaller. Although fun, I don't have the same repertoire of mambo moves, so I get bored with it.
  • Rumba: romantic. Rumba's are probably the most romantic dances I can think of. I would take a rumba over a tango for romance any day.
  • Swing: hip and fun. Of course it's all the rage, and there are many people out there that have some great moves, much better than me, but it's still a lot of fun, and actually quite easy.
  • Hustle: fast and furious. When you get moving, you better hold-on tight, I've been known to launch someone off the floor by accident.

OK... Now I'm REALLY in the mood to dance... *tapping foot under my desk*


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