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Mar 23rd -- that was the last posting... *sigh*

Thanks to [ profile] bigfundrew for the nudge a couple days ago... that nudge combined with [ profile] philabearjoe's recent picture of me, and inspired by the fact that [ profile] obsessing7 is still posting... has finally got me to come in to LJ and visit for a spell.

Since March I've poked my head in a couple times and tried to keep up with a few LJ friends... but never got around to making an entry. Sad part is, I know there's been a couple of events in my life when I thought in my head "I should make an LJ entry about this"...

The truth is that I used to journal while at work... but earlier this year, I had an intense project that took away my surfing/journaling time... now, I'm just out of the habit.

So without further ado...
16 Notable Events in the Past 16 Weeks )

Kind of amazing that there was at least one important thing each week... makes me feel good to reflect on them a bit and record them. I'll have to share some pictures of them too -- once I find/upload the pics.

So now we're caught-up to today... I'm sitting at camp right now, recovering from a night of fun "Bear Weekend" partying. Barry and I are on vacation this entire week... we're going to P-Town for Bear Week. I'm excited about going to P-Town for the first time ever... and excited about having a "fire and picnic on the beach" -- something I've always wanted to do. Really looking forward to a fun and relaxing (and "sexy" with all the eye-candy there will be) week!

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Took off last Thursday and Friday to spend an extra-long weekend with my honey (aka Barry)... Thursday was his 40th birthday... he didn't want to make a big deal over it, and I knew I needed to let him celebrate it how he wanted -- but difficulty was trying to come to the conclusion / decision of what he wanted... Original plans were for a big trip somewhere, which turned into getting an SUV, which turned into nothing... which I wasn't about to have... so it turned into us spending four days together in stress-free relaxation at home. And shopping for TVs... and living room furniture... to make our house more "our home"...

It really was a very nice weekend... and we enjoyed each other's company immensely. Turning 40 for Barry wasn't a major thing -- at least he didn't give an impression as-such... I think he liked it that way... in-fact, I think the fact that no one bothered him or made a big deal out of it was exactly the way he wanted it.
(Please note, that being said, for my 40th [in 6 years], I want huge celebrations and a big trip... At least, that's how I feel now, LOL! We'll see how I feel in 6 years.)

So, we did go shopping and looked at a lot of High-Def TVs... and learned all kinds of things about them... and came to our decision -- and actually ordered it online (Amazon had cheapest price by-far [over $600 cheaper than anywhere else, including brick-and-mortar stores]). So here's Barry's birthday present:
Samsung LNS4692D 46" LCD HDTV
Samsung LNS4692D 46

It's arriving this Friday... OMG I can't wait. (Yes, I admit, his gift is partially mine to enjoy... but seriously, it's for him...)

Also arriving this Friday... our new living room furniture... a large sectional...
Lane South Beach Fabric Sectional
Lane South Beach Fabric Sectional
(No, we aren't getting the exact configuration shown... but it's that product... we're getting the reclining-armed-ends, two reclining-middles, and the two corner wedges.)

We also got new curtains -- with a "Moroccan" style to them (gold and navy blue)... very nice... Living room may be done soon... we just need to put in the wood (pergo) flooring...

OK... so that's the latest home update... Work is going OK... except my boss is still getting on my nerves with his "lack of interest" in my work... and things are starting to build-up here and I've been putting them off (like I always seem to do)... and pretty-soon "D-DAY" is going to arrive and I'm going to be a stressed little puppy...

But with that TV and sectional to come home to... I think I can deal with a little stress. ;)
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Happy Birthday Kevin!
You're Thirty-one'derful!
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Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear [ profile] dencoartist...
Happy Birthday to you!
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It's Kevin's ([ profile] labelsdc) birthday today! Whoo hoo... party like there's no tomorrow buddy!

Happy Birthday! you fabulous fashionista and world traveler you
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Happy Birthday [ profile] bigfundrew!
Hope you have a great day and wonderful year!
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GAP Square-Cut BoxersGot them...
Wearing them...
Loving them...

Thanks [ profile] sambass :)
(link to post that started the craving)

Other birthday goodies got while shopping at the mall last night:

  • cool "clubbing" shirt
  • feather mattress-top for our bed
  • automatic umbrella (black one for me and a rainbow one for camp too)
  • towels
  • a new outfit for "Heidi Ho"

So what do you think I'd dream about on the night of my 33rd birthday? I would have hoped something exotic or deep or erotic even perhaps? But no... I dream about the milk lady... )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] shadowbearmn!
Hope your day goes well... even if the IT drama is going to make it "interesting"... tell them "It's my birthday, so leave me alone." :)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] texaspenguin!

Here's an icon for you for your birthday.

Hope you have a great day!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] cactusbear! Hope you have a great day!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] dencoartist... hope your birthday yesterday was loads of fun!
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Happy birthday [ profile] jasereraser!
You're thirty-1-derful!
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Yes, I need to post an update about my weekend... but... first and foremost, birthday wishes go out to [ profile] jkusters!
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Happy (three-day-)belated Birthday to [ profile] labelsdc!
Enjoy your birthday celebrations!


Mar. 12th, 2005 10:47 am
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So that tension and drama that Barry and I were going through the past week or so... where I felt like he was keeping a secret from me, and our lines of communication weren't working at full capacity... well... it was all worth it...

My friends threw me a HUGE surprise birthday party last night.

They rented out the back room of the Brew Works and there were tons of people there and they all yelled "Surprise!" when I walked it.

...very happy...
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So I'm another year older... doesn't feel all that different (as usual).
I just realized I haven't posted since last Friday. Guess not too much has been going on. (OK, that's not true.)

Friday night's surprise birthday party for Scott went well. Barry and I were running late, and we arrived just at the time when Scott was supposed to arrive... so we drove to the corner and sat in our car with the window open in the dark. I felt like I was on a sting operation or something. hehehe... When we saw the car drive up and heard the screams of "Surprise", we knew we could safely arrive.

After the party, we went out to Diamonz (local gay bar/dance club). It has been so long since I went out to a club. It was awesome. And what I remember of it, we had an absolute blast.

Saturday, Barry and I were both hung over... but we had to recover in order to get to Robyn's party that night. It was a "semi-surprise" party... she knew there would be a party, but didn't know who or what the theme would be. A good crowd of her friends came and the theme was "Twister" (the game with colored dots on a plastic mat). Kim and Carolyn put white sheeting down and colored dots all around her entire apartment. We played a "whole room" full of twister. I won more often than anyone... and if I only knew my right from my left better I totally would have blown the competition away!

Having two nights of partying in a row took it's toll on me (and Barry). Sunday we spent the entire day on the couch.

Yesterday for my birthday, Barry arranged a little luncheon with our "normal" lunch crowd at Quizno's. Amy and Meredith had a balloon and gifts for me. For dinner, Barry took me and my sister out to my favorite place (the Brew Works). (My sister's birthday is today.) It was a nice day...

So, yesterday I found out that the great bonus I was told I would be getting was "incorrectly calculated" and it dropped by a 10%... which was disappointing, but at least it's still a really good bonus.

Yesterday I also successfully avoided doing virtually any work. And today it is already 9:20 and I haven't even left Barry's yet!! *ugh* I really need to get cracking. I WISH I could get just a little bit more motivated about work.


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