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Well... they found the car...
They actually found it last night... but didn't call us... grrr...
The insurance company actually let us know first. They called to tell Barry "Congratulations!" and he was like "What?!?" So we called the Police and sure enough they confirmed that they had found it. And that it would be held in the pound until it could be processed for fingerprints... and would most likely be released to us on Tuesday. They said there was "front-end damage" but would not (could not) elaborate any further. UGH!! It's crazy...
It was found locally... but we still have no clue as to anything about it... or who took it or why or anything... And we have no idea what we're really in-store for when it gets back.

I'm happy it's found because I feel like it will help with closure on the whole thing... but I'm not sure if I'm 100% OK with it because it may always feel "damaged" to us now... ...we'll see.
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Barry and I drove to Philly after work to meet my brother (Peter Alan) and his wife and two kids for dinner. They are visiting Philly (from Ohio) for four days... and I didn't want their visit to go by (being so close) without getting to see them. It was nice to join them for dinner... and the dinner was very good (BTW)... "White Dog Cafe" -- good food, and all organic and stuff. I'm not a big "organic" person, shall we say, but when presented with such great choices... I'm all-for-it... and it didn't disappoint.

Barry took-off Thursday... so that we could spend it with Peter and his family in Hershey... but when we brought up the suggestion with them, I immediately realized that my suspicions that they really wanted a "family" vacation (with just themselves) was correct... they really wanted to spend the day with just their kids in Hershey... which I completely understand. I remember trips with my family and there weren't aunts and uncles involved in those trips... so I can understand wanting to have some "family time"... I admit that it would have been fun to go to Hershey... and I think Barry was sad to not go... but I think we'll make good use of the day... and perhaps make a four day weekend out of it... :)

Barry was driving like a manic there and back. I have no idea what the heck "speed bug" got into his shorts this evening... all I know is that I got so nervous and pissed at him that I just closed my eyes and leaned-back in the seat and tried hard not to think about cars flipping hood-over-trunk. (And trust me, having seen a car do that in-front of me two years ago, it's a hard image not to have in my head.) Yes... I actually was singing "these are a few of my favorite things" ("snowflakes that stay on your nose and eye lashes, brown paper packages tied up with strings") in my head to try and stay calm.

Once home, we watched some TV... and Barry went to bed... Kim called and was out at the Brew Works... I needed a beer, and being that it may possibly be the last Tuesday Night* that she'd be here in Bethlehem... so, I went out to join her for a few beers. It was really nice, kicking-back and drinking some beers, and shooting-the-bull. :) Very nice. (*We used to have this tradition of going out on Tuesday nights... and closing the bar... it started several years ago on a St Patrick's night... and ever since then, "Tuesday Night" has been special to us.)

Now I'm here... at 3:30am... and watching my music-videos on TV... and updating Live Journal... thinking about how I SHOULD be tired... but I'm not. *sigh*

PS: Two responses to my "coming out" emails earlier... both very positive. *yay!*
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Misfortune seemed his lot
We got into a drifted bank
And then we got upsot

I'm getting pretty tired of my car's poor snow handling abilities... and a little worried that it's me and not the car. I've always been excellent driver in the snow. Perhaps it's just the tires, perhaps it's the car, perhaps it's the driver... in any case, I'm getting frustrated and worried. (I'm worried because I'm finding that I'm getting nervous when I drive now, and I don't want to get nervous because it will just lead to further degradation of my winter driving skills!)

"What brings this up?" you may ask... Well this morning at the corner next to my house I got stuck in the snowbank and the first time was pushed out by a stranger (who after graciously helping and pushing me free, rudely said "Next time try to stay on the pavement"). And the second time (upon going around the block to try again), I dug myself free and put salt down on the street.

That makes 4 times being stuck in a snowbank in the past 4 days. 3 times I had to be "rescued", twice by strangers.


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