Mar. 23rd, 2008 02:48 pm
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"Happy Easter"
or for the non-religious: "Hoppy Easter"

I haven't said that much this year... Easter has become a non-holiday for me over the past couple years. I feel a little strange about it this year.

Easter used to be one of the major holidays of the year -- I mean, religiously it's one of the highest holy days of the year... and growing up it meant getting all dolled-up for church and an hour-and-half service... and family dinners... and, of course, the non-religious aspects of it: Easter Bunny, hidden eggs, hidden Easter basket, candy, candy, toys, candy, etc.

It was a major day for me every year growing up -- probably second only to Christmas.

And now... now it's just another Sunday. In fact... I just signed off of work. I put in a few hours of work today, and I'm off to NYC this evening, and there's really nothing special about the day.

I saw this coming -- back when I became "too old" to search for hidden Easter eggs. (You know, 20 years-old or so *wink*) And, then when I started not considering organized religion as part of my beliefs, it took yet another dive in the "Holiday Hierarchy".

Today, I could care less about Easter. It means nothing to me... there's not a single Easter egg in the house... not a single bunny... not even a chocolate rabbit to bite the ears off of.

It saddens me a little actually.

I remember how it used to be: how exciting it was looking for the eggs and easter basket; how fun it was to dress-up for church and get "Spring clothes"; how nice it was to see family and eat a huge, scrumptious meal; the joy of seeing the first flowers of Spring.


I got a little Easter surprise from my mom & dad this morning -- a deposit into my bank account of some "candy money" so that I could go out and get Barry and I some Easter candy. I love my mom! :) It made me happy... and, I know if I lived in the same town as them, we'd surely have a basket of candy hand-delivered... and I'd probably even go to church with them...

Final thought: it just makes me wonder what's so special about Easter and why I'm sad... to me I think it means "family" more than anything... and so I'm left with this sadness that my family is not around me, and without them Easter really doesn't mean anything... and I'm left with one less reason to celebrate... one less holiday on my calendar... and I think that's what really saddens me the most: in today's day-and-age, when it's "GO GO GO", any lost day of "fun, family, relaxing, thankfulness, and joy" is a lost day indeed. :(
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